Mental Health Awards 2022

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 19 , Mar22214 Monarch Psychiatry of California provides personalised, comprehensive, evidence-based mental health services to all age groups, ranging from children and adolescents to adults, and believes in the power of early diagnosis and intervention. Following the company’s success within theMental Health Awards 2022, we take a closer look at what makes it so outstanding. Nisha Warikoo is an award-winning, board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. She is known for her thorough diagnostic approach across various stages of development as well as the ability to provide compassionate, evidence-based and well-rounded treatment for the patients and families she sees. Dr Warikoo is committed to promoting mental health literacy among patients, their families, and the community at large. She has published popular scientific articles and book chapters in the areas of autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, treatment adherence, depot antipsychotics, as well as tardive dyskinesia. She is a regional expert in autism, ADHD, and mood disorders, and spends much of her time consulting and training primary care and other specialties on the best practices in management in those psychiatric comorbidities. Dr Warikoo has spent years training and educating medical students as well as psychiatry residents and fellows in training. She is currently involved in training primary care providers the principles of mental health, in an effort to address the shortage in child and adolescent psychiatrists. She has been nominated by her peers for Orange County Physician of Excellence Awards five years in a row and was awarded this prestigious recognition in 2019. Monarch Psychiatry of California’s process starts with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and developing a thorough treatment plan, by meeting the family where they are and by giving them the necessary tools to make an informed decision. Often times, treatment may include medication management, but it does not end there. The mental health provider’s team of experts works with the client and their family to educate them about the resources available in the community, and to connect them with the support and services through school systems, college campuses, and workplaces. Its mission embraces the key pillars of healing, teaching, and integrated care, with its staff priding themselves on the use of the most evidencebased practices following a detailed intake process that is designed to provide the best services possible. The team also understands how challenging it can be to navigate through the system and to get connected with the right services. They will be there for the client every step of the way, to not only help them understand the various mental health challenges that keep them from being the best version of themselves, but also to develop a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan that is personalised to them. When it comes to medication management, the mental health provider believes in the principle of “less is more” and discourages the use of poly-pharmacy, while embracing integration therapies, lifestyle modifications, as well as mindfulness-based interventions to help provide the best possible outcome. Seeking treatment for mental health should never be intimidating. Monarch Psychiatry strives to provide the best services possible without the unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and complexity. Company: Monarch Psychiatry Of California Contact: Nisha Warikoo Email: [email protected] Website: Best Evidence-Based Mental Healthcare Provider - Orange County