Mental Health Awards 2024

13 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 oasting specialists throughout Europe and as far west as the USA, The MH Academy is immensely proud to have the unwavering support of partners across the region, many of whom it has collaborated with from day one and developed robust relationships with that have lasted three decades. At the heart of this operation is an expert team whose duty it is to impart their knowledge on all things related to the consequences of stress and trauma, particularly in the most extreme cases that involve veterans, refugees, and abuse victims, as well as those that have been on the receiving end of sexual exploitation in its many forms. Having been at the helm right from the off, Michaela has employed a series of pioneering treatments and tools that today ensure that the business is able to offer its customers nothing short of the very best service. Commenting on just some of these, Martina states, “the screening technique, the affect chain, and the reccoursium and tension regulator are now widely recognised and used treatment methods for people suffering from the effects of stress and trauma.” By leveraging a careful blend of these techniques, staying attuned to advancements in the science, and maintaining close connections with other frontrunners in the field, Michaela and co. have forged sustained success over several decades. Over the years, this team have seen an awful lot of changes in wider society and the impact that these have on its inhabitants. Never has this been more present than it is today, with factors such as climate change, the looming threat of global conflict, and political turmoil all playing their part in fostering a culture of unease, exacerbated by an undercurrent of technology that has unfortunately caused, “a massive increase in psychological disorders among adolescents and young adults”, as Martina explains. On the back of this, The MH Academy has upped the ante regarding its efforts with children and young people, aided by a number of leading psychiatrists in this field. “Knowledge only increases when we share it.” Michaela Huber Thanks to the sustained excellence on display, this team receive more applications from people interested in working with them than they can accept, as people are drawn in by the impact their positions can have, all from the comfort of a home office. Utilising the untapped power of the digital sphere, this team are Established in Germany more than 30 years ago by Michaela Huber, The MH Academy offers exemplary certified training and further education courses for doctors and therapists across Europe, with a keen focus on diagnosing and treating stress and disorders related to trauma. All of the excellent work done by this provider is executed in accordance with ICD-11 (the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases that sets the standard for recording health information), and DSM-5 (one of the most crucial mental health/brain-based conditions reference books in the industry). We catch up with Deputy Managing Director Martina Pacino for more. Best Stress & Trauma-Related Disorder Education & Training Provider 2024 - Europe able to undertake training from wherever they are based, and the results speak for themselves, with employees created who are, according to Martina, “free thinkers and people with a genuine love for those affected, with a high level of commitment to the work and a clear position against any influence from groups of perpetrators, whether on a political, economic, or media level.” This ethos is embodied to the full by Michaela, who remains steadfast in her commitment to doing what is right. On this, Martina tells us, “she [Michaela] doesn’t care what perpetrators think about her or what haters say. For her, it was and is only about one thing: supporting those affected. That’s why she is where she always has been: unconditionally at the side of the victims.” As a further example of the proactive approach she takes, Michaela co-founded a self-help group that can be accessed online, where more than 3200 members come together in mutual support to listen to and strengthen each other. As for what the future holds for The MH Academy, Martina sheds light on some of the face-to-face events that are being offered throughout Germany this summer, designed to help members of these helper networks meet, exchange knowledge, and continue their education. This is not all, and with further events also planned in the likes of Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and the Czech Republic, the encompassing, award-winning approach to support embodied by Michaela and the team is clear for all to see. Contact: Martina Pacino Company: The MH Academy Web Address: B Mar24559