Mental Health Awards 2024

16 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 With passions deeply ingrained in teaching humanity the core principles of Sacred Love, Catherine Wood spent the beginning of the 2000s seeking a way to spread her message to the masses. Come 2004, her desire finally manifestedintheformoftheSanctuaryofTantra – a conduit for Tantric and Esoteric teachings that we now know as The Sanctuary of Ananda. Translating to ‘The Sanctuary of Bliss and Love’, this sanctuary marked a shift in Catherine’s life that now sees her presenting thousands with guidance and teachings that hold the potential to change their worldview forever. Possessing an abundance of accolades that stand as a testament to her exceptional outlook on life, Catherine Wood is a holistic relationship and spirituality coach that brings an entirely new perspective to the profession. As the founder of The Sanctuary of Ananda, she has fully devoted herself to unravelling the deeper meaning behind the concept of Sacred Love – an endeavour that culminated in her focus on the fields of Tantric Sexuality, Kama Sutra, and Relationship Counselling. Now, Catherine leverages all she has learned and channels it into The Sanctuary of Ananda, through which she influences individuals to rethink their relationship with spirituality and love itself. Not only is The Sanctuary of Ananda an Approved Training Provider (Seal of Excellence) with IICT (The International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and a Silver Ambassador, but Catherine herself is a highly accomplished individual whose achievements only further empower her pride and joy. 2018 saw the publication of Catherine’s very first book, in fact – a Tantra Empowerment for Women entitled ‘The Way of the Heart’ – which went on to be featured on both Channel 9’s ‘Do You Know What Women Want’ and Couch TV’s ‘Awakening the Goddess Within’. It’s clear that, through her teachings, Catherine remains centered on the ideals of female empowerment, relationship wellness, and clarity of the soul. However, Catherine’s journey with Tantra starts far before she even founded The Sanctuary of Ananda. In fact, her training began circa 1989, only a year after she was first introduced to the concept by Dr Chowdhury – a man who would later go on to become a spiritual mentor. With such an exceptional level of wisdom at his disposal, Dr Chowdhury played an integral role in Catherine’s fascination with divine essence and sacred ancient art. This ultimately culminated in Catherine’s first big step into the world of spirituality, wherein she travelled to India in order to study the practises and philosophy of Sadhana. Fast forwarding to the present day, we see these experiences taking form on a daily basis. Whether online or in person, Catherine presents a sanctuary within which individuals can reconnect with themselves. Though there have been many misconceptions about Tantra – ones that boil it down to being a simple rush of sexual desire – Catherine uses The Sanctuary of Ananda as a mouthpiece for the true definition of the art. Tantra is about much more than fleeting passion, and instead investigates an inner soul searching that goes far beyond the physical constraints of the body. In doing so, it helps people to unlock and decode a variety of life’s many mysteries, allowing them to develop a new appreciation for the world around us. Through The Sanctuary of Ananada, Catherine has managed to help people understand themselves on a more intrinsic level, ultimately setting them on the path of empowering themselves however they see fit. In short, Catherine Wood is a woman who has transcended the fundamental understanding of Tantra to create a meaningful approach toward uncovering the truth behind a person’s spirit. In doing so, she’s defined both herself and The Sanctuary of Ananda as an entry point into deeper spirituality – one that invites people to think in ways they may have never imagined. As such, we believe nobody deserves the title of Best Holistic Relationship & Spirituality Coach 2024 (Australia): Catherine Wood more than Catherine. Best Holistic Relationship & Spirituality Coach 2024 (Australia): Catherine Wood Contact: Catherine Wood Company: The Sanctuary of Ananda Web Address: