MedTech Awards 2020

GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 9 , Getting old is something that no one can avoid, but there are a number of risks that come with age that can be avoided. With health risks always being a constant in the minds of the elderly and those who care for them, Moto Tiles stands ready as a vital tool to aid them inmaintaining a sense of independence in their daily lives. That’s not all, however, as this highly innovative tool can also be used as a physiotherapeutic rehabilitation technology to aid the recovery of those looking to get back on their feet. Most Innovative Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation Tech - Northern Europe Simply put, Moto Tiles is an easy solutions to the serious challenges faced by those who need to reintroduce physical activity to their daily routine. Whether it for elderly seniors who are grappling with rehabilitation or readjustment, or helping those who need their own form of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation after being cooped up for so long thanks to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, Moto Tiles is a vital tool. Various medicine-focused studies and institutions, including John Hopkins Medicine, have described a myriad of symptoms and issues that will arise from the unparalleled levels of lockdown, isolation, and solitude that many have experienced over the last fourteen months or so. Physical inactivity is more dangerous than people think, with increased chances of cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as heightened levels of anxiety and depression. In addressing these needs through physical exercise and activity, people can not only reduce these things, but also find themselves less at risk of developing diabetes and less at risk of enduring a fall accident, whilst improving their ability to perform everyday activities. How, then, to encourage this physical activity? That is where Moto Tiles comes in. Developed and launched across Northern Europe, Moto Tiles is Dec20447 a series of ten pressure-sensing tiles, accompanied by a tablet device that is pre-loaded with all manner of games and physical exercises designed to build strength and inspire confidence in the self. Much like modern LEGO bricks, these tiles are designed to fit together easily and innovatively and can be easily packed up and taken elsewhere. With a myriad of colours and an unwavering ability to sense pressure, these tiles are perfect for younger ones too, those just learning to get to their feet and move around their new world. The set of ten Moto Tiles is not restricted to one particular set up. They could be arranged as a horseshoe, a straight line, or a rectangular shape. Whatever works best for the user, that is what Moto Tiles can do. The difficulty levels of the games and physical activities can be changed easily, meaning that every exercise can be customised to the user. Should they find something too difficult, it is easy to turn it down and ease them into physical activity. Moto Tiles can make a seriously positive impact in the lives of people all ages, especially those who are seeking to do something about their own lack of activity or loss of functional skills. Some of the medical studies mentioned earlier have also gone on to show that users of Moto Tiles who take part in physical activity just once or twice a week shows significantly improved balance and physical functioning skills. For those elderly individuals who have been seeking a way to retain their independence and fend off the loss of functional skills, Moto Tiles is incredibly useful. At the same time, the Moto Tiles are fun for seniors, patients, and staff to work with. This is an incredibly simple, yet hugely superb and effective solution to a problem that has only recently come into being. Moto Tiles creates opportunities for excitement and joy whilst reducing the risk of physical and cognitive impairment due to inactivity. Today, citizens all over the world can enjoy life and continue developing their functional skills into later life. Moto Tiles has ensured that there is no better time than now to take care of the elderly with this brilliantly simple intervention. Contact: Henrik Hautop Lund Email: [email protected] Website: Moto Tiles