Mental Health Awards 2022

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 7 , Feb22122 Established as an international trading andmanufacturing company, Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd is considered a long-standing company that provides its loyal customers with high-quality, innovative, and user-friendly products while offering appropriate value and incredible service. Recognised as the Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer of the Year and honoured with the Customer Service Excellence Award, Wan Shon Trading produces an extensive range of aromatherapeutic products developed with high standard rawmaterials internationally sourced. Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer 2022 and Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Founded as a diversified international trading and manufacturing company, Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd develops an incredible range of aromatherapeutic products that are made from raw materials found from all over the world and once developed, products are shipped across the globe to various territories globally. In addition to its case selection of aromatherapeutic products, Wan Shon Trading supplies essential, fragrance and massage oils along with disinfectants and more. Wan Shon Trading products are widely appreciated, with some of its most prominent customers being government institutions which includes several ministries and statutory boards. In addition to this, Wan Shon Trading products are sold to several sectors, including learning centres, hospitals, clinics, entertainment and leisure centres, embassies and schools. Managing Director Vance Neo adds to this, stating, “Our clients include perfumers, aromatherapists, air scenting and odour control specialists, MNC’s, SMEs, building owners, pest control and cleaning companies across all other industry sectors.” Produced with the best quality ingredients shipped from countries across the globe, materials are imported and exported daily to connect businesses and share the commonwealth. Essentially, using one successful product to create a beloved one. Wan Shon Trading can do this because of its unique and innovative formulations, knowledge, and expertise within various applications and thus, can develop well-rounded and effective products. “With our unique formulation techniques, we produce finished products at an affordable price for the mass public and for all to be able to enjoy and experience the benefits of physical and mental well-being associated with scent therapy,” states Vance. Based in Singapore, with one of the freest economies and busiest ports globally, Wan Shon Trading can use this to its advantage and gain access to incredible international resources, connecting businesses on a global scale to produce beloved aromatherapeutic products. These products are heavily linked to several benefits that aid in relieving stress and other anxieties, which is prominent in the lives of modern-day individuals. “At present, with the rapid increase of work and life-related stress affecting the mental health of people, the use of scent therapy has risen and grown to be a popular form of stress release therapy, with implying health benefits such as pain and anxiety reduction, enhancement of energy and more. By cultivating the use of scent in our daily lives, we can encourage and nurture a positive outlook for people across the world where stress-related illnesses are on the rise.” For Wan Shon Trading, since the beginning of the pandemic and even now, individuals worldwide were subject to work from home. However, because they spent more time isolated within their own homes, a rise in friction amongst cohabitors has resulted in damaged emotional and mental well-being. “Scents evoke sweet memories of people and help them find peace and solace. Our company is constantly striving to create harmonious and unique fragrances to inspire happiness,” explains Vance. Since its establishment, Wan Shon Trading has continued to uphold its founding values and principal ethics of integrity and maintain a great business practice. This is done by developing honest and open relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, as they are the key components that have allowed the business to grow, flourish and succeed over the years. To remain leading in the wellness industry, besides producing an entirely reputable product, Wan Shon Trading establishes that staff members should be kept actively training and pursue total wellness in terms of emotional, spiritual, social and physical care. Expanding on this, Vance depicts what the company looks for when adding additional members to the team, stating, “Being positive, considerate, helpful and respectful are some personality traits we look at when hiring new staff. Our workplace is always filled with pleasant scenes and as the saying goes, ‘smell good, feel good.’” For now, Wan Shon Trading is hoping its products will empower individuals going through any stressful and anxious time and aims to lift their spirits in these times of adversity. Established as the Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer of 2022, Wan Shon Trading is changing the lives and wellbeing of people across the world through scent therapy and blissfully harmoniously created aromatherapeutic products. Company: WAN SHON TRADING PTE. LTD. Name: VANCE NEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: WAN SHON TRADING PTE. LTD.