MedTech Awards 2020

GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 5 Best Medical Implant Product Design & Development Organization – India several implants to accommodate variations. The implants are then analysed for their strength characteristics and verified by medical professionals, before being sent to manufacture. It is a challenging yet exciting project, that Sree Varahhas is tremendously satisfied with a successful completion. At the same time, the firm is investing in the development of its own automation tools, making its own teams more effective as well as offering clients across verticals the tools to accelerate their own design and manufacturing processes. The ongoing pandemic has seen a great deal of disruption for the engineering side of the organisation like many others, with the exception of the medical domain. By developing automation capabilities and tools such as Sree Varahhas’ G4SL Toolkit, the firm continues to make a significant impact on a global scale, enabling businesses to adapt and streamline themselves in a time when instability and uncertainty are pervading economies and workplaces around the world. Sree Varahhas’ services are further enhanced by its Consultancy and Corporate Training offering, which provides a team of highly skilled team of professionals who boast decades of experience in Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and TC Engineering activities. Bringing a genuine passion and flair for training and sharing knowledge, the team has provided training courses of varying difficulties to corporations in India, the USA, the UK, China, Japan and the Philippines. From training to the sales of NX Software as a Channel Partner for Siemens, to offering general expertise on the implementation of automation tools, Sree Varahhas is able to share leading expertise to enhance operations across the fields of engineering and MCAD. Having been developed with a clear focus on the requirements of their clients, Sree Varahhas’ G4SL Toolkit is driving the firm onwards to an exciting future of innovation. The team, which shares extensive experience on NX CAD/CAM/CAE platforms in delivering highly complex and large product designs in a cost- effective manner, stands out in an increasingly saturated market for its client-centric approach to technological advancement. The firm takes great pride in its team’s attitude to providing world-class design solutions that are mindful of the evolving environments and requirements that their clients may encounter. Accordingly, the team prioritises the establishment of trusting, long-term relationships by creating open and regular channels of communication and honouring a commitment to budgets and timescales. Clients that include Siemens, Applied Matrials, Harman and Synergies Castings and many more proclaim the excellence and affordability of Sree Varahhas’ services, building the firm’s national and international reputation. To maintain this high standard, Sree Varahhas invests in its team, training each member to enhance their technical capabilities and communication skills, emphasising the importance of the client experience and ultimately creating a positive working environment that of shared growth in its mission to become a leading provider of engineering services in India and beyond. As a result, Sree Varahhas is leading the way in India’s growing reputation for its strong capabilities in offering Offshore development (ODC) facilities for organisations in software development and engineering design support all over the world. Representing the ‘Made In India’ initiative, Sree Varahhas hopes to play a vital role in attracting more manufacturing projects to India, which would further enhance the country’s opportunities within engineering services. Consequently, it is an exciting time, not only for Sree Varahhas but the wider context of its industry in India. Its recognition as the Best Medical Implant Product Design & Development Organization – India at the GHP: MedTech Awards 2020 is testament to the firm’s incredible development so far, and the future of innovation that lies ahead for Sree Varahhas. Company: Sree Varahhas Technologies Private Limited Contact: Srinivas Kumar Twarakavi Website: Srinivas Kumar.T, Founder & CEO