MedTech Awards 2020

8 GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 , Dec20249 Ivoclar Vivadent is a collaborative and team-focused firm that recognizes the work of its clients as dental professionals and facilities. The company supports dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists both professionally and personally in fulfilling their passion and purpose: to ensure that people have the best possible oral health and quality of life, today and in the future. One way inwhich the firmdoes this is with its innovative dental software product IvoSmile ® . Discover more about Ivoclar Vivadent and its fantastic product IvoSmile ® . Most Innovative Dental Software Product: IvoSmile ® Much like its customers, Ivoclar Vivadent never stands still in its pursuit of making people smile every single day. The origins of this family-based business can be traced back almost a century to 1923, back when it naught but a fledgling dental company. Almost a hundred years on, and Ivoclar Vivadent has both established and cemented itself as one of the world’s foremost and innovative dental companies working in the dentistry industry today. On a daily basis, the firm is responsible for developing and working on some of the most sophisticated systems and solutions to consistently help dentists and dental companies improve the health and wellbeing of people around the globe. Ivoclar Vivadent’s mission is to help people achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. To achieve that, the company offers integrated solutions composed of smart systems, advanced training and education, value-added services, and passionate partnerships. Kapanu AG is a developer company that is significantly younger than its dentistry counterpart in Ivoclar Vivadent, yet it is no less exceptional as a business. Initially garnering investment interest from Ivoclar Vivadent back in 2015 shortly after it was founded, Kapanu was eventually acquired by its investors in 2017. Kapanu has a core mission and vision, the first of which is focused on constantly improving the interaction within the dentistry industry with next- generational technologies. The firm aims to help quality and multidisciplinary dental services and products, and therefore believes in developing long- term collaborative relationships to provide care and dialogue around dental treatments. This mission is compounded and complemented by Kapanu’s vision to develop innovative digital solutions for dentistry. In achieving this, the firm works exclusively with solutions that make a real difference in dental experiences. What stands Kapanu and Ivoclar Vivadent apart from their respective competitors in the dental industry is the ongoing commitment to innovative and development of the most advanced dental products and software that are available today. As part of its affiliation with Ivoclar Vivadent, Kapanu is able to develop highly innovative solutions in the field of visual computing and machine learning for the dental industry. This includes making full use of augmented reality engines, real-time three-dimensional technology, image analytics, dental design, realistic rendering, and more. Kapanu enables Ivoclar Vivadent to empower its dental clients and customers to deliver the best possible. That delivery comes in the form of exceptionally well-designed software and products that mean dentists, technicians, and hygienists can continue to provide only the highest levels of service imaginable. IvoSmile® is an innovative app that enables dental professionals to show their patients esthetic treatment options in just a few minutes. Through augmented reality, the iPad or iPhone becomes a virtual mirror. IvoSmile® is a convincing consultation tool that delights patients and helps to increase treatment acceptance. The new CAD integration of the app simplifies communication between practice and laboratory and helps dentists and dental technicians to envision a patient’s new smile together. Company: Ivoclar Vivadent AG Contact: Patric Frank Website: