MedTech Awards 2020

6 GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 , Nov20574 Capenergy is amanufacturing company of medical devices for the physical therapy and aesthetic medicine areas. We speak toMassiel deMoya about the company and how it is leading the way inmedical innovation. Best Physiotherapy MedTech Company – Europe Capenergy Medical is a pioneer in the innovation, development and manufacture of medical devices for tecartherapy. Located in the town of Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, the company has a staff of approximately 30 people and distributes its equipment in five continents. Self-described as a producer of technology which provides solutions to pathologies which have not succeeded with conventional therapeutical conservative options, the wide variety of approved clinical indications gives Capenergy the chance to transform lives. The firm works with health professionals who have high standards in their profession. Physical therapists or physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, urogynecologists, vascular doctors, podologists or diabetic specialists, as well as dentists or maxilofacial professionals, cosmetic doctors and respiratory professionals. Currently, Capenergy’s focus is in the urogynecological sector and scientific studies driven by hospitals, researchers and universities recently have shown how urine incontinence in males who have undergone a prostatectomy can be alleviated in as little as six sessions with its innovative device. Likewise, chronic pelvic pain in women suffering from endometriosis, who have followed the surgery and pharmacology pathways, can be removed in eight sessions. “These results are very enthusiastic if you believe that these type of patients have been under pain normally for years,” says Export Manager, Massiel de Moya as she elaborates on a device which has been invented which really is life changing to patients. “Until now, women suffering from urine incontinence had only two choices: either use a pad or get a surgery. Now, they can become leakage-free in only six sessions, this is, just one month away by using our C500 Urogyne technology,” she explains. The same happens with pain. Birth trauma, episiotomies and C-sections can be painful and lead to other problems, such as pain during relationships. Capenergy is also able to handle this issue. “We have been able to innovate because we were the first ones to listen. We are sensitive to the public, so we are happy to see if we can help in some way. Capenergy exports its devices worldwide, with its local market being Spain and Europe in the first degree. However the company also has a presence in the North of Africa, Middle East, South, Central and North America, China and South East Asia, Russia and Australia. “Every region has a specific challenge to face,” continues Massiel. “For us, the most important challenge right now has been developing a low-cost system which is affordable to every budget.” The economic crisis produced by the coronavirus pandemic has stopped local economies worldwide, therefore Massiel and the team believe that the best way to re-start them is by offering a high- tech, yet low cost, device which can be easily taken everywhere. “The machine in question is our model C25, and we are proud to have succeeded in this opposite poles situation. Quality is not always possible with low prices. We have been able to blend both.” Capenergy can safely say that it is leading a revolution in medical devices and in the possible treatments, which had minor results up until this point. It has been able to provide patients with a better and quicker evolution of their illnesses by the using its innovative technology. Massiel tells us more about it strives to differentiate itself from competitors operating in the same space, not just in its technological advancements, but in other areas of business too. “Our philosophy makes us unique. Our company is a family-run business, so we are devoted to our customers. This makes us highly skilled in what we do, and very specialised, since we only concentrate in diathermy technology. We listen to health key opinion leaders and professionals amongst their needs and try to make life easier for them to achieve these goals. So, we lead the change, not just follow like other competitors.” As well as promoting its new portable C25 device, Capenergy is working in the new era of second generation tecartherapy devices and is working on launching the urogyne orthesis a new device which will be a solution for erectile dysfunction in men. “We are striving to do more, get more results and demonstrate the patients that there is a real solution for their problem, a change in the existing paradigm. The change in paradigm has already started and we will be there to handle it. Technology is live. Capenergy is technology.” Company: Capenergy Medical Contact: Massiel de Moya Website: