Mental Health Awards 2024

Mental Health Awards 2024

Welcome to the GHP Mental Health Awards 2024, a pioneering platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in the realm of mental health. Mental Health Awards 2024 Welcome to the GHP Mental Health Awards 2024, a pioneering platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in the realm of mental health. In a world where the importance of mental wellbeing is increasingly acknowledged, we stand as a beacon, honouring individuals and organizations that have made significant strides in advancing mental health awareness, support, and understanding. The GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 is more than just an awards programme; it is a testament to the collective commitment to fostering a healthier, more compassionate society. Global Health & Pharma believes wholeheartedly in the value of shining a spotlight on those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and impact in this critical field. Join us in applauding the champions of mental health care, as we showcase their remarkable contributions and inspire others to embark on their own journeys towards a mentally resilient and empathetic world. Global Health & Pharma hopes to help break the stigma, celebrate progress, and build a future where mental health is prioritized and championed. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. DO Well : Holistic Wellness & Transformation Pioneer of the Year 2024 North America & Excellence Award in Stress Management 2024 - North America 6. Dr KS Training and Hypnot herapy Sdn. Bhd.: Most Innovative Mental Health Hypnotherapist 2024 (South East Asia): Dr Tan Kok Siang 8. RISE Analysis International: Best Crisis Management Solutions 2024 - Europe 10. Emerge Care and Therapeutic Solutions / Excel Residential Care / Thrive Therapeutic Services : Individual & Group Therapy Expert of the Year 2024 (West Midlands): Ian Scragg 12. Head Agenda Limited : Best Face-to-Face & Online Psychotherapy Provider 2024 – UK & GHP Mental Health Champion Award 2024 13. The MH Academy : Best Stress & Trauma-Related Disorder Education & Training Provider 2024 - Europe 14. Terrence the Teacher Limited : Most Impactful Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme 2024 (UK): The Brain Edit 15. R.G. Hypnotherapy : Most Client-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist 2024 (Australia): Renay Gramberg 16. The Sanctuary of Ananda : Best Holistic Relationship & Spirituality Coach 2024 (Australia): Catherine Wood 17. The Blue Tree Clinic : Most Caring Mental Healthcare Boutique 2024 - UK 18. The London Neurocognitive Clinic : Neuropsychological Healthcare Clinic of the Year 2024 - South East England 19. Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd : Most Trusted Children’s Occupational Therapy Provider 2024 - East of England 20. Be Happy Again : Best Anxiety & Depression Counsellor 2024 (Australia): Leon Skaliotis 21. McPherson Clinical & Consulting Services : Best Inclusive Mental Health Service 2024 - Northeast USA & GHP Client Service Excellence Award 2024 22. Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry : Psychotherapy & Life Coach Practice of the Year 2024 - USA 23. Desired Effects Coaching : Leadership Coaching & Training Enterprise of the Year 2024 - USA

4 Freeing people from the shackles of emotional and physical clutter, Ontario’s DO Well acts as a transformative force in the lives of those seeking to declutter both their spaces and their minds. Since its founding more than eight years ago, this pioneer has single-handedly spurred the revolution for an individualised approach to productivity and wellbeing, leveraging the relentless power of holistic decluttering to unburden clients in every sense of the word. With a careful blend of science, empathy, and real-life stories, individuals working with DO Well can clear their spaces while overcoming stress and trauma. Co-Founder and President Valerie Huard is on hand for more. DO Well affords its clients a number of excellent products and services that can be tailored to their diverse needs, helping them to overcome whatever their personal issues may be. From one-to-one coaching sessions through to workshops that make the most of their best-selling Put That Stuff Down series of books, Valerie and fellow Co-Founder/Author Jean-Michel Tetreault guarantee that everything provided is done so to demonstrably empower people as they set out on their mental clarity and wellbeing journeys. This is demonstrated perfectly through the Doers Academy, an online programme guiding people through the decluttering process while putting them in touch with a community of like-minded individuals. Having directly changed more than 1500 lives and influenced in excess of 35,000 more, DO Well is responsible for starting a movement in nurturing space, mind, body, and soul, with its portfolio spanning the likes of career-driven businesspeople through to humble families and everything else in between. Valerie beams, “testimonials from clients often highlight not just the liberation from clutter but a profound transformation in their outlook on life, improved relationships, and newfound resilience and purpose.” At the heart of this is the aforementioned emphasis placed on community spirit, so that people can share their challenges and victories, whether this be in person or online. While their work under the DO Well banner has received numerous accolades and they have written two best-selling books, it is not the acclaim that drives Valerie and Jean-Michel forward. Rather, there is an unstoppable force in both of them to help people live their best lives. This similarly extends to the individuals that comprise DO Well’s team of experts, all of whom have a background in such fields as organisational science, wellness coaching, and community building – in some cases eliminating clinical therapy, or in other cases working in collaboration with clinical therapy and accelerating the good changes. It is Valerie’s occupational therapy background that truly underpins the business’ methods, and as she tells us, “working in the vital sector of improving mental wellbeing through decluttering and organisation, we are deeply committed to ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of effectiveness, innovation, and empathy.” To ensure that this is the case, the multifaceted means employed by the business span avenues such as consulting with industry-leading researchers and scientists, refining old techniques and developing new ones, participating proactively in discussions within the wellness community, and using client feedback to drive further groundbreaking solutions. “Our approach is both scientifically informed and deeply human, reflecting our commitment to providing the very best service in this vital sector.” As the industry continues to evolve around it, DO Well makes sure that it closely follows any developments that impact its work, adapting and creating to manage the changing needs of its client base with maximum impact. Coming off of the pandemic four years ago, there is a newfound emphasis on the importance of mental health in this space, and as a response to this demand, Valerie and her team can now cater to individuals of this criteria flawlessly. Yet another example of how DO Well continues to streamline its services is its integration of elements of vagal nerve theory, something that involves enhancing responses to emotion and stress through the stimulating of positive responses relating to this nerve. Of course, there are a plethora of other factors affecting the lives of its customer base today, and elements prioritised by DO Well akin to this include managing the shift to remote/hybrid patterns of working and addressing concerns regarding the environmental and political events that dominate headlines. For Valerie, “by staying responsive to the changing landscape, we aim to provide our clients with the most effective, empowering, and innovative support possible, ensuring they have the tools and resilience to navigate life’s complexities.” Regardless of the exact methods used by the business, things all boil down to this same common theme. Clutter. Exploring further the ways that clutter impacts our lives, Valerie states, “the presence of clutter can hinder one’s ability to focus, induce anxiety, and even affect sleep quality.” By viewing clutter as an obstacle to securing true wellbeing, carrying out the necessary work regarding this to measurably improve one’s quality of life, and adopting its famed proactive approach to decluttering on all levels, DO Well’s clients can focus on what truly matters in life, namely their personal growth and overall happiness. Instrumental in helping DO Well to achieve this has been the fostering of an internal culture that is built on the principles of empathy, wellness, and undergoing continuous learning. Holistic Wellness & Transformation Pioneer of the Year 2024 - North America & Excellence Award in Stress Management 2024 - North America DO Well

GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 By taking vital steps such as training all of its team in the fundamentals of mental health, possessing an internal system that recognises mental health fatigue and recovery, and putting its holistic wellness process in action concerning its own employees, DO Well has succeeded in crafting a business environment that prioritises the needs of both clients and its own staff in equal measure. This universal approach to wellness that is on display across the board fortifies the business and its employees as supportive, empathetic, and highly effective when it comes to performing their duty. The results of this benefit everybody, from the team’s fellow staff members, to clients, and even the wider community. “In the journey toward decluttering and wellbeing, DO Well is not just a guide but a companion, championing a world where everyone has the space, freedom, and clarity to truly excel.” Looking towards the future, Valerie is ecstatic as she tells us about some of the projects that DO Well has in the pipeline, all of which have been meticulously designed so as to deepen the impact that this team has on those that they collaborate with. For the rest of 2024, this includes deploying an expansion of available programmes to be even more inclusive, nurturing growth and development on an ongoing basis, training and certifying professionals in its methodologies to expand its horizons, and finally, supporting wellness by decluttering work environments. Valerie explains, “the future looks bright, and we are eager to continue our journey of empowering individuals to lead more organised, fulfilled, and resilient lives.” As unrivalled experts in empathy-based coaching for clutter management, Valerie Huard and the team at DO Well offer a holistic decluttering approach that is sure to yield excellent results for those seeking to transform their lives, managing the clutter and trauma that prevents them from maximising enjoyment of all that our world has to offer. From the flagship Doers Academy through to its emerging YouTube channel/podcast, Post-Trauma Secrets and Decluttering, DO Well has become synonymous with the exemplary, boasting an encompassing approach that reduces stress, manages trauma, and improves wellness with the uppermost distinction. Even as it continues to expand its reach and refine what it offers to individuals in their times of need, DO Well stands as a beacon of excellence and a testament to the power of transformation that can be unlocked from within, creating a life that is filled with peace, purpose, and true fulfilment in the process. For all their holistic wellness needs, one would do well to seek out this tremendous business to ensure they receive nothing short of the best. Contact: Valerie Huard Company: DO Well Web Address:

6 Mar24552 For a decade, Dr Tan Kok Siang has been invested in the world of hypnotherapy. Combined with an avid fascination for the ways in which emotions interact with other components of the human body and psyche alike, Dr Tan opted to incorporate his findings into a cohesive structure. This structure is none other than Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy – a company centred around training, consultation, coaching, brain test analysis, therapy, research and development, and neuro device distribution. Equipped with a goal to change the world of mental health hypnotherapy, Dr Tan brings a passion to the trade that we’re eager to explore below. ince the year of 2014, Dr Tan has been gracing the world with his impeccable understanding of hypnotherapy, energy healing, relaxation, stress management, power of change, positive affirmation, and self-talk. Having already played an integral role in guiding over 7000 individuals back onto the correct path, he marks a staggering shift in the world of healing that simply can’t be ignored. As a representation of his expertise, Dr Tan went on to establish Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy in 2018, hoping that he could share all he knew of the art of altering lives for the better. Whether he’s working with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, or dream disorders, or is guiding them through soul realignment, pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and spiritual path seeking, Dr Tan brings a level of compassion to the craft that simply can’t be matched. In essence, Dr Tan has upheld a tight focus on solving mental and emotional conundrums within a variety of clients, and has done so through some of the industry’s most innovative hypnotherapy approaches yet. However, just what makes these approaches so unique? The answer lies in the seriousness that Dr Tan attributes to the conditions he treats, and the connections he’s formed to address this severity. One such connection is one established with the Korean Brain Institute. In working alongside this entity in particular, Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy has gained access to advanced neuroscience technology that’s capable of studying both neurons and brain activities at varying emotional stages. In doing so, it’s able to ensure the balance of both the mind and neuron energy frequencies – a process no other hypnotherapy collective has managed to bring to the wider sphere. Of course, Dr Tan doesn’t exclusively rely on this technology, and merely uses it as a means to enhance the application of hypnotherapy and energy healing. Together, these methods allow for greater levels of mental energy balancing, emotional calmness, deep sleep, and stress release for the physical body. However, to truly understand Dr KS Training and Hypnotherapy, we must take the time to recognise what makes Dr Tan such an exemplary individual. Possessing a PhD that has led to a vast experience in Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy, as well as a recognised Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Hypnotherapy and Psychology, Dr Tan has long since demonstrated an admirable fascination for how the brain works. As such, he developed what is now recognised as his signature training program – Power of 10. This program – otherwise known as the Powerful Instant Stress and Emotion Release Method - essentially educates clients on how to resolve their hidden physical and mental challenges in both a careful and precise manner. In addition to these achievements, Dr Tan has also found himself acting as a US Certified Life Between Lives Facilitator for the world-renowned Michael Newton Institute, Most Innovative Mental Health Hypnotherapist 2024 (South East Asia): Dr Tan Kok Siang S

GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 through which he shares his findings with an even wider audience. And yet, though these exceptional feats play a large role in Dr Tan’s success, where he has truly thrived is in how he contributes his research toward understanding the relationship between emotion and cancer. Put simply, Dr Tan is one of few to fully explore the direct and indirect impacts cancer can have on our physical and mental health, earning him a place among both the selfless Malaysian Natural Healing Association and the Malaysian Anti-Cancer Society, Penang Chapter. Additionally, he is the author of the book “Revealing the Secret Behind the Death” (Chinese Version) and “What’s Beyond This Life” (English Version), a collection of case studies along his LBL journey. (Up till the year 2022, there are only seven certified LBL Therapists in Asia and only two in Malaysia, one of whom is Dr Tan). To complete his lengthy list of astounding accomplishments, Dr Tan has not only been appointed by a Malaysian university to oversee master’s students studying neurology, but he’s also one of the HRD Corp Accredited Trainers, an International Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified People Manage, and a Certified Construction Manager. This, in turn, has elevated Dr Tan from a man passionate about his craft to one of the record holders for ‘Successful People in Malaysia’ for 2022. Truly, Dr Tan has showcased an insatiable drive to continuously hone and perfect his knowledge and teachings, all for the sake of ensuring that those suffering never have to do so alone. Having gotten treatment of the mind down to a science, he has developed a unique union between spiritual and physical healing that transcends everything we have come to know about challenging mental health disorders. Despite having a vast array of accolades to his name, Dr Tan has proven time and time again that his efforts have been undertaken for the sake of one cause – to deliver hypnotherapy services that tackle the root of mental health struggles. And, judging by the influence that he has had over the years, both in terms of his clients and the wider academic community, it’s clear that he is fulfilling this cause each and every day. It’s for this very reason that Dr Tan has been recognised by an overwhelming majority of outlets since first beginning his endeavour a decade ago, and why he sees himself once again garnering another award to add to his repertoire of recognition. Dr Tan is an inarguably selfless man, whose never-ending pursuit of knowledge has placed him in the position he finds himself in today. Able to assist those who need it the most, with Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy acting as a conduit for his exceptional capabilities, Dr Tan is a man who knows no match within his field. As such, we’re exceptionally pleased to present him with the title of Most Innovative Mental Health Hypnotherapist 2024 (South East Asia). Contact: Tan Kok Siang Company: Dr KS Training and Hypnotherapy Sdn. Bhd. Web Address:

8 Mental Health Awards, RISE is designed to help individuals achieve personal excellence and support organisations on their path to business transformation. In the early development stage, the RISE team leveraged its expertise in psychological theory and history to bring together the best aspects of the most important and relevant scientists’ theories. Its founders were originally business developers, working as private mentors to owners of international organisations, presidents of sports federations, university rectors, and top-performing athletes. This eventually led to a focus on mentoring individuals and teams, companies, sports clubs, and national teams. RISE has become renowned for its ability to define an individual’s personality and provide a reliable picture of their reactions, behaviours, and decision-making faculties. The system is comprised of assessments adapted to different target groups, the evaluation of these results, and the corresponding consultation. RISE has adopted a researchoriented approach to psychological tests that offers in-depth assessments to individuals and teams. The RISE Human Development System is used to generate personalised assessments, feedback, and development programs for individuals and teams who wish to enhance their performance and wellbeing. For the first 17 years of its existence, the system was only available to private mentoring partners. This foundation means that RISE was developed from experience and feedback from business, sports, education, and private industries. This background differentiates the system from competitors that rely on traditional, theoretical psychology. RISE now caters to a diverse clientele including business executives, sports professionals, educational leaders, and families. By utilising the RISE system, hundreds of businesses have achieved success and thousands of employees have been able to work in a more effective and productive manner. Additionally, athletes have unlocked their full potential, children have been set up for future success, and countless individuals now better understand their own behaviour and thought processes and have become more content and successful as a result. The constant pressure to focus on results has led to the introduction of new areas of knowledge into the system such as generational research, historical research, sociology, social media profiling, algorithm-based profiling, and lie detection modules. These additions allow the system to provide a more in-depth analysis of individuals, teams, and organisations. Miklós Palencsár, CEO and Founder of RISE Analysis International, says, “Our teams focus regarding mental health centres on understanding and improving the mental well-being and performance of individuals and teams. Drawing from extensive experience in applying RISE’s methodologies across various fields, we recognise that optimal performance is closely linked to mental health. Our approach integrates generational research, mental experience data analysis, and practical experience to offer deep insights into Best Crisis Management Solutions 2024 – Europe personality and behaviour. We aim to support individuals in achieving a successful, stress-free life while enhancing their capability to handle high-stakes situations effectively.” To achieve consistently high-quality results, RISE employs a strict accreditation process, engages in continuous research and development, and integrates experience data analytics. Best Crisis Management Solutions 2024 - Europe

GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 This focused approach provides the organisation with evidence- based insights and tailored strategies designed to enhance individual and team performance and mental wellbeing. As public awareness of the importance of good mental health and wellbeing continues to grow, there is a clear demand for authentic, impactful solutions. RISE provides an alternative to surface-level approaches with in-depth analysis and practical strategies. The organisation’s commitment to meticulous research, comprehensive assessments, and real-world feedback ensures its solutions meet clients’ individual needs and achieve measurable improvement. Miklós Palencsár says, “RISE is built on practical use and realtime feedback, so it knows that the most important feature for an analytical system of this kind is to be easy for users to communicate, apply, and recognise. For a system with a strong scientific background, this challenge can be overcome with the help of special communication experts. Their job is to make the most in-depth analytical assessments easy to understand, even for a child. We keep this in mind when developing result sheets and publications. Any system is only worth as much as its ability to be understood and utilised.” The team behind RISE Human Development System understands the transformative effects that its work can have on individuals and organisations. RISE encourages its staff to complete their own self evaluations to identify their unique strengths and weaknesses. The organisation is committed to ongoing learning and development, a deep understanding of its methodologies, and a continuous pursuit of excellence. To ensure the highest quality service, the RISE team will continue to engage in professional development and adhere to a thorough accreditation process. After the Tokyo Olympic Games successes – medals and country historic results - as the Paris Olympic Games approaches, RISE will focus on guiding athletes towards greater mental health and efficiency. These athletes have trained their entire lives for this event and RISE is dedicated to helping them unlock their full potential and achieve peak performance. The RISE Human Development System is currently the only one in the world capable of generating personality-based tests and solutions for business, education, sports, and family life analysis. RISE is renowned for its research-oriented approach and experience-driven development which enables the company to provide clients with personalised, evidence- based insights and strategies. By offering individuals, teams, and organisations an in- depth picture of their reactions, behaviours, and decision- making faculties, the system can help these groups achieve optimal productivity, happiness, and mental wellbeing. For its transformative personality analysis system, we have bestowed this year’s Mental Health Award for Best Crisis Management Solutions – Europe on RISE. Contact Details Contact: Miklós Palencsár Company: RISE Analysis International Web Address:

10 With nearly two decades of experience in therapeutic settings, Ian Scragg is a skilled Psychotherapist, dedicated to helping clients improve their mental wellbeing. From his private practice in Newcastle upon Tyne, Ian provides therapy to a diverse range of clients with varying needs. As the Director and CEO of Emerge Care and Therapeutic Solutions and Excel Residential Care, he works with children and young people as well as providing supervision and consultancy to staff. For his commitment to therapeutic excellence, Ian Scragg has received a Mental Health Award for Individual & Group Therapy Expert of the Year 2024 (West Midlands). Individual & Group Therapy Expert of the Year 2024 (West Midlands): Ian Scragg In 2009, Ian Scragg became an Accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). He is also an Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Psychotherapist. For many years, Ian has worked therapeutically with clients, mainly in private practice and a Forensic Therapeutic Community. He has held several positions across public, private, and voluntary sectors, including a Regional Clinician role supervising the assessment and therapy of Looked after Children in six residential homes. Ian has also acted as Clinical Lead which involved overseeing over 50 residential children’s homes. Within a Forensic Therapeutic Community, Ian Scragg has worked as a Senior Therapist, Therapy Manager, and Head of Assessment. In these positions, he delivered individual and group therapy, clinical supervision, and direct line management. Ian now runs Thrive Therapeutic Services, his private practice, where he provides therapy for both children and adults and clinical supervision for qualified and student therapists. From his many years of practice, Ian has discovered that creating a trusting client relationship is the key to improving patient outcomes. With Thrive Therapeutic Services, Ian has created a safe and transparent environment where he can work with clients to examine and address their unique challenges. The practice offers a range of therapies that incorporate Humanistic, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive Behavioural approaches. Ian is also a qualified trauma therapist who can administer EMDR on clients if required. He strives for continuous professional development and to keep up-to-date with the latest research and best industry practice to help clients improve their mental health. Ian Scragg says, “Having grown up in a fairly deprived area, I understand the importance of care and nurture. I learned that with care, support, and correct conditions, people have the best opportunities in life. Having worked for 17 years in the prison service managing a therapeutic community, I felt at one delivering a compassionate approach which leads to positive relationships and outcomes. On leaving the prison, I made a choice to work with children to offer support and care at an earlier age, perhaps preventing them from moving towards a criminal lifestyle. I have developed my practice by focusing on the impact and treatment of trauma and trauma-related symptoms in both adults and children.” Ian is the Co-Owner and Director of Emerge Care and Therapeutic Solutions and Excel Residential Care, organisations that prioritise the physical and emotional wellbeing of the children and young people under their care. Emerge and Excel Care specialise in therapeutically led childcare for vulnerable children in Ofsted Registered Children’s Homes. When a young person first arrives, they undergo a 12week assessment phase and spend this time working with the Clinical Team. The psychological assessment provides a therapeutic foundation to support each young person’s development. At the end of the 12-week period, the team produces an individualised therapy plan that will focus on future therapeutic work and treatment goals. Within Emerge Care, Ian is also the School Proprietor of Emerge School, an Ofsted Registered School for children with Special Educational Needs. Emerge School covers all aspects of learning including skill acquisition, building relationships with others, and developing knowledge through activities both inside and outside the classroom. Emerge and Excel Care have a successful track record of helping children manage their emotions and thrive under therapeutic support. Company culture at Emerge and Excel Care is one of collaboration, innovation, and ongoing development. By fostering a compassionate and safe environment for staff, managers, leaders, and children, the organisations can continue to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone. Staff recruitment is a key part of Emerge and Excel Care, which has implemented safer recruitment processes to protect the children under its care. When recruiting new people, management look for people that care deeply and can establish healthy role model relationships. On his career trajectory, Ian shares, “I have learnt so much on this journey and my passion is being able to support others to grow and heal. I would like to dedicate this award to my parents, Judy and Trevor Scragg. Without their care, support and belief, I would not have become the man I am

GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 now. I would also like to convey my endless thanks and love to my life partner Steph and our amazing 7 children.” With an impressive background in private practice and a Forensic Therapeutic Community, Ian is uniquely positioned to provide individuals of all ages with exceptional therapeutic solutions. Leveraging his skills and qualifications in business and management, Ian is Excel and Emerge Care’s proactive leader, dedicated to supporting young people through social, emotional, and mental health difficulties. At his private practice, Thrive Therapeutic Services, Ian helps clients work through their unique challenges and move forward with their lives. Recognised in this year’s Mental Health Awards, Ian Scragg has become a prominent figure in the West Midlands for his compassionate therapy services and unparalleled client support. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Ian as he continues to help clients unlock their full potential and lead happy, fulfilling lives. Contact: Ian Scragg Company: Emerge Care and Therapeutic Solutions / Excel Residential Care / Thrive Therapeutic Services Web Address:, www.emergecare.,, and

12 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 From children to young adults, couples to corporates, both face-to-face and online – the friendly and professional specialist therapists at Head Agenda Limited are qualified to help all clients feel better about themselves and their lives. Whether they need help with anger management, anxiety issues, or relationships, Head Agenda Limited psychotherapy is one of the best choices in the north. We find out more from one of the company’s CoFounders, Juliet Thornton, as it is named in the Mental Health Awards 2024. Highly professional, empathetic, and experienced therapists are at the heart of Head Agenda’s multi award-winning psychotherapy practice, as the firm continues to deliver exceptional therapeutic support to its clients in Yorkshire and nationwide. Founded more than 16 years ago by Directors Juliet Thornton and Mandy Nichols, Head Agenda offers in-clinic psychotherapy in the heart of Leeds city centre, but also works nationally online, coaching staff members of corporate partners and the safeguarding professionals of numerous Sport National Governing Bodies (NGB). The practice is proud of its talented team of over 30 psychotherapists and clinical coaches, and the clinical team and clients are supported by the warm, empathetic, approachable referrals manager and her team, who respond swiftly and thoroughly. Head Agenda understands that treatment and therapeutic support and coaching has to be tailormade to each client, whether they are attending for a few sessions or over many months. This sensitive and empathetic approach sits at the heart of the firm’s ethos and core values. “We want to ensure that clients feel heard, supported, and matched with a therapist who can respond to their struggles and needs,” elaborates Juliet. “We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer and believe we attune to individuals and corporate partners looking for expert interventions to support their staff.” The team of talented therapists are appointed not only for their training and qualifications, but also for their life experience as it is essential to Juliet’s work, as well as that of the practise, to deeply understand that life, relationships, difficulties, and sometimes traumatic events impact on how we behave, cope, or flounder. New enquirers to Head Agenda will discover the path to book their first session is smooth, straightforward, and hassle-free, with their questions and concerns being answered rapidly and without judgement. The company’s systems have been designed with the user in mind and are regularly reviewed and revised in order to reduce stress, remove anxiety, and not overwhelm the clients. Excellent feedback and high customer ratings are the norm for Head Agenda and the firm regularly receives five-star Google reviews from happy clients, plus it was voted Best Psychotherapy & Mental Health Practice for four consecutive years. Last year, the company celebrated further success as it was crowned with the title of Most Empathetic Psychotherapy & Counselling Practice 2023 in the eminent Northern Enterprise Awards. This year, Head Agenda has been crowned with two titles in our Mental Health Awards, winning Best Face-to-Face & Online Psychotherapy Provider 2024, UK, and our GHP Mental Health Champion Award 2024. Understandably delighted by these prestigious accolades, Juliet goes on to tell us that, post-covid times, she and the team are noticing that more clients are seeking their services, particularly face-to-face therapy, although she notes that the online therapy sessions for national clients remains highly effective and very popular. Further plans for the future for Head Agenda include the continued work alongside safeguarding professionals at the British Gymnastics, England Golf, Swim England, and Park Run, and Juliet also tells us that the company is currently in more discussions with many other NGOs that are seeking support for those dedicated to the safety of children and young people as they enjoy their hobbies or compete at an elite level. We wish Head Agenda all the best as the team continues to improve and save lives. Congratulations again! Contact: Juliet Thornton Company: Head Agenda Limited Web: Best Face-to-Face & Online Psychotherapy Provider 2024 – UK & GHP Mental Health Champion Award 2024 Head Agenda Limited

13 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 oasting specialists throughout Europe and as far west as the USA, The MH Academy is immensely proud to have the unwavering support of partners across the region, many of whom it has collaborated with from day one and developed robust relationships with that have lasted three decades. At the heart of this operation is an expert team whose duty it is to impart their knowledge on all things related to the consequences of stress and trauma, particularly in the most extreme cases that involve veterans, refugees, and abuse victims, as well as those that have been on the receiving end of sexual exploitation in its many forms. Having been at the helm right from the off, Michaela has employed a series of pioneering treatments and tools that today ensure that the business is able to offer its customers nothing short of the very best service. Commenting on just some of these, Martina states, “the screening technique, the affect chain, and the reccoursium and tension regulator are now widely recognised and used treatment methods for people suffering from the effects of stress and trauma.” By leveraging a careful blend of these techniques, staying attuned to advancements in the science, and maintaining close connections with other frontrunners in the field, Michaela and co. have forged sustained success over several decades. Over the years, this team have seen an awful lot of changes in wider society and the impact that these have on its inhabitants. Never has this been more present than it is today, with factors such as climate change, the looming threat of global conflict, and political turmoil all playing their part in fostering a culture of unease, exacerbated by an undercurrent of technology that has unfortunately caused, “a massive increase in psychological disorders among adolescents and young adults”, as Martina explains. On the back of this, The MH Academy has upped the ante regarding its efforts with children and young people, aided by a number of leading psychiatrists in this field. “Knowledge only increases when we share it.” Michaela Huber Thanks to the sustained excellence on display, this team receive more applications from people interested in working with them than they can accept, as people are drawn in by the impact their positions can have, all from the comfort of a home office. Utilising the untapped power of the digital sphere, this team are Established in Germany more than 30 years ago by Michaela Huber, The MH Academy offers exemplary certified training and further education courses for doctors and therapists across Europe, with a keen focus on diagnosing and treating stress and disorders related to trauma. All of the excellent work done by this provider is executed in accordance with ICD-11 (the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases that sets the standard for recording health information), and DSM-5 (one of the most crucial mental health/brain-based conditions reference books in the industry). We catch up with Deputy Managing Director Martina Pacino for more. Best Stress & Trauma-Related Disorder Education & Training Provider 2024 - Europe able to undertake training from wherever they are based, and the results speak for themselves, with employees created who are, according to Martina, “free thinkers and people with a genuine love for those affected, with a high level of commitment to the work and a clear position against any influence from groups of perpetrators, whether on a political, economic, or media level.” This ethos is embodied to the full by Michaela, who remains steadfast in her commitment to doing what is right. On this, Martina tells us, “she [Michaela] doesn’t care what perpetrators think about her or what haters say. For her, it was and is only about one thing: supporting those affected. That’s why she is where she always has been: unconditionally at the side of the victims.” As a further example of the proactive approach she takes, Michaela co-founded a self-help group that can be accessed online, where more than 3200 members come together in mutual support to listen to and strengthen each other. As for what the future holds for The MH Academy, Martina sheds light on some of the face-to-face events that are being offered throughout Germany this summer, designed to help members of these helper networks meet, exchange knowledge, and continue their education. This is not all, and with further events also planned in the likes of Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and the Czech Republic, the encompassing, award-winning approach to support embodied by Michaela and the team is clear for all to see. Contact: Martina Pacino Company: The MH Academy Web Address: B Mar24559

14 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 errence the Teacher is the owner and mastermind behind this namesake business, with this company having very much evolved with the man himself over his more than 25 years in this space. Things began for Terrence in the world of health and fitness, where he qualified as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, teaching people to manage their physical fitness effectively. From here, Terrence soon recognised the paramount importance of the mind/body connection, leading him to train in neurolinguistics under the movement’s co-founder, Dr. Richard Bandler, in 2001. Later that same year, Terrence would also become a certified clinical hypnotherapist, obtaining a diploma from the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. With this array of tremendous qualifications to boot, Terrence was set. However, a medical emergency in the form of two cardiac arrests in 2014 spurred a revelation for Terrence, that success was no replacement for the importance of self-care. While all of this was going on, Terrence’s recently released clinical hypnotherapy app would hit number one on both the Google Play Store and App Store in the health and fitness category. Following on from this life-changing health scare, Terrence began to explore his own relationship with mental health, implementing mindfulness meditation across both his own personal routine and the services he offers to customers. As Terrence explains, “that was how The Brain Edit was born.” The Brain Edit does exactly what it says on the tin, with this programme changing the way that one thinks for the better by shifting both conscious and subconscious patterns in the brain to garner life-affirming positive change. Available in four different levels – intensive, condensed, specific, and habit removal – these in-person sessions can be delivered from Terrence’s offices Mar24168 T The Brain Edit programme is an encompassing mental health and wellbeing system offered by Terrence the Teacher LTD that is wholly focused on fostering the creation of positive habits and empowering techniques so as to nurture personal growth. Offering a series of renowned one-toone sessions that are held in person or online, as well as an array of gatherings, group talks, corporate wellness courses, and featuring heavily at public speaking engagements, this business has close ties with a diverse client base that includes the likes of Harrods, Lancôme, and even Great Ormond Street Hospital. We speak with Terrence to find out more about his great work. (addresses available on Google or his website), in his own home consultation room, or in the home of clients. There is also an online option delivered over Zoom, which offers maximum convenience without any of the quality being lost. Across The Brain Edit’s sessions that include the likes of clinical hydrotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and mindfulness coaching, clients of Terrence the Teacher will experience his multifaceted talents for themselves, and witness as this thought leader expertly guides them through the ever-changing sphere of mental health, catering to their every need in the process. In order to continue to appease the core demands of the people and organisations that he works with, Terrence prioritises staying ahead of the curve, leveraging the invaluable assets of technology and social media to do so with maximum impact. Expanding further on this, Terrence tells us, “I directed 50 percent of my engagement with clients towards online offerings.” As an example of this in motion, Terrence is presently working towards releasing a downloadable manual for The Brain Edit, further streamlining its offerings and how they are accessed by consumers. While this increasing shift towards online engagement has its positives, it too comes with challenges, particularly regarding mental health itself. The link between unhealthy online engagement and mental health decline is something that has been discussed at length in industry circles, and Terrence ensures that healthy online engagement is a key part of The Brain Edit to manage this. Looking ahead towards the future of the business, Terrence explains, “the future is about reaching a larger audience, being able to assist more people with the improvement of their mental health and wellbeing.” Eventually, this will mean that Terrence the Teacher Limited will have to expand its operation from a single-person company, and when it does, Terrence will prioritise recruiting individuals as authentic, dedicated, and educated as himself. At present though, Terrence remains steadfast in his dedication towards fostering collaborations and furthering his knowledge, making his award-winning The Brain Edit programme as successful and useful as it can be. Contact: Terrence the Teacher Company: Terrence the Teacher Limited Web Address: Most Impactful Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme 2024 (UK): The Brain Edit Terrence the Teacher Limited

15 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 At R.G. Hypnotherapy, the practice has created a supportive environment where individuals can connect with their subconscious mind. Through a client-centric approach, the team seeks to understand clients’ unique goals and challenges to help them move forward with their lives. R.G. Hypnotherapy sessions can be personalised to address a wide range of issues such as anxiety reduction, stress management, weight management, addiction, phobia resolution, performance enhancement, and much more. The practice caters to a diverse range of clients from executives and athletes seeking to optimise their performance to individuals looking to improve their overall quality of life. R.G. Hypnotherapy is dedicated to helping clients access the transformative power of hypnosis to bring about long-lasting change. Its mission is to guide clients on their journey towards deeper self-awareness and selfactualisation. With its evidence-based practice, R.G. Hypnotherapy is committed to helping every client realise their true potential and become the best version of themselves. Renay Gramberg says, “At R.G. Hypnotherapy, our focus within the realm of mental health is to provide holistic support and effective interventions for individuals struggling with various psychological challenges. By leveraging the power of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, we help clients reframe negative beliefs, release past traumas, and cultivate inner resilience and selfcompassion. Our goal is to empower clients to reclaim control over their mental health and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.” Renay began her education in 2015 with a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic programming at the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. In 2016, she became a professional member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and opened her own practice. To ensure clients received consistently excellent service, she enrolled back in the college to complete an advanced diploma in Hypnotherapy, Psychology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As an association member, Renay is dedicated to regularly enhancing her skills and learning advanced techniques to use at the clinic. Continuous Professional Development is at the heart of R.G. Hypnotherapy and the team regularly receives training and education to remain abreast of the latest research and best practices in Clinic Hypnotherapy and Mental Health Counselling. The practice prides itself on its personalised approach to treatment, conducting in-depth assessments, and creating tailored treatment plans to meet the individual needs of each client. R.G. Hypnotherapy adheres to evidence-based guidelines, leveraging scientifically validated techniques to treat an array of mental health issues. Its commitment to continuous learning, evidence-based Based in Victoria, Australia, R.G. Hypnotherapy is a revered Clinical Hypnotherapy practice dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve personal and professional excellence. The clinic specialises in tailored Hypnotherapy sessions to help clients overcome their unique challenges and unlock their full potential. We take this opportunity to talk to Renay Gramberg, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and the owner of R.G. Hypnotherapy, after her achievement at this year’s Mental Health Awards. Most Client-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist 2024 (Australia): Renay Gramberg interventions, and individualised care enables the clinic to provide exceptional services to help clients achieve their wellbeing goals. In recent years, Hypnotherapy has become recognised as an effective alternative to traditional mental health interventions. As the demand for holistic treatments continues to grow, R.G. Hypnotherapy is uniquely positioned to educate the public about the benefits of Hypnotherapy and its role in promoting healing. Despite this, misconceptions and mental health stigma continue to be barriers for individuals seeking support. R.G. Hypnotherapy is dedicated to challenging stereotypes and creating an open dialogue around mental health and Hypnotherapy. Through its community outreach work, educational initiatives, and strong partnerships with mental health organisations, the practice strives to reduce stigma and continue offering accessible services to support the health and wellbeing of its valued clients. Looking to the future, Renay Gramberg shares, “One significant development for us in 2024 is the addition of a student practitioner to our team. We are thrilled to welcome aboard a dedicated individual who is eager to learn and grow in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. In addition to expanding our team, we have several exciting projects in the pipeline for 2024. We are planning to launch new specialised Hypnotherapy programs tailored to address specific mental health concerns, such as trauma recovery, chronic pain management, and sleep disorders. Furthermore, we are exploring opportunities to enhance our online presence and accessibility through the development of digital resources, such as guided Hypnotherapy sessions, educational videos, and interactive tools.” Over the coming year, R.G. Hypnotherapy will continue to evolve and innovate its services to provide unparalleled value to its clients. Spearheaded by Renay Gramberg, the clinic is committed to ongoing professional development, evidence-based practice, and a client-centric approach to help individuals implement lifelong change. For her unwavering support for the health and wellbeing of the community, we have honoured Renay Gramberg with this year’s award for Most Client-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist (Australia). Contact: Renay Gramberg Company: R.G. Hypnotherapy Web Address: