2017 GHP - Mental Health Awards

GHP / September 2017 7 to help businesses care for their employees holistically whilst maintaining their commercial success.” In the mental health industry, there are always advances and developments which Monkey Puzzle will have to adapt around. Always learning, Karen points out Contact: Karen Ann Meager Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 3 The Mead, Brewery Lane, Holcombe, BA3 5EG, UK Phone: 07916 271 421 Website: monkeypuzzletraining.co.uk that the company are introducing more and more technology into their company as this will become a much bigger part of mental health in the future. “Ultimately, we are all on a big technology learning curve right now because we think this will become a much bigger part of the mental health space going forward. Working with some therapeutic organisations we are looking at how we can harness tech advancements whilst maintaining aspects like confidentiality and the all important human touch.”

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