Mental Health Awards 2022

4 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Being the pre-eminent centre for craniosacral and alternative therapies in Bavaria, Craniosacrale Traumatherapie has made a name for itself with dedicated, diligent, and forward-thinking alternative therapies. Having thought long and hard about how best to serve its clients in today’s changing world, it has been adapting and developing new processes that would allow it to help patients with the additional stressors of living through a pandemic. Best Trauma Therapy Practice - Bavaria Craniosacrale Traumatherapie – the Centre for Craniosacral Trauma Therapy – combines a dedicated treatment targeting the parasympathetic nervous system with trauma therapy and osteopathy within a large, established practice. Within its ranks proper, it boasts a roster of seven dedicated, incredibly gifted therapists who work hard to incorporate modern science and top-of-the-line innovations within their work, utilising their training to ensure that every client has access to the best possible service. In addition, all of them have been trained personally by Anne MohrBartsch, a renowned alternative medicine expert who has built up a reputation for excellence in many different treatments within naturopathy. Her expertise covers interviewing, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, master-practice, and daydream work, as well as trauma therapy according to P. Levine and meditation. Having gained 30 years of experience with craniosacral and psychotherapy work with infants and young people, she has been a training manager for 24 years, gaining 8 years Mar22100 of clinical experience in the process. Nominally, everyone in the company has their own specialties and skills with which they make themselves an invaluable partner to their client’s work towards selfactualisation and recovery, fostering healthy and productive discussions about past traumas and how to cope with them. This means that the Centre can offer a wide range of different therapies, made possible by the specialisms of its team. Critically, each service it provides is well-funded and recognised to be an invaluable step forward towards a healthier mental state for its patients, one that can cover everything from homeopathy to bioresonance, making the Centre a pioneer of innovation and actionable alternative therapies. It has helped a multitude of different clients with each of these solutions. Many of these people suffer from intense trauma, stemming from all sorts of different sources from sexual abuse and rape to violence or physical assault; however, it also aids clients dealing with orthopaedic problems. Working with everyone from pregnant people to clients with severe allergies, children, and babies, its solutions can be useful across all age groups and with all manner of different problems and difficulties, the founder’s over 40 years of experience having given the Centre a foundational basis of excellence from which to develop itself. Currently, it is a front-running alternative therapies centre in its region, offering an approach that considers the synergy between mind and body. With a standardised approach to training, it ensures that each of its staff members are familiar with the processes required to treat each client that it comes across, meaning that even if a patient’s regular therapist is unavailable, there will always be someone free to help them. Everyone in the team cares for their health, mental wellbeing, education, and supervision, too. Fundamentally, this has developed a company with an internal dedication to personal oversight and accountability, giving each staff member the independence they need to be able to professionally flourish whilst also giving them access to the support they need to succeed. Thus, its internal culture is one of mutual care and dedication between each staff member, allowing every person in the team to support their colleagues as much as though support their patients, and to be supported alike in turn. This environment was something that the founder was keen to set up as a healthy and thriving element of the business as it began to grow in popularity, to the point where it is now an organisation that has earned pre-eminence in the region of Bavaria for its mental health work and alternative therapies. It has also made it possible for the Centre to continue working hard for its patients throughout the pandemic despite the added difficulties logistics wise. Originally, when the pandemic began, the Centre – as well as its wider industry – was unaware whether they would be able to keep working with its patients and in what manner. Therefore, it found itself having to circle the wagons somewhat through various team meetings and conferences; in this way, it placed trust in its team to make the right decisions for each other and the patients by giving them the power to make choices within the company proper, respecting the decisions made. Merely a few weeks into the pandemic, it became quickly