Mental Health Awards 2022

Mental Health Awards 2022

2 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Editor’s Note , About the Mental Health Awards In previous years mental health has been one of the most neglected areas of healthcare around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a change in this behaviour and has brought the mental health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us to the forefront of our minds. Since 2019 many threats have been imposed to the mental wellbeing and health of millions worldwide, and as we continue to navigate through unprecedented times, the roles carried out by companies and individuals operating within the mental health sector remain of critical importance. In light of this, Global Health & Pharma is proud to host the return of the Mental Health Awards. These awards have been created to honour the innovation, determination and outstanding levels of care demonstrated by those who place our mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of their practice. Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 3 Contents , 4. Craniosacrale Traumatherapie: Best Trauma Therapy Practice - Bavaria 6. THE ORANGERIE NUTRITION CLINIC: Best Family-Owned Nutritional Therapy Business - London 7. WAN SHON TRADING PTE. LTD: Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer 2022 and Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 8. SPORT HYPNOTHERAPY: Best Hypnotherapist for Athletes 2022 (Australia): Sue Williams 9. BREAKTHROUGH HYPNOTHERAPY: Rising Stars in Complementary Therapy - Australia 10. Carolee J Horning Counseling LLC: Most Inspirational Mental Health Champion (Pacific Northwest): Carolee Horning 11. Memory Training Centers of Florida: Most Innovative Clinical Memory Treatment Program Provider - Florida 12. Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists: Best Corporate & Individual Psychology Consultancy - NSW 13. Child Behavioral Health Network: Best Children’s Specialist Mental Healthcare Provider – Netherlands 14. Winchester Trauma Counselling: Trauma Therapy Service of the Year - Hampshire 15. Dr Emma Solomon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist: Best Mental Health Specialist 2022 (North West England): Dr Emma Solomon 16. Live Your Worth Ltd: Yingli Wang: Most Empowering Female Counsellor in London 17. APAC Ltd / Play Therapy UK: Best Play Therapy Training Provider - UK 18. AUSTIN TRAUMA THERAPY CENTER: Most Comprehensive Mental Health Support Enterprise – Texas and Mental Health Champion of the Year (Texas): Diana Anzaldua 19. Monarch Psychiatry Of California: Best Evidence-Based Mental Healthcare Provider - Orange County 20. Psychology Works: Best Business Psychology Consultancy - UK Contents

4 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Being the pre-eminent centre for craniosacral and alternative therapies in Bavaria, Craniosacrale Traumatherapie has made a name for itself with dedicated, diligent, and forward-thinking alternative therapies. Having thought long and hard about how best to serve its clients in today’s changing world, it has been adapting and developing new processes that would allow it to help patients with the additional stressors of living through a pandemic. Best Trauma Therapy Practice - Bavaria Craniosacrale Traumatherapie – the Centre for Craniosacral Trauma Therapy – combines a dedicated treatment targeting the parasympathetic nervous system with trauma therapy and osteopathy within a large, established practice. Within its ranks proper, it boasts a roster of seven dedicated, incredibly gifted therapists who work hard to incorporate modern science and top-of-the-line innovations within their work, utilising their training to ensure that every client has access to the best possible service. In addition, all of them have been trained personally by Anne MohrBartsch, a renowned alternative medicine expert who has built up a reputation for excellence in many different treatments within naturopathy. Her expertise covers interviewing, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, master-practice, and daydream work, as well as trauma therapy according to P. Levine and meditation. Having gained 30 years of experience with craniosacral and psychotherapy work with infants and young people, she has been a training manager for 24 years, gaining 8 years Mar22100 of clinical experience in the process. Nominally, everyone in the company has their own specialties and skills with which they make themselves an invaluable partner to their client’s work towards selfactualisation and recovery, fostering healthy and productive discussions about past traumas and how to cope with them. This means that the Centre can offer a wide range of different therapies, made possible by the specialisms of its team. Critically, each service it provides is well-funded and recognised to be an invaluable step forward towards a healthier mental state for its patients, one that can cover everything from homeopathy to bioresonance, making the Centre a pioneer of innovation and actionable alternative therapies. It has helped a multitude of different clients with each of these solutions. Many of these people suffer from intense trauma, stemming from all sorts of different sources from sexual abuse and rape to violence or physical assault; however, it also aids clients dealing with orthopaedic problems. Working with everyone from pregnant people to clients with severe allergies, children, and babies, its solutions can be useful across all age groups and with all manner of different problems and difficulties, the founder’s over 40 years of experience having given the Centre a foundational basis of excellence from which to develop itself. Currently, it is a front-running alternative therapies centre in its region, offering an approach that considers the synergy between mind and body. With a standardised approach to training, it ensures that each of its staff members are familiar with the processes required to treat each client that it comes across, meaning that even if a patient’s regular therapist is unavailable, there will always be someone free to help them. Everyone in the team cares for their health, mental wellbeing, education, and supervision, too. Fundamentally, this has developed a company with an internal dedication to personal oversight and accountability, giving each staff member the independence they need to be able to professionally flourish whilst also giving them access to the support they need to succeed. Thus, its internal culture is one of mutual care and dedication between each staff member, allowing every person in the team to support their colleagues as much as though support their patients, and to be supported alike in turn. This environment was something that the founder was keen to set up as a healthy and thriving element of the business as it began to grow in popularity, to the point where it is now an organisation that has earned pre-eminence in the region of Bavaria for its mental health work and alternative therapies. It has also made it possible for the Centre to continue working hard for its patients throughout the pandemic despite the added difficulties logistics wise. Originally, when the pandemic began, the Centre – as well as its wider industry – was unaware whether they would be able to keep working with its patients and in what manner. Therefore, it found itself having to circle the wagons somewhat through various team meetings and conferences; in this way, it placed trust in its team to make the right decisions for each other and the patients by giving them the power to make choices within the company proper, respecting the decisions made. Merely a few weeks into the pandemic, it became quickly

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 5 Best Trauma Therapy Practice - Bavaria clear that trauma work would be more necessary than ever. Thus, it began to truly push to go above and beyond for its clients in the scale and scope of its services, trying its level best to be the mental health support network they could turn to during a period of such increased stress on every facet of life. Working with its child patients, it fulfilled all hygiene requirements needed to comply with Covid-19 restrictions and regulations, providing it a space to work with them without fear of contracting the virus or risking other health maladies. Trauma cannot be treated where there is still fear, and so it has worked hard to eliminate fear across the board. Crucially, it has been doing this by collaborating with clients, figuring out where the stress points are regarding access to therapy and tailoring its solutions to these expertly and with empathy so that the people who need it the most can still benefit from its help. With regular Zoom meetings, a busy WhatsApp group, and a stalwart support network, its staff’s continued commitment to each other has allowed an enhanced commitment to its patients, one that it is excited to welcome yet more people into through its new trainee programme. Lastly, with personal growth coaching having joined its roster of services a few months prior, it looks forward to giving a holiday workshop on Corfu on Quantum power, with the founder continuing her dedication to writing with more publications on mental health for children and babies. In this way, it will be pushing forward towards a brighter and better future for itself and its clients, supporting them in their journey to overcoming trauma and moving on with their lives. Company: Craniosacrale Traumatherapie Contact: Anne Mohr-Bartsch Website:

6 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Feb22555 The Orangerie Nutrition Clinic is a familyowned nutritional therapy business offering a range of personalised services including microbiome support, skincare advice (eczema and acne), healthy weight management, and general health and wellbeingmanagement. Best Family-Owned Nutritional Therapy Business - London Lena Christou DipNT, ANP, Btec HND, MGBT is a nutritional therapist, skin specialist, and health coach, and the owner of The Orangerie Nutrition Clinic. She has also been a beauty therapist for 30 years, where she has gained expertise in skincare concerns such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. She passionately believes in educating people to give them better understanding of their individual health needs, providing them with the tools to take back control of their health. Using the Functional Medicine model, Lena believes in not just treating the symptoms, but getting to the root cause of a condition in order to address each individual’s needs. She works with nutrition, lifestyle advice, therapeutic doses of supplements, Bach flower remedies, and homeobotanicals to offer a personalised programme to help clients on their path to wellness. Orangerie Nutrition offers nutritional health programmes for gut and skin microbiome, healthy weight management, and menopause support, specifically structured to meet each client’s requirements. To begin with, Lena will offer an initial one-toone “discovery call” consultation for free to discuss health and nutrition goals. Then, weekly or bi-monthly consultations will be provided with six, eight or twelve structured sessions to support and guide, with nutrition advice, health coaching, and lifestyle adjustments. By working together, Lena can help the client to better manage their journey in achieving their desired goals. Once the client has completed their programme, they will have the option of booking individual sessions as and when they need to shift focus. Lena will work with them to create a personalised plan to help them continue to achieve their longterm health goals with regular check-ins to support. All of Lena’s consultancy sessions include recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, educational handouts, health coaching, and lifestyle support. She also posts easy-to-prepare healthy recipes to Orangerie Nutrition’s website, as well as has an online nutrition shop available with products such as food intolerance tests, supplements, skin antioxidants, and more. Repeat custom is a key part of Orangerie Nutrition’s growth and Lena values customer loyalty. With her services being affordable, she can offer a range of packages to address specific needs. She likes to keep her customers informed regarding updates, events and recent innovations within the industry, so do get in touch with Orangerie Nutrition for the latest updates and to get all your health and nutrition questions answered by an expert. Company: The Orangerie Nutrition Clinic Owner: Lena Christou Email: enquiries@ Website:

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 7 , Feb22122 Established as an international trading andmanufacturing company, Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd is considered a long-standing company that provides its loyal customers with high-quality, innovative, and user-friendly products while offering appropriate value and incredible service. Recognised as the Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer of the Year and honoured with the Customer Service Excellence Award, Wan Shon Trading produces an extensive range of aromatherapeutic products developed with high standard rawmaterials internationally sourced. Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer 2022 and Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Founded as a diversified international trading and manufacturing company, Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd develops an incredible range of aromatherapeutic products that are made from raw materials found from all over the world and once developed, products are shipped across the globe to various territories globally. In addition to its case selection of aromatherapeutic products, Wan Shon Trading supplies essential, fragrance and massage oils along with disinfectants and more. Wan Shon Trading products are widely appreciated, with some of its most prominent customers being government institutions which includes several ministries and statutory boards. In addition to this, Wan Shon Trading products are sold to several sectors, including learning centres, hospitals, clinics, entertainment and leisure centres, embassies and schools. Managing Director Vance Neo adds to this, stating, “Our clients include perfumers, aromatherapists, air scenting and odour control specialists, MNC’s, SMEs, building owners, pest control and cleaning companies across all other industry sectors.” Produced with the best quality ingredients shipped from countries across the globe, materials are imported and exported daily to connect businesses and share the commonwealth. Essentially, using one successful product to create a beloved one. Wan Shon Trading can do this because of its unique and innovative formulations, knowledge, and expertise within various applications and thus, can develop well-rounded and effective products. “With our unique formulation techniques, we produce finished products at an affordable price for the mass public and for all to be able to enjoy and experience the benefits of physical and mental well-being associated with scent therapy,” states Vance. Based in Singapore, with one of the freest economies and busiest ports globally, Wan Shon Trading can use this to its advantage and gain access to incredible international resources, connecting businesses on a global scale to produce beloved aromatherapeutic products. These products are heavily linked to several benefits that aid in relieving stress and other anxieties, which is prominent in the lives of modern-day individuals. “At present, with the rapid increase of work and life-related stress affecting the mental health of people, the use of scent therapy has risen and grown to be a popular form of stress release therapy, with implying health benefits such as pain and anxiety reduction, enhancement of energy and more. By cultivating the use of scent in our daily lives, we can encourage and nurture a positive outlook for people across the world where stress-related illnesses are on the rise.” For Wan Shon Trading, since the beginning of the pandemic and even now, individuals worldwide were subject to work from home. However, because they spent more time isolated within their own homes, a rise in friction amongst cohabitors has resulted in damaged emotional and mental well-being. “Scents evoke sweet memories of people and help them find peace and solace. Our company is constantly striving to create harmonious and unique fragrances to inspire happiness,” explains Vance. Since its establishment, Wan Shon Trading has continued to uphold its founding values and principal ethics of integrity and maintain a great business practice. This is done by developing honest and open relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, as they are the key components that have allowed the business to grow, flourish and succeed over the years. To remain leading in the wellness industry, besides producing an entirely reputable product, Wan Shon Trading establishes that staff members should be kept actively training and pursue total wellness in terms of emotional, spiritual, social and physical care. Expanding on this, Vance depicts what the company looks for when adding additional members to the team, stating, “Being positive, considerate, helpful and respectful are some personality traits we look at when hiring new staff. Our workplace is always filled with pleasant scenes and as the saying goes, ‘smell good, feel good.’” For now, Wan Shon Trading is hoping its products will empower individuals going through any stressful and anxious time and aims to lift their spirits in these times of adversity. Established as the Best Aromatherapeutic Products Manufacturer of 2022, Wan Shon Trading is changing the lives and wellbeing of people across the world through scent therapy and blissfully harmoniously created aromatherapeutic products. Company: WAN SHON TRADING PTE. LTD. Name: VANCE NEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: WAN SHON TRADING PTE. LTD.

8 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Mar22131 An expert inmindfulness, personal wellbeing, and athletic mental health, SueWilliams of Sport Hypnotherapy has garnered a long client roster of athletes in a wide range of sports who trust her implicitly. Having been the critical difference for many between continuing to compete on a competitive level and retirement, she encourages athletes who are struggling regarding their training or performance to regain their confidence, and also working with those who have been injured whilst doing the sport they love. Sue is intimately familiar with the pressures of competitive horse riding, and so provides an empathic and sensitive ear to her clients, creating a safe space inwhich they can begin to work through their fears and doubts. Best Hypnotherapist for Athletes 2022 (Australia): Sue Williams As a mother, grandma, and competitive horse rider, Sue Williams is no stranger to sports injuries and self-doubt and the profound effect they can have on the mind and body. Thus, she has dedicated herself to helping people through the power of natural therapies with her business, ‘Sport Hypnotherapy’, a practice done through remote services carried out online. Able to talk athletes through a course of online sessions, Sue guides and assists her clients when it comes to fear, limiting beliefs, and negative mindsets regarding their own training, goals, and future plans, helping them to push through the limiting factors their own mental roadblocks are putting up. To do this, she implements every tool in her toolkit, made up of the knowledge she has gained in her capacity as a hypnotherapist, EFT/TFT practitioner, mindfulness expert, licenced rapid transformational therapy practitioner, and quantum counselling practitioner. Nominally, her core focus is on helping equestrian athletes to shirk self-doubt and embrace self-love. In addition to this, Sue has helped clients in sports as diverse as golf, basketball and even Brazilian jiu jitsu. By encouraging them to think more healthily about where they are regarding their sports journey, she gives them the guiding hand they need to be able to see the forest for the trees, recognising their achievements and helping them to take a better perspective regarding the work that still needs to be done. This has proven especially pivotal over the past 18 months. With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting training routines for everyone across all sports, schedules have been interrupted and fitness levels have been more difficult to maintain; Sue understands the strain this causes on athletes, using positivity and visualisation to help them implement actionable solutions. She trains her clients to use her list of natural therapies in order to put protocols in place that will help reduce symptoms. Critically, by giving them this sort of access to a practical solution, Sue gives her clients back a feeling of empowerment over their own mental health, showing them just how much of it can be mind over matter. Furthermore, she works with each client to ensure her solutions are tailored to fit them. As with many things, therapy is not one-size-fits-all, and Sue works with empathy and diligence to find what will work with a specific client, taking on feedback and implementing it immediately. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2021, Sue is hoping to complete her Doctoral thesis in 2022, as well as expanding her practice to include working with sports teams as well as individuals, helping yet more athletes to overcome fear and – literally – get back on the horse. Company: Sport Hypnotherapy Contact: Sue Williams Website:

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 9 , BreakthroughHypnotherapy was created in 2021 after the partners, Anitha Haripersad and Jonathan Stone, who graduated as rapid transformation therapists and license hypnotherapists studied Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), amulti-award-winning pioneering therapy which achieves outstanding, lasting results most oftenwithin one to three sessions. Anitha and Jonathan have both worked in the area of mental health individually for more than a decade each and know that life is too short for months and sometimes years of talk therapy. They have both worked as educational consultants in acute psychiatric wards and outpatient settings to support children and adolescents to develop social and emotional learning skills and advocate for the young person to reengage with an educational setting. However, experience in partnership with different mental health settings and teams highlighted that talk therapy and recovery is slow and sometimes ineffective. Knowing first-hand the struggles of youth mental health, suicide ideation and suicide rates, its serious impact on families and the wide community, Anitha was instrumental in seeking a therapy that was different yet promised rapid recovery and healing. And as a strong believer in the notion that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, she found the power of RTT. Breakthrough Hypnotherapy, galvanised in RTT and grounded in the belief that there is nothing more powerful than the mind – imagining, believing, achieving, working with both children and adults to transform their lives and help them break free from three significant profound limiting beliefs: I am not enough; it’s not available to me; and I don’t Mar22238 belong. These create deep and complex mental health issues, that often scar people in the most unfathomable way. Breakthrough hypnotherapy is a hybrid therapy which employs a combination of ground-breaking techniques that have their origins in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), traditional hypnotherapy, and talk therapy. These techniques are individualised to create a unique and innovative modality, and they will leave the patient feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful. Anitha and Jonathan pride themselves on delivering personalised, empathetic and compassionate results-driven therapy in the shortest time possible. Someone presenting with mental health issues are often vulnerable, fragile and struggle with self-esteem and selfefficacy. Therefore, Breakthrough Hypnotherapy is built on a client/ therapist relationship that values confidentiality, respect, empathy, integrity, responsiveness, and compassion. Anitha said, “When you love what you do and do what you love, you can only give off your best.” The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the mental health of many negatively, with research suggesting that stress, confusion and anger are commonplace as a result (Brooks et al. 2020). While many people may not experience any long-term concerns, COVID-19 has the potential to contribute to or exacerbate long-term mental illness such as social anxiety and OCD. As educators, Anitha and Jonathan notice first-hand the significant impact of COVID-19 on school refusal as many children fear returning to school due to social anxiety. Having the experience of working both in education and in the health sector, parents trust Breakthrough Hypnotherapy to support their child in their to return to school. Anitha and Jonathan are now working on launching their next offering, Menopause Thrive, an innovative programme designed to support menopausal women in Rising Stars in Complementary Therapy - Australia overcoming pesky menopausal symptoms which can often leave them feeling distressed, devalued and invisible. Those who are interested in arranging an appointment with Anitha or Jonathan can visit them at there office in Melbourne or stay at home and join them for a session on Zoom. To book an appointment, please get in touch by email or the contact form on the company website. Company: Breakthrough Hypnotherapy Contact: Anitha Haripersad Email: support@ Website:

10 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 , Mar22080 Carolee J Horning Counseling LLC, the business of the eponymous Carloee Horning, works hard to help adults overcome the difficulties that unresolved trauma brings to everyday life. Empathic, sensitive, and understanding, Carolee has a huge range of tools in her toolkit from CBT to EMDR, and she and her therapy dog – Maizy – promise to provide a safe and encouraging space in which a client can be truly heard. Here, they can begin the journey to working through their trauma and implement actionable coping mechanisms, giving a client the chance to regain their confidence and manage the symptoms of damaged mental health. A private practice owner and clinical mental health expert, Carolee J Horning Counseling – founded by the eponymous Carolee – has been making itself a steadfast partner and friend to its clients over the years. Having been in operation since 2017, Carolee provides care and counselling for individual adult clients, most of whom are healing from profound trauma caused by PTSD, sexual abuse, grief, and other profoundly life changing events. Fundamentally, in order to provide a comprehensive, tailorable service with which she can develop an action plan that will specifically help that client, she offers everything from EMDR to CBT, as well as mindfulness and a personcentric approach. Her therapy dog, Maizy, also comes to the office with her to provide her animal therapy services. Overall, its primary focus is in helping adults heal from the traumas they have suffered, giving them a safe and empathic space to begin the process of working through the incident and its resulting impact on their lives. As an abuse survivor herself, Carolee is able to provide an understanding and non-judgemental ear with which to listen to her clients; this is a big part of why she is the trusted therapist for so many people, and she works with authenticity, wisdom, and diligence to be able to find a treatment that works for each of them. This ‘one size does not fit all’ mindset is something each of its clients come to truly appreciate. After all, a big problem with many therapy solutions is the procedural element to it, one that can result in the individual traumas suffered by each person getting lost in the bigger picture. Thus, Carolee uses her certification in EMDR and Maizy’s unconditional love and warmth to show her clients right from when they walk in that her office is a place where they can truly be heard, something that she continued over the pandemic by using telehealth options such as bilateral stimulation. A solo practitioner with a big heart and open mind, Carolee hopes to help many more clients in the future, encouraging prospective patients to get in touch as soon as they are comfortable to do so. Company: Carolee J Horning Counseling LLC Contact: Carolee Horning Website: Most Inspirational Mental Health Champion (Pacific Northwest): Carolee Horning

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 11 , Mar22069 Memory Training Centers of Florida (MTCF) is amental health practice specialising inmemory and working exclusively with seniors. Its programme is comprehensive, starting with an evaluation of memory functioning, mental health, and functioning for each patient. Once understanding the needs in each area, the clinicians design an individualised treatment plan to target specific memory skills, address emotional and behavioural needs, and develop strategies for independent daily living. The overall mission is to optimise the quality of life for seniors. Most Innovative Clinical Memory Treatment Program Provider - Florida Memory Training Centers of Florida’s programme treats individuals all along the spectrum of memory loss, from mild to severe. The treatment techniques that it employs vary depending on the patient’s functioning levels and mental health status, as well as interests, passions, and history. Its library of treatment interventions ranges from computerised memory exercises, to interactive challenges, to fine art exercises or finemotor activities, to meditation, mindfulness or visualisation techniques, to psychotherapeutic techniques, to back and forth communication, to reminiscence. It is important to incorporate each person’s individual differences, strengths and deficits, likes and dislikes, and personal experience and history in order to build engagement and best motivate patients to fully immerse themselves in the treatment programme. MTCF only works with licensed clinical psychologists and social workers who are team-oriented, motivated to share, and most importantly, driven to make a difference. The practice has built a team that fosters a collaborative approach, with each clinician bringing a different set of skills and expertise to the table. Each new staff member completes an intensive training programme developed by the practice, and then they are encouraged to provide feedback, suggest new ways of working with patients, and to support the building of a more comprehensive library of resources. Additionally, MTCF’s blog allows for clinicians to ask each other questions and share success stories, and promote a team atmosphere. Quarterly trainings are also implemented to allow for continuing education in the field and further education, enabling clinicians to become more expert in the field of memory training and seniors’ needs. Now that Zoom and virtual meetings have become the new norm, the practice is able to set up consistent times for staff meetings and trainings to include it clinicians that work throughout the state. Most clinicians have not had the opportunity to learn about memory in the way that MTCF provides memory training, and prior to joining the practice, new staff members haven’t learnt its systems. Therefore, its staff needs to be flexible, committed to learning, and dedicated to providing the most effective and quality programme possible to patients. Alongside having to complete regular training, the team had to adapt the way it serves its patients with the unparalleled impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the senior community. With facilities going into lockdown to protect their residents, MTCF’s memory training clinicians were unable to see patients. The isolation, fear, anxiety, depression, and even boredom, caused high levels of decline in memory, mental health, and function. Luckily, most communities have opened back up and now the practice’s clinicians are needed more than ever. They have had to adapt treatment to address the needs of patients dealing with the pandemic and its fallout. Keeping patients safe is the team’s number one priority but wearing masks and staying six feet apart has made it more difficult to provide treatment, as many seniors have difficulty hearing and feel less connected and supported when they cannot see their clinician’s face. However, through adaptive equipment such as voice amplifiers and masks with windows, the team is learning new ways to support patients through this difficult time. Ultimately, it’s easy to see what makes Memory Training Centers of Florida the most innovative clinical memory treatment programme provider in its state, between its expert clinicians committed to making a difference, the practice’s dedication to delivering regular training to continue to provide cutting-edge memory programmes, and the ground-breaking clinical program with emphasis on the relationship between memory and mental health. And it only intends to continue in this way, with the programme growing quickly and plans to expand throughout the state of Florida. Company: Memory Training Centers of Florida Contact: Liz Bicknell Email: lbicknell@ Website:

12 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Mar22478 Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists, having gained accreditation with the above title and through the win of the ‘GHP Psychology Services Excellence Award’ for 2022, is a mental health and psychology consultancy firmwith a difference. Dedicated to the support of everyone from corporate teams to struggling families, it combines the approach of evidencebased psychology methodologies to all its programs, blending these with exemplary business development advise for its corporate clients. Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists – a psychology firm that specialises in both the clinical and the consulting aspects of its field – working with children, couples, and families, as well as employees and leaders within organisations. Nominally, it makes itself a critical puzzle piece in the transformation of individuals, teams, and organisations, using its depth and breadth of experience to provide a holistic approach. This ensures that the support is as comprehensive and empathetic as it is effective, making use of a variety of theoretical paradigms and techniques to help drive change both at an individual and corporate level. It pulls together an integrated approach in which psychological principles are implemented, and where it works with corporate clients, it blends this seamlessly with leading business theory. Thinkahead’s method has become lauded both as innovative and truly exemplary. Achieving sustainable behavioural change in its clients and staff, as well as developing constructive work cultures and high performing teams by way of its programs and services; these programs centre wellbeing, performance, and business improvement, and the proof of their effectiveness is visible in the reviews of its past clients. Over time, Thinkahead has been consistently accredited as a truly transformative force for good in the corporate world. Specialising in costeffective, bespoke, and objective-driven programs from mental health and wellbeing services to corporate training, leadership development and coaching, people strategy and psychological services, it is creating better workplaces today for the betterment of all. After all, a business could have the most effective operational processes in the world, but if its team’s mental wellbeing is not catered to, the business will fall flat. A company’s staff is its backbone and powerhouse, and therefore it is critical that the people within it are supported and taken care of. With a multi-disciplinary team of corporate psychologists, child psychologists as well as social workers, behaviour management specialists, and speech pathologists, it can support all members of a family unit as well as any team within an organisation. With over 30 years of experience, and a proven track record in helping others, Thinkahead takes a systemic and strategic approach with a focus on awareness, prevention, and intervention, minimizing psychological risks in its clients’ environments and using proven methods to affect positive change. Lastly, emboldened by the breadth and depth of its clinician’s experience – and having pulled through the difficulties of the pandemic – Thinkahead has successfully adjusted its operation to add more programs and services and change delivery methods so that it can adapt to the new epoch. Responding to the changing needs of individuals, families and local businesses, Thinkahead continues to focus on pushing forward towards its vision of expanding its clinical and corporate services and reaching as many individuals and organisations as possible to help combat the rise of mental health amongst the community. Company: Thinkahead Consultant Psychologists Contact: Tanja Limnios Website: Email: [email protected] Best Corporate & Individual Psychology Consultancy - NSW

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 13 , Mar22324 Mental health issues in children canmanifest inmanyways. Fromall manners of physical and cognitive delays that affect their fine-motor, attention, social and communication skills, identity related issues, to not being able tomanage big emotions, such as anger, anxiety, or sadness. This can be due to a biological issue, a difficult life transition, such asmoving to another country, or a life changing traumatic experience (or experiences)-a natural disaster, abuse, etc-forwhich they cannot find thewords to express what happened to themor knowhow to cope andmove forwards. The Child Behavioral HealthNetwork is an alternative-complimentarymental health service provider based in TheNetherlands that acts as a support systemfor children and their families. It is an online platformthat brings together experienced psychologists and therapists who understand and knowhow to reach children using alternativemodalities, such as dancing/ moving, artmaking, playing, etc, to help children identify, explore, and process theirmental health challenges, with the overall aimof helping themdevelop healthy coping skills that will improve their quality of life in the short or long-term. (Adult childhood issues are also being treated and includemainstreamtreatments.) Best Children’s Specialist Mental Healthcare Provider – Netherlands The Child Behavioral Health Network (CBHN) provides friendly and noninvasive therapies that compliment a child’s natural expressive qualities and needs, both for short and long-term mental health healing. The therapies range from movement/ dance therapy, psychodrama, art therapy to primary caregiver guidance & Crisis Interventions. (For adults-more mainstream treatments including EMDR and CBT are offered.) These approaches allow for a child to feel seen and heard, which are the building blocks for creating safety and trust, elements needed for any good working relationship and results. From this space, children naturally learn important life skills-ranging from independent problem-solving, self-regulation to social skills building. Most importantly, they learn to trust themselves-that is to know what will work for them to be Ok in the moment and if a similar situation should arise in the future. Together, this way of thinking contributes to CBHN’s uplifting reputation in the industry as it empowers children to accept themselves as they are at any stage of their development. With its private practices, CBHN is open to a variety of children from all backgrounds, ability levels, and needs. CBHN is aware of all the tools and developments in recent years – developments that are all valuable, reputable, and innovative in nature. For example, by using the therapies described above (acting, playing, art, general movement therapy, etc) CBHN ensures an idyllic outcome for any child. This also impacts the adults involved in the child’s life as caregiver(s) who treasure him/her psychological wellbeing. Ranging from physical challenges, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, depression to anxiety, and much more, CBHN gives us access to an incredible team of qualified psychologists and therapists who work in a number of languages, making things easier and more inclusive. Next to providing psychodiagnostics/evaluations, CBHN also provides therapy in various formats and unique settings, including providing therapy in nature, and all for reasonable fees. These efforts ensure every child has the best chance at getting the mental health help they need while helping families to compassionately navigate and accept the child’s challenge at hand, even during the global pandemic which has not slowed CBHN down at all. It is magnificent to see how CBHN has created a support network that makes children feel more like themselves and more confident whilst understanding and exploring who they are. The way CBHN conducts business means it has the upper hand. By working with multiple languages, in person or virtually, it has built quite a simple, yet complex system that positively impacts many children and their families and has the potential to go borderless/global. Imagine being able to dial any alternativecomplimentary mental health professional from wherever you are for your child (or for yourself) who speaks your language and shares your cultural background. The sky is not the limit for CBHN! There is no sign of CBHN slowing down as it continues on its upward trajectory of success. Winning Best Children’s Specialist Mental Healthcare Provider – Netherlands, CBHN is being recognised due to its excellent, compassionate, and truly magnificent work in the field of childhood mental health challenges. Long may its success continue. Contact: Drs. Amélie van den Brink, Founder & Holistic Psychotherapist (in private practice) Company: Child Behavioral Health Network Web Address:

14 GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 Mar22388 A dedicated, professionally trained, and empathic sole practitioner of trauma-focused therapy, Winchester Trauma Counselling is headed up by Lorraine Hedges (Lori), a remarkable mind in her field. With a client-first mentality that allows her to develop indepth relationships between herself and her clients, this business is one that has become a cornerstone of trauma-focused mental healthcare. Additionally, with plans to offer lowcost trauma focused therapies in the future through its private practice and a promise of continued excellence across the board, it is fair to say that the hard work of this firm has very much made it one to watch. A counselling, psychotherapy, and mental health treatment service based in the heart of Hampshire, Winchester Trauma Counselling provides therapy services to adults who have suffered trauma. Fundamentally, its services can aid individuals living with the impacts of historical or recent traumatic events, as well as helping people who struggle with complex mental health needs or suicidal ideation. As a BACP registered counsellor and supervisor working within Winchester proper as well as online, Lori – the founder and sole practitioner – gives her clients a variety of ways to access help, as well as offering supervision to other counsellors and therapists. Critically, serving clients locally, nationally and overseas, Winchester Trauma Counselling has made a name for itself with several third-party professional bodies, too. In this manner, it ensures that no client simply has to take its word when it comes to the reliability and excellence of its services, instead able to turn to the membership requirements of bodies such as the BACP, UKATA, EATA, ITAA, and ISSTD. This dedication to ensuring strict oversight shows the seriousness with which Lori approaches client safety. With the founder having worked with a wide range of issues, she specialises in attachment disruption, trauma or abuse, personality disorders, dissociative episodes, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. Having trained in integrative counselling initially, she branched out into internal family systems and transactional analysis psychotherapy. Lori was previously involved in the annual review and accreditation process for therapeutic communities around the UK, has provided serious incident investigation and report services to other counselling organisations, and has also worked in two charities as a counsellor and supervisor. These experiences have all contributed to informing her work with clients today. Additionally, by offering its services as it does through a private practice, Winchester Trauma Counselling operates outside of the pressures of the NHS, allowing it to truly concentrate on every client as an individual and grant them the help they need. Thus, despite the challenges of covid-19, Winchester Trauma Counselling has remained a steadfast voice in the UK’s mental health sector. Looking to the future, Lori is keen to support the development and practice of other practitioners, as well as developing a formalised professional trauma-referral network in private mental health treatment,. This practice promises to only grow in excellence as it moves into the rest of 2022 and beyond. Company: Winchester Trauma Counselling Contact: Lori Hedges Website: Trauma Therapy Service of the Year - Hampshire

GHP / Mental Health Awards 2022 15 , Feb22637 People seek therapy when, despite their best efforts, they do not feel what they want to feel. This is the view of Dr Emma Solomon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist. With a thriving private practice alongside work in the NHS, her career is one which has helped a great many people to cope in difficult times. We take a look at how her bespoke blends of therapy interventions have helped many to flourish, leading to her success in the Mental Health Awards 2022. Best Mental Health Specialist 2022 (North West England): Dr Emma Solomon Specialist help with mental health is vital to achieving true and long-lasting change. No one knows this better than Dr Emma Solomon who has helped many in her work as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. In 2020 she felt she could do more with the therapy expertise she has accumulated over the last 20 years, and she began her own part-time private practice alongside her NHS work. Private practice has empowered Dr Solomon to offer a more personalised service to clients. We asked her what precisely this entailed. “I want the very best results for my clients” she tells us. “I vary the approach, for each stage of my client’s therapy... I like the metaphor of using different exercise methods to get fit. If you only run for your overall goal of getting fit, you miss out on the benefits of strength training, flexibility work, and nutrition.” We take a holistic view of training the body to work at peak performance, and Dr Solomon applies the same approach to achieve psychological fitness and flexibility. Dr Solomon spoke passionately about her desire to find ways that more people can benefit from psychological therapies. She described the mental health crisis that has worsened since the Pandemic and how so many people are struggling and seeking therapy. This is why she is particularly excited by the opportunities of briefer and more intensive therapies. She enjoys using the many therapy models she has trained in but now offers clients a phased intervention. This begins with traditional talking therapy, like Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy and then progresses to methods like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and rapid transformational therapy (RTT). She told us that “these are both hybrid therapies… they blend talking, behavioural science, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and imagery methods…and they directly access the root causes of people’s issues creating lasting results in the here and now”. It is an exciting time for psychology, and this is one of the reasons Dr Solomon is so passionate about constantly learning and passing this learning onto her clients. It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an epidemic of mental health concerns. “For many people it has been the tipping point and they have found their resilience tested beyond what anyone expected,” Dr Solomon agrees. That said, she has found the need to socially distance has resulted in opportunities for improving how people access therapy. “In terms of my practice, the pandemic has enabled therapists to realise that the traditional ‘therapy room’ setting was not required for results. We have all been surprised that the therapy techniques, tools and interventions work exactly the same way when delivered either on the phone or by ZOOM. This has massively increased access for people who wanted to see a particular therapist but who was not geographically close.” Dr Solomon’s exciting career has brought her incredible opportunities over the years. Her success both in the private and public sector is something to be celebrated, allowing as many people as possible to access her incredible skills. We ended our catchup by asking what keeps pushing her forward to achieve such success. “I love what I do,” she smiles, “and going to bed after reading a client’s email about how changed they feel, how moved they have been after sessions and how much better they are feeling and thanking me for working with them makes me want to reach more people.” With such a track record of success, we hope she keeps reaching people for many years to come. Company: Dr Emma Solomon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Name: Dr Emma Solomon Email: info@ Web Address: