Mental Health Awards 2022

18 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Mar22233 Founded by Diana Anzaldua, a complex PTSD survivor, who recognized the importance of healing and the impact that trauma can significantly affect an individual’s life. Austin Trauma Therapy Center is recognized as theMost ComprehensiveMental Health Support Enterprise in Texas and is accredited as theMental Health Champion of the Year. Essentially, the company pursues a unique and transformative multi-disciplinary approach that works with trauma on multiple levels, including disordered eating, PTSD, sexual trauma, and ADHD. Most Comprehensive Mental Health Support Enterprise – Texas and Mental Health Champion of the Year (Texas): Diana Anzaldua Renowned in Texas as the Most Comprehensive Mental Health Support Enterprise in the area, Austin Trauma Therapy Center is a trauma-integrative, inclusive, anti-racist centre that creates a safe for all persons to heal from trauma. At ATTC, the organization has an incredible team comprised of more than 50 percent practitioners of colour. Showcasing that diversity and acceptance runs from the inside out of the company; a fundamental core that provides the one thing each client is desperate to find – hope, love, reassurance, integrity and the will to carry on with their lives in a brand-new way thanks to the dedicated members of ATTC. Founder Diana Anzaldua expands on this point, stating, “We specialize in treating traumarelated mental disorders through life-changing and evidencebased healing modalities for people who have experienced PTSD and complex trauma. Since 2019, we have provided holistic trauma-informed care to individuals and families.” Diana’s work is imperative in changing the lives of those affected by trauma-related mental disorders, a personal cause that she has specifically overcome herself. Because of this, Diana can relate to those who have been seriously affected and can help in a way that traditional doctors or therapists could not. Additionally, by utilizing her personal experience, Diana can simultaneously use her past to encourage others to transform their lives for the better- just like her. Because of her incredible contribution and intellectual efforts in the pursuit of supporting those with trauma-related mental illnesses, Diana has received numerous awards for her work in the community and her contributions to mental health. However, unlike many industries that faced the emotional and financial effects of Covid-19, founders like Diana and her team at ATTC were under significant pressure as her clients were vulnerable before the disruption took place on a global scale. However, for Diana, ATTC noticed a shift in business as once Covid-19 struck, the organization became in significant demand. Diana adds to this point, stating, “The pandemic was an interesting turn of events for our centre as we were inundated with people seeking mental health services due to the anxiety and grief experienced with the pandemic. This allowed our practice to evolve and grow from 1 practitioner to 25 in a year’s span.” For now, ATTC is on a journey to access additional healing therapeutic spaces to treat trauma. This has been proven to provide incredible support to individuals in becoming healthier – transforming individuals, families and, ultimately, transforming struggling communities into thriving communities. “Our main goal is not retraumatizing clients, as we do not live in a trauma-informed world. Our staff is ethical and safe, and we really take the time to listen to each of our clients to ensure we are providing the best care. We only utilize techniques that treat trauma in an ethical manner. Moreover, our culture is very social justice aligned. We believe in providing a safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental space for our clients to treat the trauma they have experienced,” explains Diana. Additionally, for ATTC, because it is the only trauma-informed centre in Austin, Diana is incredibly selective in who is brought into the organization. Therefore, to become part of the ATTC team, individuals must hold the same principles and values and inherently align themselves accordingly. Diana expands on this regarding her current team, stating, “Our staff retention rate is 90% and we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our staff are trained properly and trained in traumaspecific modalities like Somatic experiencing, EMDR, and Trauma-Focused CBT.” For the future, ATTC plans to expand into multiple states with the overall and founding goal of supporting people in healing. This will be a goal undoubtedly achieved with the increased area that ATTC will now be operating in. Closing the article with her final thoughts, Diana adds, “Our goal is to help people heal, and the more spaces we’re in, the more people can access healing, the more improved our world will be.” Recognized for its excellence, Diana and ATTC are making the world a better place, one state at a time. Company: AUSTIN TRAUMA THERAPY CENTER Name: Diana Anzaldua Email: [email protected] Web Address: AUSTIN TRAUMA THERAPY CENTER