Mental Health Awards 2022

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 5 Best Trauma Therapy Practice - Bavaria clear that trauma work would be more necessary than ever. Thus, it began to truly push to go above and beyond for its clients in the scale and scope of its services, trying its level best to be the mental health support network they could turn to during a period of such increased stress on every facet of life. Working with its child patients, it fulfilled all hygiene requirements needed to comply with Covid-19 restrictions and regulations, providing it a space to work with them without fear of contracting the virus or risking other health maladies. Trauma cannot be treated where there is still fear, and so it has worked hard to eliminate fear across the board. Crucially, it has been doing this by collaborating with clients, figuring out where the stress points are regarding access to therapy and tailoring its solutions to these expertly and with empathy so that the people who need it the most can still benefit from its help. With regular Zoom meetings, a busy WhatsApp group, and a stalwart support network, its staff’s continued commitment to each other has allowed an enhanced commitment to its patients, one that it is excited to welcome yet more people into through its new trainee programme. Lastly, with personal growth coaching having joined its roster of services a few months prior, it looks forward to giving a holiday workshop on Corfu on Quantum power, with the founder continuing her dedication to writing with more publications on mental health for children and babies. In this way, it will be pushing forward towards a brighter and better future for itself and its clients, supporting them in their journey to overcoming trauma and moving on with their lives. Company: Craniosacrale Traumatherapie Contact: Anne Mohr-Bartsch Website: