Mental Health Awards 2023

12 GHP Mental Health Awards 2023 Founded in late 2019 by Desiree Musselman, Desired Effects Coaching provides leadership development coaching and training that aims to help new and mid-level managers take their team to the next level.Working with clients in a range of industries, the company’s goal is to support leaders in developing the mindset and skills they need to enhance the performance of their team and develop a positive internal culture. No matter their industry, every leader wants to foster a team that produces great results. This means that when results are lacking, the process of working out what’s holding them back is crucial but can be frustrating for managers. For a team to perform at its best, all individuals should be equipped with the necessary skills to effectively tackle a variety of challenges, and leaders must work continuously to help them develop this skillset. Furthermore, a strong team culture plays a significant role in enabling individuals to fully utilise their abilities. For this, team members must be mentally fit, have a positive mindset, and be equipped with the ability to bounce back from challenges and help colleagues do the same. Leadership training and coaching can equip managers with the tools they need to create a positive work environment, ultimately unlocking their team’s full potential. For a new manager, having a leadership coach is essential. Great leaders are not born with all the skills they need to effectively lead a high performing team, instead they are trained and moulded to help their team excel. Businesses should consider hiring a leadership coach for any staff members who are soon stepping up into a managerial role. Desiree Musselman, Founder of Desired Effects Coaching, is a certified coach and professional trainer who specialises in helping managers grow their leadership skills to transform their business from good to great. Throughout her career, she has led seven multi-million-dollar businesses, doubling their profits within months of stepping into a leadership role. In her experience as a manager, Desiree worked hard to overcome the struggle of connecting with her team while maintaining the presence and influence of a leader. The process of learning and developing in these positions enlightened her to the importance of emotional intelligence and psychological understanding in providing great leadership. This is why Desired Effects Coaching uses neuroscience, positive intelligence, and coaching foundations to teach clients how to effectively support themselves and their team. By educating clients about the importance of holding people accountable, having difficult conversations, and setting boundaries for themselves and others, Desired Effects Coaching enables clients to have an impact in the workplace while authentically being themselves. Offering a range of services, Desired Effects Coaching sets its clients up for success. The company develops custom leadership training programmes designed to help leadership teams transform employee engagement while maintaining the values and mission of their business. These programmes train leaders on everything from emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to time management and boosting employee motivation. Desired Effects Coaching also offers various surveys from beginning to end of the coaching process, accurately providing measurements of improvement. For example, the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) can be given at the start of the coaching process and then repeated as a regular followup to provide tangible evidence of the benefits of leadership coaching. The ELI is an attitudinal assessment that measures how individuals perceive and approach their work and life, giving leaders an insight into their own attitudes so they can work to reshape them in the future. With online mental health and coaching companies increasing in number, many more people have been reaching out for support. While this is a positive development, Desired Effects Coaching has noticed that many of these emerging companies claim to provide a set plan that will work for everyone. Rather than designing its programmes to bring clients back again and again to increase business, Desired Effects Coaching provides customised coaching engagements to help clients build the tools they need to succeed for years to come. The company strives to continuously improve its services to ensure this is always the case. To do this, it uses feedback surveys to examine clients’ experiences and identify areas for improvement. As a result of its customised coaching programmes that are designed to have long term benefits for new leaders and their teams, Desired Effects Coaching has won Best Leadership Development Coaching and Training Enterprise, USA, in the Mental Health Awards 2023. Moving forwards, Desiree Musselman is working on a new scholarship scheme which will allow people to nominate new leaders to take part in the company’s 8-week Positive Intelligence programme. This scheme will launch in late 2023. Contact: Desiree Musselman Company: Desired Effects Coaching Web Address: Best Leadership Development Coaching & Training Enterprise 2023 - USA Feb23649