Mental Health Awards 2022

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 3 Contents , 4. Craniosacrale Traumatherapie: Best Trauma Therapy Practice - Bavaria 6. THE ORANGERIE NUTRITION CLINIC: Best Family-Owned Nutritional Therapy Business - London 7. WAN SHON TRADING PTE. LTD: Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer 2022 and Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 8. SPORT HYPNOTHERAPY: Best Hypnotherapist for Athletes 2022 (Australia): Sue Williams 9. BREAKTHROUGH HYPNOTHERAPY: Rising Stars in Complementary Therapy - Australia 10. Carolee J Horning Counseling LLC: Most Inspirational Mental Health Champion (Pacific Northwest): Carolee Horning 11. Memory Training Centers of Florida: Most Innovative Clinical Memory Treatment Program Provider - Florida 12. Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists: Best Corporate & Individual Psychology Consultancy - NSW 13. Child Behavioral Health Network: Best Children’s Specialist Mental Healthcare Provider – Netherlands 14. Winchester Trauma Counselling: Trauma Therapy Service of the Year - Hampshire 15. Dr Emma Solomon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist: Best Mental Health Specialist 2022 (North West England): Dr Emma Solomon 16. Live Your Worth Ltd: Yingli Wang: Most Empowering Female Counsellor in London 17. APAC Ltd / Play Therapy UK: Best Play Therapy Training Provider - UK 18. AUSTIN TRAUMA THERAPY CENTER: Most Comprehensive Mental Health Support Enterprise – Texas and Mental Health Champion of the Year (Texas): Diana Anzaldua 19. Monarch Psychiatry Of California: Best Evidence-Based Mental Healthcare Provider - Orange County 20. Psychology Works: Best Business Psychology Consultancy - UK Contents