Mental Health Awards 2022

12 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Mar22478 Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists, having gained accreditation with the above title and through the win of the ‘GHP Psychology Services Excellence Award’ for 2022, is a mental health and psychology consultancy firmwith a difference. Dedicated to the support of everyone from corporate teams to struggling families, it combines the approach of evidencebased psychology methodologies to all its programs, blending these with exemplary business development advise for its corporate clients. Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists – a psychology firm that specialises in both the clinical and the consulting aspects of its field – working with children, couples, and families, as well as employees and leaders within organisations. Nominally, it makes itself a critical puzzle piece in the transformation of individuals, teams, and organisations, using its depth and breadth of experience to provide a holistic approach. This ensures that the support is as comprehensive and empathetic as it is effective, making use of a variety of theoretical paradigms and techniques to help drive change both at an individual and corporate level. It pulls together an integrated approach in which psychological principles are implemented, and where it works with corporate clients, it blends this seamlessly with leading business theory. Thinkahead’s method has become lauded both as innovative and truly exemplary. Achieving sustainable behavioural change in its clients and staff, as well as developing constructive work cultures and high performing teams by way of its programs and services; these programs centre wellbeing, performance, and business improvement, and the proof of their effectiveness is visible in the reviews of its past clients. Over time, Thinkahead has been consistently accredited as a truly transformative force for good in the corporate world. Specialising in costeffective, bespoke, and objective-driven programs from mental health and wellbeing services to corporate training, leadership development and coaching, people strategy and psychological services, it is creating better workplaces today for the betterment of all. After all, a business could have the most effective operational processes in the world, but if its team’s mental wellbeing is not catered to, the business will fall flat. A company’s staff is its backbone and powerhouse, and therefore it is critical that the people within it are supported and taken care of. With a multi-disciplinary team of corporate psychologists, child psychologists as well as social workers, behaviour management specialists, and speech pathologists, it can support all members of a family unit as well as any team within an organisation. With over 30 years of experience, and a proven track record in helping others, Thinkahead takes a systemic and strategic approach with a focus on awareness, prevention, and intervention, minimizing psychological risks in its clients’ environments and using proven methods to affect positive change. Lastly, emboldened by the breadth and depth of its clinician’s experience – and having pulled through the difficulties of the pandemic – Thinkahead has successfully adjusted its operation to add more programs and services and change delivery methods so that it can adapt to the new epoch. Responding to the changing needs of individuals, families and local businesses, Thinkahead continues to focus on pushing forward towards its vision of expanding its clinical and corporate services and reaching as many individuals and organisations as possible to help combat the rise of mental health amongst the community. Company: Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists Contact: Tanja Limnios Website: Email: [email protected] Best Corporate & Individual Psychology Consultancy - NSW