Mental Health Awards 2022

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 13 , Mar22324 Mental health issues in children canmanifest inmanyways. Fromall manners of physical and cognitive delays that affect their fine-motor, attention, social and communication skills, identity related issues, to not being able tomanage big emotions, such as anger, anxiety, or sadness. This can be due to a biological issue, a difficult life transition, such asmoving to another country, or a life changing traumatic experience (or experiences)-a natural disaster, abuse, etc-forwhich they cannot find thewords to express what happened to themor knowhow to cope andmove forwards. The Child Behavioral HealthNetwork is an alternative-complimentarymental health service provider based in TheNetherlands that acts as a support systemfor children and their families. It is an online platformthat brings together experienced psychologists and therapists who understand and knowhow to reach children using alternativemodalities, such as dancing/ moving, artmaking, playing, etc, to help children identify, explore, and process theirmental health challenges, with the overall aimof helping themdevelop healthy coping skills that will improve their quality of life in the short or long-term. (Adult childhood issues are also being treated and includemainstreamtreatments.) Best Children’s Specialist Mental Healthcare Provider – Netherlands The Child Behavioral Health Network (CBHN) provides friendly and noninvasive therapies that compliment a child’s natural expressive qualities and needs, both for short and long-term mental health healing. The therapies range from movement/ dance therapy, psychodrama, art therapy to primary caregiver guidance & Crisis Interventions. (For adults-more mainstream treatments including EMDR and CBT are offered.) These approaches allow for a child to feel seen and heard, which are the building blocks for creating safety and trust, elements needed for any good working relationship and results. From this space, children naturally learn important life skills-ranging from independent problem-solving, self-regulation to social skills building. Most importantly, they learn to trust themselves-that is to know what will work for them to be Ok in the moment and if a similar situation should arise in the future. Together, this way of thinking contributes to CBHN’s uplifting reputation in the industry as it empowers children to accept themselves as they are at any stage of their development. With its private practices, CBHN is open to a variety of children from all backgrounds, ability levels, and needs. CBHN is aware of all the tools and developments in recent years – developments that are all valuable, reputable, and innovative in nature. For example, by using the therapies described above (acting, playing, art, general movement therapy, etc) CBHN ensures an idyllic outcome for any child. This also impacts the adults involved in the child’s life as caregiver(s) who treasure him/her psychological wellbeing. Ranging from physical challenges, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, depression to anxiety, and much more, CBHN gives us access to an incredible team of qualified psychologists and therapists who work in a number of languages, making things easier and more inclusive. Next to providing psychodiagnostics/evaluations, CBHN also provides therapy in various formats and unique settings, including providing therapy in nature, and all for reasonable fees. These efforts ensure every child has the best chance at getting the mental health help they need while helping families to compassionately navigate and accept the child’s challenge at hand, even during the global pandemic which has not slowed CBHN down at all. It is magnificent to see how CBHN has created a support network that makes children feel more like themselves and more confident whilst understanding and exploring who they are. The way CBHN conducts business means it has the upper hand. By working with multiple languages, in person or virtually, it has built quite a simple, yet complex system that positively impacts many children and their families and has the potential to go borderless/global. Imagine being able to dial any alternativecomplimentary mental health professional from wherever you are for your child (or for yourself) who speaks your language and shares your cultural background. The sky is not the limit for CBHN! There is no sign of CBHN slowing down as it continues on its upward trajectory of success. Winning Best Children’s Specialist Mental Healthcare Provider – Netherlands, CBHN is being recognised due to its excellent, compassionate, and truly magnificent work in the field of childhood mental health challenges. Long may its success continue. Contact: Drs. Amélie van den Brink, Founder & Holistic Psychotherapist (in private practice) Company: Child Behavioral Health Network Web Address: