Mental Health Awards 2024

18 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 he London Neurocognitive Clinic hold a wealth of combined experience between its team members. This comprehensive network of support, for one another and their clients, they act as a buttress for anyone in need of some extra help. as a buttress for anyone in need of some extra help. The London Neurocognitive Clinic does more than help people to survive, it helps them to thrive. This clinic’s team works with many clients with psychiatric diagnoses and neurological conditions, as well as those who have acquired brain injuries. Essentially, The London Neurocognitive Clinic supports anyone with cognitive or emotional difficulties – or a combination of the two. Dr. Sara Simblett told us that the clinic works in a multi-disciplinary way, utilising all of its team – from neuropsychological assessments to occupational therapists to language therapists, and more. Sara said, “We are a group of people who work in different ways and we’re led by the needs of the individuals, bringing everything down to a personalised level for each individual.” This tailored approach ensures that The London Neurocognitive Clinic is able to address any pain points its clients may have, no matter what kind of support they need and how they require it to be delivered. Covering all areas of mental health such as neurological conditions like bipolar or depression, neurodevelopmental conditions like autism or ADHD, or conditions stemming from a brain injury, the clinic guarantees a bespoke approach to each person with whom it works. Promoting wellness, The London Neurocognitive Clinic pulls out all the stops to provide meaningful consultations, cognitive assessments, and reports to lead its clients to the right form of treatment – which its team delivers with every client as the core focus. Striving for excellence, the clinic helps people to live well despite difficulties from neurological conditions or an accident. Sara said, “We help individuals to achieve the goals they want to achieve, despite any Mar24105 T The London Neurocognitive Clinic provides high-quality cognitive consultations, neuropsychological assessments, and support to a wide variety of clients in London and beyond. Helping individuals to thrive and live well, this clinic is a fine option when embarking on a journey towards better mental health. We caught up with Clinical Director Dr. Sara Simblett, following the clinic’s recognition in our Mental Health Awards 2024, to find out more. difficulty that might be related to neurodiversity in the broader sense.” Moreover, The London Neurocognitive Clinic is always looking for ways to expand the lens through which we view neurodivergence as a whole. Whether that be through its team’s own research or practices, the clinic keeps its fingers on the pulse of the industry and any developments which may elevate its services for the people it works with. For example, The London Neurocognitive Clinic is embracing advancements in technology which help us to monitor our heart rate, sleep, and exercise activities in relation to mental wellness. Sara is particularly interested in researching these advancements so that the clinic can consistently stay up to date with its offerings. Then, of course, with developments within communications – such as virtual meetings – the clinic is more able to offer services to individuals with limited mobility, as well as those who live further away or in rural areas. With a specific interest in research, The London Neurocognitive Clinic works hard to stay abreast of any industry changes or new avenues for treatments – ensuring it has all of the relevant and meaningful qualifications and technological resources which can contribute to the overall experience of each person its team reaches. Our Neuropsychological Healthcare Clinic of the Year 2024, South East England, is certainly elevating the mental wellness sphere as its team of dedicated individuals support their clients – as well as each other. The future is set to be an exciting time for The London Neurocognitive Clinic as it begins to put pioneering plans into motion behind the scenes. From expanding its excellent research capabilities to developing even more transformational evidence-based treatments, and more, watch this space for the chance to witness the ongoing changes that this clinic will bring to the industry. If you’d like to learn more, and follow The London Neurocognitive Clinic’s journey, please visit the clinic’s website. Contact: Dr. Sara Simblett, Clinical Director / Patrick Litani, Chief Operating Officer Company: The London Neurocognitive Clinic Web Address: Neuropsychological Healthcare Clinic of the Year 2024 South East England