Mental Health Awards 2024

14 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 errence the Teacher is the owner and mastermind behind this namesake business, with this company having very much evolved with the man himself over his more than 25 years in this space. Things began for Terrence in the world of health and fitness, where he qualified as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, teaching people to manage their physical fitness effectively. From here, Terrence soon recognised the paramount importance of the mind/body connection, leading him to train in neurolinguistics under the movement’s co-founder, Dr. Richard Bandler, in 2001. Later that same year, Terrence would also become a certified clinical hypnotherapist, obtaining a diploma from the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. With this array of tremendous qualifications to boot, Terrence was set. However, a medical emergency in the form of two cardiac arrests in 2014 spurred a revelation for Terrence, that success was no replacement for the importance of self-care. While all of this was going on, Terrence’s recently released clinical hypnotherapy app would hit number one on both the Google Play Store and App Store in the health and fitness category. Following on from this life-changing health scare, Terrence began to explore his own relationship with mental health, implementing mindfulness meditation across both his own personal routine and the services he offers to customers. As Terrence explains, “that was how The Brain Edit was born.” The Brain Edit does exactly what it says on the tin, with this programme changing the way that one thinks for the better by shifting both conscious and subconscious patterns in the brain to garner life-affirming positive change. Available in four different levels – intensive, condensed, specific, and habit removal – these in-person sessions can be delivered from Terrence’s offices Mar24168 T The Brain Edit programme is an encompassing mental health and wellbeing system offered by Terrence the Teacher LTD that is wholly focused on fostering the creation of positive habits and empowering techniques so as to nurture personal growth. Offering a series of renowned one-toone sessions that are held in person or online, as well as an array of gatherings, group talks, corporate wellness courses, and featuring heavily at public speaking engagements, this business has close ties with a diverse client base that includes the likes of Harrods, Lancôme, and even Great Ormond Street Hospital. We speak with Terrence to find out more about his great work. (addresses available on Google or his website), in his own home consultation room, or in the home of clients. There is also an online option delivered over Zoom, which offers maximum convenience without any of the quality being lost. Across The Brain Edit’s sessions that include the likes of clinical hydrotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and mindfulness coaching, clients of Terrence the Teacher will experience his multifaceted talents for themselves, and witness as this thought leader expertly guides them through the ever-changing sphere of mental health, catering to their every need in the process. In order to continue to appease the core demands of the people and organisations that he works with, Terrence prioritises staying ahead of the curve, leveraging the invaluable assets of technology and social media to do so with maximum impact. Expanding further on this, Terrence tells us, “I directed 50 percent of my engagement with clients towards online offerings.” As an example of this in motion, Terrence is presently working towards releasing a downloadable manual for The Brain Edit, further streamlining its offerings and how they are accessed by consumers. While this increasing shift towards online engagement has its positives, it too comes with challenges, particularly regarding mental health itself. The link between unhealthy online engagement and mental health decline is something that has been discussed at length in industry circles, and Terrence ensures that healthy online engagement is a key part of The Brain Edit to manage this. Looking ahead towards the future of the business, Terrence explains, “the future is about reaching a larger audience, being able to assist more people with the improvement of their mental health and wellbeing.” Eventually, this will mean that Terrence the Teacher Limited will have to expand its operation from a single-person company, and when it does, Terrence will prioritise recruiting individuals as authentic, dedicated, and educated as himself. At present though, Terrence remains steadfast in his dedication towards fostering collaborations and furthering his knowledge, making his award-winning The Brain Edit programme as successful and useful as it can be. Contact: Terrence the Teacher Company: Terrence the Teacher Limited Web Address: Most Impactful Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme 2024 (UK): The Brain Edit Terrence the Teacher Limited