Mental Health Awards 2022

8 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Mar22131 An expert inmindfulness, personal wellbeing, and athletic mental health, SueWilliams of Sport Hypnotherapy has garnered a long client roster of athletes in a wide range of sports who trust her implicitly. Having been the critical difference for many between continuing to compete on a competitive level and retirement, she encourages athletes who are struggling regarding their training or performance to regain their confidence, and also working with those who have been injured whilst doing the sport they love. Sue is intimately familiar with the pressures of competitive horse riding, and so provides an empathic and sensitive ear to her clients, creating a safe space inwhich they can begin to work through their fears and doubts. Best Hypnotherapist for Athletes 2022 (Australia): Sue Williams As a mother, grandma, and competitive horse rider, Sue Williams is no stranger to sports injuries and self-doubt and the profound effect they can have on the mind and body. Thus, she has dedicated herself to helping people through the power of natural therapies with her business, ‘Sport Hypnotherapy’, a practice done through remote services carried out online. Able to talk athletes through a course of online sessions, Sue guides and assists her clients when it comes to fear, limiting beliefs, and negative mindsets regarding their own training, goals, and future plans, helping them to push through the limiting factors their own mental roadblocks are putting up. To do this, she implements every tool in her toolkit, made up of the knowledge she has gained in her capacity as a hypnotherapist, EFT/TFT practitioner, mindfulness expert, licenced rapid transformational therapy practitioner, and quantum counselling practitioner. Nominally, her core focus is on helping equestrian athletes to shirk self-doubt and embrace self-love. In addition to this, Sue has helped clients in sports as diverse as golf, basketball and even Brazilian jiu jitsu. By encouraging them to think more healthily about where they are regarding their sports journey, she gives them the guiding hand they need to be able to see the forest for the trees, recognising their achievements and helping them to take a better perspective regarding the work that still needs to be done. This has proven especially pivotal over the past 18 months. With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting training routines for everyone across all sports, schedules have been interrupted and fitness levels have been more difficult to maintain; Sue understands the strain this causes on athletes, using positivity and visualisation to help them implement actionable solutions. She trains her clients to use her list of natural therapies in order to put protocols in place that will help reduce symptoms. Critically, by giving them this sort of access to a practical solution, Sue gives her clients back a feeling of empowerment over their own mental health, showing them just how much of it can be mind over matter. Furthermore, she works with each client to ensure her solutions are tailored to fit them. As with many things, therapy is not one-size-fits-all, and Sue works with empathy and diligence to find what will work with a specific client, taking on feedback and implementing it immediately. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2021, Sue is hoping to complete her Doctoral thesis in 2022, as well as expanding her practice to include working with sports teams as well as individuals, helping yet more athletes to overcome fear and – literally – get back on the horse. Company: Sport Hypnotherapy Contact: Sue Williams Website: