Mental Health Awards 2022

16 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Mar22737 YingliWang helps women between the ages of 18 and 45 to transform“Not-Good-EnoughSyndrome” into inner strength and resilience. She is amental health counsellor andmotherdaughter relationship therapist providing professional counselling services in English, Mandarin in Southwest London andOnline Yingli Wang: Most Empowering Female Counsellor in London Yingli Wang works with clients who are experiencing various mental and emotional problems or stress such as anxiety, depression, complex PTSD, toxic guilt and shame, unexpressed anger, childhood trauma, family disconnection/ conflict and trauma of racism. She is specialised in working with women’s self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence issues, and is an experienced mother-daughter relationship therapist and coach, working with daughters individually to help them transform their relationship with their mother and set healthy boundaries in all relationships. The focus of Yingli’s work with Live Your Worth Ltd is to support women’s mental and emotional health and to help them to make transformative change with regards to their relationship with themselves, their families, and their intimate relationships. Yingli tells us about where her work stems from: “The reason that I focus on helping women to improve their self-esteem and self-worth, as well as make changes in their relationships with their mothers is that I have really struggled through this in my life. I know how low self-esteem and self-worth and a conflicted mother-daughter relationship have plagued my life and relationships, and I have also learned how to make profound and tangible changes to all these issues as a devout and disciplined practitioner.” Born and raised in a coastal city in Eastern China, Yingli’s parents provide her with what they feel is lacking in their lives, but she didn’t feel her true self was seen, accepted, or celebrated, and as she grew up, she struggled with depression, eating problems and self-worth issues. She decided to move to London to study and work, as well as to escape the matrix of family, cultural, and societal pressure. But she was soon experiencing a very intense psychological crisis caused by a combination of cultural and family factors. She found herself in a really dark place for many months to come. With severe depression, Yingli entered the field of psychotherapy and healing to make sense of what happened and to explore herself as an individual. She began using compassion practice, daily meditations and energy work to heal her childhood trauma, as well as studying a variety of different therapeutic modalities and techniques to understand the impact of intergenerational trauma on herself and people in general. As a result of six years’ consistent meditation practice and various healing techniques that she has used on herself, Yingli’s relationship with her parents has fundamentally changed from the inside out for the very best. She now wants to aid fellow women to accelerate their healing journeys using methods that gain results just as they did for her. Yingli has been there, and now she wants to be a resource for you. In her work, Yingli employs an integrative and transpersonal approach in therapy and healing. In her personal healing journey, inner child work, family systematic work, and compassion-focused therapy have played a key transformation and healing role. Therefore, she actively uses these three methods to help clients alleviate their emotional stress and transform their relationship problems. Underlying Yingli’s work are core values of authenticity, compassion, and transformation; her counselling services establish an authentic connection with clients while offering unconditional acceptance and compassion towards their problem, and helping them to achieve a complete transformation within. Looking towards the future of her business, Yingli will continue to offer her two major services to clients in healing self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence issues, and helping them to deal with their struggles with their mothers and set better boundaries in all relationships. Additionally, later this year, she plans to offer Reiki/Sekham Energy Healing and Spiritual Soul Plan Readings to further support the spiritual growth of her clients. Company: Live Your Worth Ltd Contact: Yingli Wang Email: [email protected] Website: Counselling Address: 76a Battersea Rise, London SW11 1EH