Mental Health Awards 2022

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 11 , Mar22069 Memory Training Centers of Florida (MTCF) is amental health practice specialising inmemory and working exclusively with seniors. Its programme is comprehensive, starting with an evaluation of memory functioning, mental health, and functioning for each patient. Once understanding the needs in each area, the clinicians design an individualised treatment plan to target specific memory skills, address emotional and behavioural needs, and develop strategies for independent daily living. The overall mission is to optimise the quality of life for seniors. Most Innovative Clinical Memory Treatment Program Provider - Florida Memory Training Centers of Florida’s programme treats individuals all along the spectrum of memory loss, from mild to severe. The treatment techniques that it employs vary depending on the patient’s functioning levels and mental health status, as well as interests, passions, and history. Its library of treatment interventions ranges from computerised memory exercises, to interactive challenges, to fine art exercises or finemotor activities, to meditation, mindfulness or visualisation techniques, to psychotherapeutic techniques, to back and forth communication, to reminiscence. It is important to incorporate each person’s individual differences, strengths and deficits, likes and dislikes, and personal experience and history in order to build engagement and best motivate patients to fully immerse themselves in the treatment programme. MTCF only works with licensed clinical psychologists and social workers who are team-oriented, motivated to share, and most importantly, driven to make a difference. The practice has built a team that fosters a collaborative approach, with each clinician bringing a different set of skills and expertise to the table. Each new staff member completes an intensive training programme developed by the practice, and then they are encouraged to provide feedback, suggest new ways of working with patients, and to support the building of a more comprehensive library of resources. Additionally, MTCF’s blog allows for clinicians to ask each other questions and share success stories, and promote a team atmosphere. Quarterly trainings are also implemented to allow for continuing education in the field and further education, enabling clinicians to become more expert in the field of memory training and seniors’ needs. Now that Zoom and virtual meetings have become the new norm, the practice is able to set up consistent times for staff meetings and trainings to include it clinicians that work throughout the state. Most clinicians have not had the opportunity to learn about memory in the way that MTCF provides memory training, and prior to joining the practice, new staff members haven’t learnt its systems. Therefore, its staff needs to be flexible, committed to learning, and dedicated to providing the most effective and quality programme possible to patients. Alongside having to complete regular training, the team had to adapt the way it serves its patients with the unparalleled impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the senior community. With facilities going into lockdown to protect their residents, MTCF’s memory training clinicians were unable to see patients. The isolation, fear, anxiety, depression, and even boredom, caused high levels of decline in memory, mental health, and function. Luckily, most communities have opened back up and now the practice’s clinicians are needed more than ever. They have had to adapt treatment to address the needs of patients dealing with the pandemic and its fallout. Keeping patients safe is the team’s number one priority but wearing masks and staying six feet apart has made it more difficult to provide treatment, as many seniors have difficulty hearing and feel less connected and supported when they cannot see their clinician’s face. However, through adaptive equipment such as voice amplifiers and masks with windows, the team is learning new ways to support patients through this difficult time. Ultimately, it’s easy to see what makes Memory Training Centers of Florida the most innovative clinical memory treatment programme provider in its state, between its expert clinicians committed to making a difference, the practice’s dedication to delivering regular training to continue to provide cutting-edge memory programmes, and the ground-breaking clinical program with emphasis on the relationship between memory and mental health. And it only intends to continue in this way, with the programme growing quickly and plans to expand throughout the state of Florida. Company: Memory Training Centers of Florida Contact: Liz Bicknell Email: lbicknell@ Website: