2017 GHP - Mental Health Awards

12 GHP / September 2017 , Psychiatry Experts’ panel of Psychiatrists include some of the most experienced and respected Consultants Psychiatrists in the UK, who are trusted by many of the leading solicitors from leading law firms in the UK. One of the key responsibilities of Solicitors is to instruct the most appropriate expert for their clients based on their case needs, experience of the psychiatrist, location of the client, time frame the report is required for, and budget. Most of the experts work at LAA rates and also provide competitive fixed costs reports in complex cases. Psychiatry Experts prides itself on its panels’ ability to provide experts reports based on the case criteria anywhere in the UK within one to weeks from instruction. They regularly undertake psychiatric reports for solicitors in Employment, Personal Injury, Crime & Prison case, Family Cases, Negligence and Childhood Abuse Cases. Solicitors are assured they are working with the pre-eminent psychiatric medico-legal industry specialist and with a proven track record for excellence Best Criminal Case Psychiatric Reports Specialists – Birmingham& Best Psychiatric Medico-Legal Services-UK Psychiatry Experts Limited has established itself as theUK’s leading ExpertWitness Psychiatry Practice. There large nationwide panel of experienced Consultant Psychiatrists provide Expert Psychiatric Report to the legal profession inCivil and Criminal Cases.We profiled the firmto further explore the secrets behind its success. when they see the quality of the Psychiatrists in their nationwide panel. Dr. Nireeja Pradhan, Consultant Psychiatrist Expert Witness of Year 2017 (Lawyer Monthly) is one of the experts on Psychiatry Experts panel which demonstrates the calibre of some of the panel experts at Psychiatry Experts. As an established nationwide psychiatrist medico-legal practice they recognise that the key driver for success is the quality of the experts on their panel and not the quantity of experts. Experts are largely invited to join their panel by recommendation and have a proven track record and relevant accreditations. As a highly focused and proactive medico-legal practice serving Solicitors and representing their Psychiatrists, the team at Psychiatry Experts provide an efficient and seamless function between the two professions. The perfect solution for Solicitors requiring Expert Witness Psychiatric reports in Criminal and Civil Cases. The efficient management of its Psychiatrists’ caseload and use of technology allows Psychiatry experts to identify the most appropriate psychiatrist and send provisional appointments in minutes. It is for this reason Psychiatry Experts has earnt the trust of the legal profession and why Psychiatry Experts is the first port of call for a growing number of dynamic solicitors and public bodies that require Psychiatric Assessments on their clients in a swift and cost –effective manner. There are many challenges in the medical and legal industry, cost pressures and notably increasingly ‘fly by night’ Agencies / Operators, however the practice’s credibility with Solicitors and trust with its panel of Psychiatrist means Psychiatry Experts will strive to provide an industry leading standard of service based on delivering the best service, in the shortest Contact: Practice Director Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Chambers House, 75 Harborne Road, Birmingham, B15 3DH, UK Phone: 0800 161 3395 Web Address: www.psychiatryexperts.co.uk MHA17010 time and at the most competitive costs. Their nationwide panel of Expert Psychiatrists can provide reports anywhere in the UK, with urgent reports provided in two to five days. Psychiatry Experts is also able to provide flexible and deferred payment terms to solicitors for up to two years.

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