Mental Health Awards 2023

Mental Health Awards 2023 ghpMental Health Awards 2023

Global Health & Pharma is happy to announce the GHP Mental Health Awards are returning for 2023! This innovative awards programme focuses on the firms and individuals who work within the Mental Health sector and reward them for their achievements. The Mental Health sector is one of the most important industries. We all understand how vital mental health support is and how it can truly change people’s lives for the better. Mental Health Awards 2023 Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. Supportive Space Counseling LLC: Mental Health Visionary of the Year 2023 (Northeast USA): Lindsay Scholz & Most Accessible Teen - Adult Mental Wellness Telehealth Service 2023 - New Jersey 6. Live Your Worth: Most Effective Mother-Daughter Relationship Therapy/Coaching (London): Yingli Wang 8. Be Happy Again: Best Anxiety & Depression Counsellor 2023 (Australia): Leon Skaliotis 9. LM Therapeutic Counselling Ltd: Most Supportive Counselling Services 2023 – Northern Ireland 10. Sleep Baby Bliss: Most Empowering Parent & Baby Support Provider 2023 – London 11. Susan J Braddock Counselling and Mental Wellbeing: Most Inspirational Integrative Counsellor and Trauma Specialist 2023 – Manchester 12. Desired Effects Coaching: Best Leadership Development Coaching & Training Enterprise 2023 - USA 13. Dandelion Therapy Services: Most Supportive Couples Counselling Service 2023 - South Wales 14. Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry: Best Boutique Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Practice 2023 - USA 15. Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC): Best Play Therapy Apprenticeship Specialists 2023 - UK 16. MINDiet Hungary LLC: Leading Provider of Holistic Health Programmes 2023 - Europe 17. Cryo Massage: Best Stress & Trauma Resolution Therapy Provider 2023 - North West England 18. Dr Emma Solomon Psychologist: Mental Health Psychologist of the Year 2023 (North West England)

4 consumers. SSCC ensures that all of its therapists are extensively trained in the provision of TMH services prior to beginning to provide services within the agency and provides extensive continuing education and certification opportunities for its active therapists and supervisors. This enables the ongoing fueling of New Jersey’s high demand for quality mental health care that is accessible, affordable, and top-of-the-line. SSCC employs a community-based approach, surveying the needs to areas across New Jersey to determine its latest group offerings in particular. If there is a demand to be met, SSCC can be relied on to follow through to provide that helping hand in need, no matter what the tide may bring for the state’s residents and their families. From online Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training groups for children, teens, and adults; yoga for emotional regulation and resiliency; and in-person walk and talk therapy; as well as online therapeutic book club groups, this agency offers it all. Licensed social workers, counselors, and psychologists are employed by SSCC and all work to serve the agency’s mission Supportive Space Counseling Center, LLC. (SSCC) emerged in early 2019 as the state of New Jersey’s first entirely online outpatient counseling center. Since then, the agency has been steadfast to its mission to expand access to high-quality mental health care for children, teens, adults, and families across the state, serving consumers from every single county to date. Working with individuals from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, Supportive Space Counseling Center likewise employs a diverse team of clinical staff specializing in the treatment of nearly any issue that is mental health or wellness related. The agency’s founder, Dr Lindsay Scholz cites, “Most frequently we have been seeing an influx in individuals who are facing newfound problems for the first time in their lives, and which mostly seem to have stemmed from the various facets of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With that, it is our mission to do absolutely all we can to meet the demand or uptick in the need for our services that the pandemic seems to in part have caused.” Dr Scholz has been a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in New Jersey and Nationally Board Certified in TeleMental Health (BC-TMH) for nearly a decade and has accumulated a wealth of experience during this time. Dr. Scholz has not only founded SSCC and serves as the agency’s clinical director, but continues striving to ensure the experience all consumers get through SSCC is a personalized one unlike any other agency out there – and it appears she is doing so exceptionally well. With an over 93% client retention rate consistently since its launch in 2019 and with consumer satisfaction scores truly off the charts, this agency is doing something more than just right; it is truly changing the industry for the better and for the consumer. Dr Scholz has worked in nearly every mental health setting one could imagine over her last near 10 years in this line of work and currently serves as an adjunct professor in the School of Applied and Behavioral Sciences at Mercy College in New York City. She also serves as a clinical supervisor in her work with students from varying nationally accredited counseling, social work, and psychology graduate programs across New Jersey. TMH is a field that is always rapidly changing, and while many providers have transitioned to providing online care due to the pandemic, not nearly all agencies or practices have the training and competency required to provide these services to the highest of standards, which can have a negative trickle-down effect impacting Mental Health Visionary of the Year 2023 (Northeast USA): Lindsay Scholz & Most Accessible Teen - Adult Mental Wellness Telehealth Service 2023 - New Jersey Supportive Space Counseling LLC.

GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 which, again, is putting consumers first. They are sure to retain some of the best talent as far as clinicians and therapists in the field by ensuring their compensation rates far suprass all other agenicies across their state. SSCC believes in not only helping mental health consumers but in helping helpers as well – something you again do not see often but that founder and sole owner, Dr. Lindsay Scholz is sure to put at the forefront of her agency’s mission. The agency also provides free and low-cost services to New Jersey residents through the use of its highly trained masters-level clinical counseling, social work, and psychology students. “This allows us to literally provide services to anyone in need across our state at no cost at all.” Dr. Scholz also shared that the agency reserves spots in all of its group offerings for consumers to attend at absolutely no cost to them on a scholarship basis. Now, 2023 brings much ahead for SSCC. The launching of its new substance abuse recovery program, and various alternative groups for children, teens, adults, and even families, across New Jersey will truly revolutionize access to the much-needed skills and care that residents have been in particular need of since the pandemic. Residents in need are encouraged to reach out via the agency’s website at Contact Details Company: Supportive Space Counseling LLC. Website: Phone: 908-313-9484 Email: [email protected]

6 greater sense of self-worth, and they are less likely to experience depression and anxiety later in life. In contrast, daughters who have strained or conflicted relationships with their mothers are at a higher risk of developing mental health issues. Despite the importance of this relationship, many mothers and daughters struggle to understand each other and communicate effectively, which can lead to hurt feelings, disappointment, and estrangement. This is where I can help. Coaching is particularly helpful when it comes to making decisions about relationships and repairing strained relationships. Research has shown that coaching can significantly improve relationship satisfaction and decrease relationship distress, particularly in cases where there has been a history of conflict or tension. In my coaching program, I provide a safe and compassionate space for daughters to experience their feelings and work through any unresolved issues that may have held them back. I offer a fresh perspective, help them overcome the fear of rejection, communicate more assertively and effectively, and guide them towards building a self-loving relationship with themselves, and stronger relationships with the people in their lives. The Coaching Process The coaching program has three main phases: 1) Developing Awareness 2) Reclaiming Your Needs 3) Strengthen Self-Identity. During the first awareness phase, I use a mother-daughter relationship history map to bring daughters’ attention to the generational pattern of women in their family and the underlying causes of their mother-daughter relationship conflict. This phase allows daughters to reflect on their past and present experiences with their mothers as well as recognize generational patterns and beliefs in their family, culture, and society. The second phase focuses on helping daughters work through their chronic guilt and distorted sense of responsibility, understand their attitudes towards their needs, and set healthier boundaries. By working through these issues, daughters are better prepared to express their emotions and communicate their needs effectively. The last phase is about helping daughters strengthen their self-identity, which includes speaking up for themselves, forgiving themselves and others, and making their own rules. Through this phase, daughters are empowered to create new, healthier relationship patterns that allow for stronger emotional connections. Here we hear from Yingli Wang from Live Your Worth as her services win a title in the Mental Health Awards 2023. From Strained to Strong: The Power of Mother-Daughter Relationship Coaching My Coaching Program As a mother-daughter relationship therapist and coach, I have dedicated my career to helping daughters navigate the complex and often challenging dynamics of their relationships with their mothers. With a background in both business and psychosynthesis counselling, I bring a unique perspective and skillset to my counselling and coaching service, providing holistic and compassionate support to my clients. My journey to becoming a mother-daughter relationship coach began with my own challenging relationship with my mother. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate your relationship with your mother, particularly when there are unresolved issues or past traumas involved. However, through my own personal journey of healing and growth, I came to understand the power of shifting our patterns and cultivating a healthy relationship that is not based on past traumas. This experience led me to become a mother-daughter relationship therapist and coach, so that I can help other women achieve the same level of healing, growth, and transformation. A hallmark of my approach to coaching is my expertise in a range of therapeutic modalities. These include the mother-daughter attachment model, family system, compassion-focused therapy, inner child and parts work, transpersonal psychology, Gestalt therapy, and more. By drawing on these various tools and techniques, I can provide a holistic and individualized approach to coaching that meets you where you are and helps you move forward in a positive and productive way. Whether you are looking to explore the optimal level of closeness and proximity between you and your mother, make a decision about staying or leaving, separate from your mother, repair a damaged relationship with your mother, or simply gain a deeper understanding of yourselves and your mother-daughter relationship dynamics, I offer multiple ways to help you achieve your desired goals. The Power of Mother-Daughter Relationship Coaching Studies have found that daughters who have close and supportive relationships with their mothers have better self-esteem and a Most Effective Mother-Daughter Relationship Therapy/Coaching (London): Yingli Wang

GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 The Core Values – Truth, Compassion, and Transformation My coaching approach is rooted in compassion, truth, and transformation. Compassion is at the heart of my coaching practice. Through the compassionate space that I hold, I help clients to develop self-compassion, which is essential for healing past wounds and nurturing a loving relationship with themselves and others. In my coaching program, truth is highly valued as it helps to uncover the underlying causes of conflict and promotes authentic communication between mothers and daughters. Finally, my coaching approach is focused on transformation. I believe that every person has the potential for growth and change, and my role is to help facilitate that process. Through my coaching programs, daughters will develop the skills and tools they need to transform their relationships with their mothers and create a more purposeful and meaningful life. Client Success Story Example: Walking Away from a Disempowering Relationship Sarah came to me feeling trapped in her relationship with her mother. Sarah had always felt that her mother was verbally and emotionally abusive towards her, constantly putting her down and making her feel worthless. Despite this, Sarah still felt guilty about wanting to distance herself from her mother, fearing that she was being selfish and ungrateful. Through our coaching sessions, I helped Sarah to identify and understand the dysfunctional co-dependent patterns in her relationship with her mother. We worked on setting healthy boundaries and building Sarah’s self-confidence. Eventually, Sarah felt empowered enough to make the difficult decision to walk away from the relationship. While this was a challenging and painful process, Sarah felt that it was the right decision for her. She was able to start focusing on her own needs and building a life for herself that was free from the constant put downs and negativity from her mother. Sarah felt more empowered to make decisions that were in her best interest, and ultimately made the decision to pursue a career change that had been on her mind for years. 2 Tips to Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship 1. Recognize and work on the “Guilty Rescuer” personality: Many daughters feel responsible for their mother’s well-being and put their own needs aside to take care of their mother due to an unexplainable sense of guilt. If you want to develop healthier relationships with your mother and others, you need to examine the sources of your guilt and your understanding of responsibility and rebuild your internal responsibility map. 2. Allow yourself to feel your emotions: It’s not uncommon for daughters to suppress anger and sadness when their relationship with their mothers is strained, as they may be uncomfortable or painful to feel. However, acknowledging and feeling your emotions is an essential step in healing. Frequently Asked Questions How long do sessions last? Each online coaching session lasts 75 minutes. To maximize the benefit of the coaching program, daughters are encouraged to attend weekly sessions for the first 3 weeks. After that, they can attend sessions bi-weekly so they have more time to assimilate what we have discussed and complete homework. How your mother-daughter coaching program differs from counselling sessions? My mother-daughter coaching program takes a structured approach to addressing specific mother-daughter relationship issues, using a goal-oriented methodology. In contrast, counselling covers a wider range of issues such as mental health, trauma, and general life stresses. I also use specialized techniques such as motherdaughter relationship attachment models and mapping, which are not utilized in counselling sessions. What can I achieve through this coaching program? The mother-daughter coaching program aims to help daughters achieve a range of positive outcomes. By working together, we can identify and explore the root causes of any conflict or tension in your relationship with your mother. From there, we’ll work on developing ways to help you reclaim your authentic voice and set healthy boundaries. Over time, you can expect to see improvements in your overall sense of emotional empowerment and wellbeing, as well as a positive shift in the old patterns that may have been holding you back. Conclusion My mother-daughter coaching program is designed to help daughters improve their relationship with their mothers and themselves. I hope every daughter leaves our sessions feeling improved and empowered across six key areas of 1) Emotional support; 2) Self-respect; 3) Communication; 4) Unconditional selflove; 5) Consistency; 6) Sense of belonging and safety. If you are interested in learning more about my coaching services or would like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact me via [email protected]. I look forward to helping you on your journey towards a healthier mother-daughter relationship. Contact: Yingli Wang Company: Live Your Worth Web Address:

8 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Mar23067 Best Anxiety & Depression Counsellor 2023 (Australia): Leon Skaliotis Be Happy Again is a private counselling practice owned and operated by Leon Skaliotis, who specialises in treating anxiety and depression. He is the recipient of the Global Health and Pharma “Best Anxiety and Depression Counsellor - (Australia) 2023” award, which follows from his “Most Compassionate Anxiety & Depression Management Specialist – Melbourne 2022” award. Leon Skaliotis provides a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology adapted to individual clients’ needs. Leon is dedicated to providing quality service and care for all his clients. He understands everyone is unique, so his tailored approach ensures a compassionate and solution-focused experience. Leon works with adults of all ages and backgrounds, from those who have recently experienced a challenging life event to those with long-term mental health issues. Through the use of Zoom, Leon sees his clients right across Australia and overseas. There are several goals for each client. First, it is to reduce the severity of their symptoms by helping them to learn strategies to manage their current symptoms and problems more effectively. The next goal is to learn how to become better at managing and solving their problems in the future. Finally, the focus is on teaching them how to lead healthier and happier lives. Apart from his many years of counselling experience, Leon has lived experiences of anxiety and depression. “I had extreme symptoms for over fifteen years. Fortunately, those days are long past, but I will never forget the suffering my illness caused for my family and me. This drives me to do everything I can to help my clients recover as soon as possible and to learn how to stay healthy”. Leon selects appropriate techniques that will further his clients’ treatment goals. Additionally, clients are taught how to use selfreporting inventories to monitor their progress. Leon says it’s essential that each client develops a tool bag of effective strategies to use whenever they are challenged in the future. But something else also contributes to his clients’ excellent outcomes. “ My clients know I get them very quickly because I have been in the dark places where anxiety and depression will take you if left untreated. This helps me to develop a deep, non-judgemental connection with a high level of trust. I also work hard at taking good care of myself by practising what I preach. I’m also open about sharing my own mistakes. So, my clients know I’m not perfect, I can laugh at myself, but I also take responsibility and work hard at being disciplined with my self-care.” Developing video conferencing technologies is a significant innovation; however, Leon wasn’t an early adopter. “ I came from a traditional background of counselling which meant “in the same room at the same time” and believed that therapeutic outcomes would be lower with remote counselling. This is the problem with unsupported opinions,” he says. However, forced to adopt video conferencing during the Pandemic to provide continued support, Leon discovered something quite surprising - “I noticed that my clients were recovering faster. Three years on, I see this consistently.” With this evidence, Leon has transitioned to an all Zoom-based counselling service. Leon’s practice has grown exponentially over the past few years because of his reputation for providing quality service and care. He now reaches clients across Australia, which is especially helpful to people living in more remote regions, and also treats clients living abroad. Reflecting on his recovery, Leon says, “first, it was the incredible support of my family, and then it was hundreds of small things put together that made a big difference for me. That’s why I continue to read broadly on mental health and happiness because what I read today could be the best thing my next client needs to break free and recover”. According to Leon, education is crucial for preventing and treating anxiety and depression. To that end, he will take his message and core strategies across Australia, focusing on regional towns early next year. “ When people have the right tools, they can become their own counsellor”, he says. Leon’s passion and dedication to helping his clients are evident from the first contact. “It’s my calling”, he says. “I believe strongly in the power of each person’s resilience and ability to influence their mental well-being positively, and I am blessed to be part of many people’s journeys.” The future looks bright for this dedicated counsellor and his mission to help those with anxiety and depression. With Leon’s help, there is hope that many more will Be Happy Again. If you would like to contact Leon Skaliotis direct, his details are as follows: Be Happy Again [email protected] 61 +(0)414 020 090

9 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 he Founder, Louisa McMenemy, was in a serious accident when she was a child in 1990. It left her with injuries that are classed as a disability, and her own lived struggles led her to devote the last 16 years to work in voluntary and full time roles within the counselling and criminal justice areas for both adults and young people. Louisa has been able to build services that make clients feel safe and supported, which is exactly why LM Therapeutic Counselling Ltd has been awarded with Most Supportive Counselling Services 2023 – Northern Ireland. Louisa shares, “I feel that my own experience has given me the opportunity to understand the problems faced by clients and the vulnerable groups in our communities, from childhood to adulthood. These individuals’ lives could be positively altered with the right support – to allow and encourage cognitive development and the capacity to understand and regulate their own emotions, becoming proud of who they are.” LM Therapeutic Counselling provides its services face to face for those in The Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon, and surrounding areas, but it also carries out sessions through zoom or by telephone. The sessions are tailored to fit the clients’ needs to best support them. It offers person-centred counselling, where clients are guided to understand and come to terms with negative thoughts and feelings around their trauma and more. By using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, it focuses on the clients’ negative beliefs about themselves and the world, and it works to incorporate new, positive ways of thinking to alter the self-defeating and/or irrational beliefs. LM Therapeutic Counselling offers a variety of support groups, which include suicide bereavement groups, men’s support groups, loss through Covid-19 support groups, walk and talk, monthly get-togethers, flower arranging, laughing yoga, mindfulness, cake decorating, fitness nights, art and design, and more. Some groups run once a month throughout the summer, while others such as men’s support group runs once a week for 6 to 8 weeks when enough funding is available. In addition, LM Therapeutic Counselling also uses mindfulness and Reiki for those open to it and is looking to expand its services to offer animal support therapy and other approaches of a similar kind. It carries out training such as self-harm and suicide awareness, positive mental health, self-esteem, the impact of drug misuse, anger-management, basic essential skills training, and others. These have been created with the aim to spread awareness and break away stigma while also helping those who struggle. Louisa is aware that there are critical points where people feel they have no one to rely on for support, and it is then when they need it most. This is why she felt that it was important for LM Therapeutic Counselling to provide people with quick access to counselling – within 48 hours and no waiting lists. It has a crisis support mobile number which is available Monday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm for individuals that may need someone to talk to. If you or someone you know is struggling, phone 07756507931 – LM Therapeutic Counselling is a safe space to be. Contact: Louisa McMenemy Company: LM Therapeutic Counselling Ltd Web Address: T Feb23490 Most Supportive Counselling Services 2023 – Northern Ireland LM Therapeutic Counselling Ltd has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field. It offers a variety of services that include children’s counselling, group therapy, abuse counselling, relationship counselling, psychosexual therapy, and addictive tendencies. We explore its services as it wins a title in the Mental Health Awards 2023.

10 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Becoming a parent shakes away any routine or approach to life that ever worked before, so finding your feet in the first few weeks can be very overwhelming. Therefore, Pascale Rochefeuille founded Sleep Baby Bliss, which provides parents with knowledge and skills that can help them take good care of themselves and their baby - during pregnancy and after. Most Empowering Parent & Baby Support Provider 2023 – London leep Baby Bliss has an office in Central London where its team welcomes clients that prefer a face-to-face appointment. But, for those who aren’t local or simply prefer to stay in the comfort of their home, most of its services are also available online. It offers pre and postnatal support, newborn care for single or multiple babies, advice on baby and toddler behaviour management, sleep consultations, development baby massage, and much more. Sleep Baby Bliss uses a holistic approach that is guided by Montessori principles, a growth mindset, and other child-centred approaches. No baby or family is the same, which is why it begins by understanding each client’s unique circumstances and requirements. It then creates one to one solutions of focused coaching, gentle sleep, and courses/classes that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each family. This helps them make informed and confident decisions about pregnancy and their future choices throughout life as a family. It is also always considering the baby’s mental wellbeing and physical health. The right support network can make a huge impact to how firsttime parents find the transition into parenthood. Reaching out for help from trusted experts that provide effective results is incredibly beneficial and can make a world of difference for families. Sleep Baby Bliss has been recognised as the Most Empowering Parent & Baby Support Provider 2023 – London. It is able to provide its clients with information that can improve their own wellbeing, and their children’s, through its tailored approach. When it comes to postnatal depression and baby blues, it is a very difficult time for mothers and farthers and there is a lot of shame that they may carry – which turns them away from reaching out for help. However, the team at Sleep Baby Bliss understands what they are going through, and they offer a safe place with no judgment to seek advice and guidance to get through it. Because one thing it is sure of is that there is an end to that internal battle, and they don’t need to suffer in silence. Sleep Baby Bliss wants its services to be accessible to as many people as possible because it believes in the great results it can bring to families struggling to get their head around parenting and the dos and don’ts. Whether it is courses, events, or mentoring it makes everything as affordable as possible to give people a chance to reap the benefits of its approach. We are pleased to be highlighting Sleep Baby Bliss’ services again this year, after Pascale Rochefeuille won Best Youth Mental Health First Aider (London) in the Mental Health Awards 2022. Congratulations Sleep Baby Bliss. Contact: Pascale Rochefeuille Company: Sleep Baby Bliss Web Address: S Mar23006

11 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Susan J Braddock Counselling and Mental Wellbeing is an independent practitioner that specialises in EMDR therapy. With 20 years of experience, which includes over 10 years working in the NHS, Susan has provided her services to a variety of people in different settings. This means that she has the necessary experience to help her clients thrive again, no matter what they may be struggling with. Trauma can have a detrimental effect on one’s mental health, especially if this is not processed carefully. Unprocessed memories can be fragmented resulting in intrusive thoughts and intense emotions which can be distressing causing the sensation of being on edge. Unprocessed memories can feel like living in survival mode and left untreated can lead to mental ill health. Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing simply uses the body’s own ability for healing using bilateral stimulation, usually in the form of eye movements. With the help of a professional, these unprocessed memories are corrected so that the distress associated with them loses its intensity. This can help to overcome the past and stop it from negatively affecting the present and future. Opening up about mental health can be daunting and not something that always comes naturally, which is why Susan believes it is important to provide people with a safe space to do so. Her services are available either face to face or online, and clients can choose which format they feel most comfortable with. A problem shared is a problem halved, so reaching out for help can bring a world of difference to one’s quality of life. The approaches that Susan uses to support her clients vary between brief therapy, CBT, cognitive, EMDR, integrative, personcentred, and relational. Given that each person is different, Susan tailors the therapy to best support her clients. Whether it is an individual or a group, she can help with abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, disability, health related issues, identity issues, infertility, loss, men’s issues, post-traumatic stress, pregnancy related issues, redundancy, relationships, self-esteem, self-harm, spirituality, women’s issues, work related issues, and more. In addition, Susan provides courses that can be beneficial for individuals, groups, and employers. One is the Public Health England Mental Health First Aid Course which is designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental illness and provides help on a first aid basis. She also offers the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses which provide the opportunity to explore how mindfulness can help reduce stress. The trauma and stress experienced by a lot of people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the need for mental health services has increased. Susan plays a valuable role in society as she supports those that are experiencing difficulties that not everyone understands, including those living with them. She has recently been recognised for her incredible work as she is able to help people through one of the hardest battles of all, Susan J Braddock Counselling and Mental Wellbeing now holds the title for Most Inspirational Integrative Counsellor and Trauma Specialist 2023 – Manchester. To make use of her life changing services, you can reach out on [email protected] Contact: Susan Braddock Company: Susan J Braddock Counselling and Mental Wellbeing Web Address: Most Inspirational Integrative Counsellor and Trauma Specialist 2023 – Manchester Feb23570

12 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Founded in late 2019 by Desiree Musselman, Desired Effects Coaching provides leadership development coaching and training that aims to help new and mid-level managers take their team to the next level.Working with clients in a range of industries, the company’s goal is to support leaders in developing the mindset and skills they need to enhance the performance of their team and develop a positive internal culture. No matter their industry, every leader wants to foster a team that produces great results. This means that when results are lacking, the process of working out what’s holding them back is crucial but can be frustrating for managers. For a team to perform at its best, all individuals should be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively tackle a variety of challenges, and leaders must work continuously to help them develop this skillset. Furthermore, a strong team culture plays a significant role in enabling individuals to fully utilise their abilities. For this, team members must be mentally fit, have a positive mindset, and be equipped with the ability to bounce back from challenges and help colleagues do the same. Leadership training and coaching can equip managers with the tools they need to create a positive work environment, ultimately unlocking their team’s full potential. For a new manager, having a leadership coach is essential. Great leaders are not born with all the skills they need to effectively lead a high performing team, instead they are trained and moulded to help their team excel. Businesses should consider hiring a leadership coach for any staff members who are soon stepping up into a managerial role. Desiree Musselman, Founder of Desired Effects Coaching, is a certified coach and professional trainer who specialises in helping managers grow their leadership skills to transform their business from good to great. Throughout her career, she has led seven multi-million-dollar businesses, doubling their profits within months of stepping into a leadership role. In her experience as a manager, Desiree worked hard to overcome the struggle of connecting with her team while maintaining the presence and influence of a leader. The process of learning and developing in these positions enlightened her to the importance of emotional intelligence and psychological understanding in providing great leadership. This is why Desired Effects Coaching uses neuroscience, positive intelligence, and coaching foundations to teach clients how to effectively support themselves and their team. By educating clients about the importance of holding people accountable, having difficult conversations, and setting boundaries for themselves and others, Desired Effects Coaching enables clients to have an impact in the workplace while authentically being themselves. Offering a range of services, Desired Effects Coaching sets its clients up for success. The company develops custom leadership training programmes designed to help leadership teams transform employee engagement while maintaining the values and mission of their business. These programmes train leaders on everything from emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to time management and boosting employee motivation. Desired Effects Coaching also offers various surveys from beginning to end of the coaching process, accurately providing measurements of improvement. For example, the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) can be given at the start of the coaching process and then repeated as a regular followup to provide tangible evidence of the benefits of leadership coaching. The ELI is an attitudinal assessment that measures how individuals perceive and approach their work and life, giving leaders an insight into their own attitudes so they can work to reshape them in the future. With online mental health and coaching companies increasing in number, many more people have been reaching out for support. While this is a positive development, Desired Effects Coaching has noticed that many of these emerging companies claim to provide a set plan that will work for everyone. Rather than designing its programmes to bring clients back again and again to increase business, Desired Effects Coaching provides customised coaching engagements to help clients build the tools they need to succeed for years to come. The company strives to continuously improve its services to ensure this is always the case. To do this, it uses feedback surveys to examine clients’ experiences and identify areas for improvement. As a result of its customised coaching programmes that are designed to have long term benefits for new leaders and their teams, Desired Effects Coaching has won Best Leadership Development Coaching and Training Enterprise, USA, in the Mental Health Awards 2023. Moving forwards, Desiree Musselman is working on a new scholarship scheme which will allow people to nominate new leaders to take part in the company’s 8-week Positive Intelligence programme. This scheme will launch in late 2023. Contact: Desiree Musselman Company: Desired Effects Coaching Web Address: Best Leadership Development Coaching & Training Enterprise 2023 - USA Feb23649

13 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 DandelionTherapy Services was founded by BeckyWilliams with the purpose of supporting people when they need it most. Clients can choose for their sessions to be face to face, while on a walk, and/or remotely through phone, Zoom, or Facetime. We take a look at the company’s services since its recent recognition in the Mental Health Awards 2023. Most Supportive Couples Counselling Service 2023 - South Wales andelion Therapy offers short and long-term private therapy, as well as couples counselling. Clients usually reach out for its services, due to depression, stress and anxiety, relationship problems, and sexual issues. No matter what you may be struggling with the team at Dandelion Therapy is here to help you get through it. Thanks to its flexible approach, it is able to accommodate to its clients needs, making its services available to all. The team at Dandelion Therapy provide clients with a nonjudgmental, supportive atmosphere. What is discussed in the session stays confidential, so it is a safe space to open up and speak on things you fear others may judge you on. Dandelion Therapy focuses on improving its clients’ quality of life, giving them the tools needed to thrive instead of just surviving. Specifically to its couples counselling, Dandelion Therapy has recently received an award for the Most Supportive Couples Counselling Service 2023 - South Wales. Its services help couples to improve communication and manage or reconcile disagreements, conflict, or cycles of distress. In some cases, in these sessions, it is unearthed that one or both people may be struggling with their mental health. Dandelion Therapy is able to help its clients work through it, enabling them to thrive individually and within their relationship. Contact: Becky Williams Company: Dandelion Therapy Services Web Address: D Mar23407

14 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 With crowded waiting rooms and long waitlists, traditional mental health services can be impractical for people of a certain status and lifestyle. Concierge Psychology offers VIP concierge counselling and coaching to the most elite members of society, providing them with personalised, flexible, and convenient care. With no waiting room and no insurance records, patients can trust that their privacy will not be violated. Clients are invited to attend appointments at one of the company’s boutique offices or arrange a telehealth appointment to receive support in the comfort of their home. Best Boutique Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Practice 2023 - USA oncierge therapy and counselling are mental health services which are intentionally offered on a small scale, allowing therapists to offer individualised care. Concierge therapists use the same science-based, proven methods of treatment as traditional therapists, but they are administered in a much more flexible, unstructured, and customised way, tailored to the needs of the client. These services are for people who are willing to choose not to rely on insurance in exchange for the luxury of on-call support. Through this, concierge therapists are able to utilise an integrative approach to psychotherapy, which is not always possible when restricted by the confines of traditional therapy. Founded in 2012, Concierge Psychology is dedicated to providing excellent mental health services in a relaxing environment, allowing clients to focus on their personal goals, needs, and happiness. The company’s services include cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, traumafocused treatment, exposure therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, life coaching, as well as executive and business coaching. Concierge Psychology’s experienced psychologists are well-equipped to help with relationship issues, major life changes, general stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, victimisation, anxiety, social phobia, excessive worry, motivation, emotional dysregulation, bipolar disorder, depression, and severe and persistent mental illness. Patients are welcome to book an in-person appointment at the company’s boutique offices or receive support in the comfort of their own home by utilising the convenient telehealth services. People are often healing from challenging times in their lives when they seek therapy, and it is not always easy for them to reach out for the help they need. This is why Concierge Psychology aims to make clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the healing process, providing them with a superb therapy experience. CEO and Founder of Concierge Psychology, Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei is a board-certified clinical psychologist who has helped clients from all walks of life cope with complex psychological and emotional issues. She has worked in a number of diverse treatment settings, including adolescent treatment centres, community mental health facilities, substance-abuse treatment, crisis services, in-patient care, and more. In these settings, she gained extensive experience providing individual therapy, group therapy, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, family therapy, and couples counselling. In 2012, Dr. Johnson Osei realised the need for discreet mental health services aimed at those whose lifestyle may prevent them from accessing traditional mental health services. As a result, she founded Concierge Psychology with the goal of helping people become the best version of themselves, striving to help them achieve their personal therapy goals in a setting where they can trust that their privacy will be respected. Today, Dr. Johnson Osei works alongside highly qualified psychologists Dr. Priya Pandit, Dr. Warren Jackson, Dr. Tara Pasha, and Dr. Tania Diaz, who all provide support and interventions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Concierge Psychology is perfect for anyone looking for insightful, empathetic, and flexible support that suits the lives of busy professionals and high-profile personnel. As a result of its outstanding services, the company has won Best Boutique Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Practice, USA, in the Mental Health Awards 2023. The company continues to help clients work through difficult mental and emotional issues in a welcoming environment, changing lives by making support accessible for people who cannot comfortably seek traditional therapy. Contact: Rebecca Osei Company: Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry Web Address: C Mar23218

15 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Based in East Sussex, Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) was founded in 1998 to teach play therapy across the UK, Ireland, and internationally and support child mental health and emotional wellbeing. We take a closer look at the company and its approach. For generations, mental health was not widely spoken about, which has led people to not know how to understand or cope with their emotions. Given that how we feel has a direct effect on how we show up to the world, not having the right tools to manage emotions can have an impact on one’s quality of life. Emotions can’t be avoided, and it can be extremely overwhelming as a child to experience big feelings without knowing how to ask for help. This is why play therapy is a great approach to help children understand and express their thoughts and feelings. It helps them communicate what they are experiencing at their own level, which allows them to develop an understanding of their wellbeing at the early stages of their life. The company also provides upcoming professionals with the Level 7 Play Therapy apprenticeship qualification with an approach to learning that is wholesome and tailored to each individual. The APAC programme includes theoretical and experimental learning, training and qualifying professionals to work therapeutically with children Best Play Therapy Apprenticeship Specialists 2023 - UK Feb23300 from the ages of four to 13. Play therapy is able to help those who have low to severe learning difficulties, too. The team of professionals that carry out the sessions provide apprentices with the foundation that they need to deliver mental health and wellbeing support to children. A large amount of clinical research has shown that those who have successfully completed APAC’s Play Therapy programme have been able to obtain significant results with children that have not been seen with other training programmes. APAC’s teaching team have monthly training to develop their knowledge and skills to ensure the quality of the programme is of a high standard. The company has created a culture where everyone is heard and supported, which is then reflected on the team’s delivery of the programme. They are able to reach their full potential within their role while also achieving their personal goals. In addition, APAC prioritises the mental health of its team which is why it has Mental Health First Aiders available for all employees. We at GHP magazine are delighted to see Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy become the largest and most experienced play therapy training organisation, thanks to its team’s dedicated time and effort into making mental health support available for the youngest in our society. Thus, the company has been deservingly bestowed with the title of Best Play Therapy Apprenticeship Specialists 2023 – UK. For more information, call on 01825 761143 or email [email protected]. Contact: Adam Baldock Company: Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) Web Address:

16 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 MINDiet offers state-of-the-art awardwinning holistic health programmes, for which it has recently received the award for Leading Provider of Holistic Health Programmes 2023 – Europe. The team at MINDiet works with individuals that need to change their lifestyle for the sake of their health and quality of life. Losing physic balance has a negative effect on people’s mind and body. Over time the body begins to show signs of a health decline, and in severe cases people suffer from consequent illnesses. As a result, their mental health is affected and it can seem like a neverending battle, but it isn’t – it can get better. That is where MINDiet comes in with the aim to restore health and build a successful and long-term sustainable lifestyle for its clients to perform better and to thrive again. MINDiet uses recent advancements of behavioural science to provide each client with the right tools to bring forward life changing results. Its programme designed to achieve results in 4-9 months, depending on the initial medical results. Regardless, they are only expected to complete 1-2 hours of activity per week, and the team works closely with all clients to guide them adjust into healthy living. MINDiet’s Director of R&D, Roland Kasek shares, “Besides the obvious medical improvements, clients more than often report higher decisional awareness, increased overall motivation and realistic pacing of health-goals, personal success and internalized self-acknowledgment, improved coping and solution-focus, improved self-esteem and self-acceptance.” In the last nine years, MINDiet has researched and developed its own working models and frameworks, diagnostic process, and triage system to continuously monitor the physiological and psychological factors of all clients. Access to data such as lab results, blood pressure, body composition, and metabolic age in real time allows the team at MINDiet to adjust their clients’ health behaviours throughout the programme. This means clients will be guided in a journey that is tailored personally to ensure that they are on the right path towards reaching their goals and maintaining their health. When the changes in lifestyle have been implemented for long enough, the body quickly starts to show signs of improvement. Emese adds, “Clients’ medical report indicates reduced inflammation, normalised blood pressure, improved metabolism, improved sleep, high compliance and adherence to – and often consequent cessation on their own doctor’s orders of – medication by the end of the programs.” MINDiet has been able to succeed in restoring clients’ health and develop their lifestyle thanks to its approach. The mind is a powerful tool, and MINDiet is able to show clients how capable they were to begin with. You could just be a decision away from changing your life – To find out more, check out MINDiet’s website and get in touch! Contact: Roland Kasek - Director of R&D Company: MINDiet Web Address: Leading Provider of Holistic Health Programmes 2023 - Europe Mar23371 Team MINDiet – Réka, Roland and Emese – at ICT Global, 2023 “People find themselves in these adverse situations due to media influence and habits chosen years prior without knowing what disease it could lead to. The team at MINDiet provides clients with another chance at building a healthy life that they are motivated and excited to wake up to”, says Ré ka.