Mental Health Awards 2024

10 With nearly two decades of experience in therapeutic settings, Ian Scragg is a skilled Psychotherapist, dedicated to helping clients improve their mental wellbeing. From his private practice in Newcastle upon Tyne, Ian provides therapy to a diverse range of clients with varying needs. As the Director and CEO of Emerge Care and Therapeutic Solutions and Excel Residential Care, he works with children and young people as well as providing supervision and consultancy to staff. For his commitment to therapeutic excellence, Ian Scragg has received a Mental Health Award for Individual & Group Therapy Expert of the Year 2024 (West Midlands). Individual & Group Therapy Expert of the Year 2024 (West Midlands): Ian Scragg In 2009, Ian Scragg became an Accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). He is also an Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Psychotherapist. For many years, Ian has worked therapeutically with clients, mainly in private practice and a Forensic Therapeutic Community. He has held several positions across public, private, and voluntary sectors, including a Regional Clinician role supervising the assessment and therapy of Looked after Children in six residential homes. Ian has also acted as Clinical Lead which involved overseeing over 50 residential children’s homes. Within a Forensic Therapeutic Community, Ian Scragg has worked as a Senior Therapist, Therapy Manager, and Head of Assessment. In these positions, he delivered individual and group therapy, clinical supervision, and direct line management. Ian now runs Thrive Therapeutic Services, his private practice, where he provides therapy for both children and adults and clinical supervision for qualified and student therapists. From his many years of practice, Ian has discovered that creating a trusting client relationship is the key to improving patient outcomes. With Thrive Therapeutic Services, Ian has created a safe and transparent environment where he can work with clients to examine and address their unique challenges. The practice offers a range of therapies that incorporate Humanistic, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive Behavioural approaches. Ian is also a qualified trauma therapist who can administer EMDR on clients if required. He strives for continuous professional development and to keep up-to-date with the latest research and best industry practice to help clients improve their mental health. Ian Scragg says, “Having grown up in a fairly deprived area, I understand the importance of care and nurture. I learned that with care, support, and correct conditions, people have the best opportunities in life. Having worked for 17 years in the prison service managing a therapeutic community, I felt at one delivering a compassionate approach which leads to positive relationships and outcomes. On leaving the prison, I made a choice to work with children to offer support and care at an earlier age, perhaps preventing them from moving towards a criminal lifestyle. I have developed my practice by focusing on the impact and treatment of trauma and trauma-related symptoms in both adults and children.” Ian is the Co-Owner and Director of Emerge Care and Therapeutic Solutions and Excel Residential Care, organisations that prioritise the physical and emotional wellbeing of the children and young people under their care. Emerge and Excel Care specialise in therapeutically led childcare for vulnerable children in Ofsted Registered Children’s Homes. When a young person first arrives, they undergo a 12week assessment phase and spend this time working with the Clinical Team. The psychological assessment provides a therapeutic foundation to support each young person’s development. At the end of the 12-week period, the team produces an individualised therapy plan that will focus on future therapeutic work and treatment goals. Within Emerge Care, Ian is also the School Proprietor of Emerge School, an Ofsted Registered School for children with Special Educational Needs. Emerge School covers all aspects of learning including skill acquisition, building relationships with others, and developing knowledge through activities both inside and outside the classroom. Emerge and Excel Care have a successful track record of helping children manage their emotions and thrive under therapeutic support. Company culture at Emerge and Excel Care is one of collaboration, innovation, and ongoing development. By fostering a compassionate and safe environment for staff, managers, leaders, and children, the organisations can continue to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone. Staff recruitment is a key part of Emerge and Excel Care, which has implemented safer recruitment processes to protect the children under its care. When recruiting new people, management look for people that care deeply and can establish healthy role model relationships. On his career trajectory, Ian shares, “I have learnt so much on this journey and my passion is being able to support others to grow and heal. I would like to dedicate this award to my parents, Judy and Trevor Scragg. Without their care, support and belief, I would not have become the man I am