Mental Health Awards 2022

14 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Mar22388 A dedicated, professionally trained, and empathic sole practitioner of trauma-focused therapy, Winchester Trauma Counselling is headed up by Lorraine Hedges (Lori), a remarkable mind in her field. With a client-first mentality that allows her to develop indepth relationships between herself and her clients, this business is one that has become a cornerstone of trauma-focused mental healthcare. Additionally, with plans to offer lowcost trauma focused therapies in the future through its private practice and a promise of continued excellence across the board, it is fair to say that the hard work of this firm has very much made it one to watch. A counselling, psychotherapy, and mental health treatment service based in the heart of Hampshire, Winchester Trauma Counselling provides therapy services to adults who have suffered trauma. Fundamentally, its services can aid individuals living with the impacts of historical or recent traumatic events, as well as helping people who struggle with complex mental health needs or suicidal ideation. As a BACP registered counsellor and supervisor working within Winchester proper as well as online, Lori – the founder and sole practitioner – gives her clients a variety of ways to access help, as well as offering supervision to other counsellors and therapists. Critically, serving clients locally, nationally and overseas, Winchester Trauma Counselling has made a name for itself with several third-party professional bodies, too. In this manner, it ensures that no client simply has to take its word when it comes to the reliability and excellence of its services, instead able to turn to the membership requirements of bodies such as the BACP, UKATA, EATA, ITAA, and ISSTD. This dedication to ensuring strict oversight shows the seriousness with which Lori approaches client safety. With the founder having worked with a wide range of issues, she specialises in attachment disruption, trauma or abuse, personality disorders, dissociative episodes, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. Having trained in integrative counselling initially, she branched out into internal family systems and transactional analysis psychotherapy. Lori was previously involved in the annual review and accreditation process for therapeutic communities around the UK, has provided serious incident investigation and report services to other counselling organisations, and has also worked in two charities as a counsellor and supervisor. These experiences have all contributed to informing her work with clients today. Additionally, by offering its services as it does through a private practice, Winchester Trauma Counselling operates outside of the pressures of the NHS, allowing it to truly concentrate on every client as an individual and grant them the help they need. Thus, despite the challenges of covid-19, Winchester Trauma Counselling has remained a steadfast voice in the UK’s mental health sector. Looking to the future, Lori is keen to support the development and practice of other practitioners, as well as developing a formalised professional trauma-referral network in private mental health treatment,. This practice promises to only grow in excellence as it moves into the rest of 2022 and beyond. Company: Winchester Trauma Counselling Contact: Lori Hedges Website: Trauma Therapy Service of the Year - Hampshire