Mental Health Awards 2024

19 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 Aside from being Achieve’s Director, Claire is a remarkable consultant specialist independent occupational therapist, working in the avenues of mental and physical health. Renowned in industry circles for her advanced work in the Bobath Method and sensory integration, Claire’s thirst for knowledge resulted in her completing a master’s degree in attachment studies, whereby she learnt the importance of elements such as intimacy, social connection, and emotional regulation, all things that are today staples across her business. With this wealth of experience to boot, Claire supports her clients, their families, educational settings, and more, with this specialist knowledge even sought after abroad. Impressively, Claire’s achievements do not end there, as prior to working as an independent in the field, Claire occupied the role of an integrated health, social care, and education occupational therapist, and during her tenure with the NHS in this capacity, she was nominated eight times for the NHS Hero Award, a record, for her stellar work with children and their families. In addition to this, for a number of years now, Claire has been offering training in many of the fields discussed above, most notably have been her efforts in Romania and her support with the University of Hertfordshire’s clinical psychology programme. Regardless of where she is, Claire’s passion and dedication to her craft remain unwavering. Besides Claire, Achieve has amassed an impressive team of individuals of equal calibre, with occupational therapy assistants and associate occupational therapists on hand to add further support for children and their families. Across the board, this team are wholeheartedly determined to provide the best service, and expanding further on this, Claire tells us, “due to the complexity of the clients that we work with, we have to demonstrate exceptional communication skills. We need to be able to apply the knowledge of the therapeutic use of self, and how self-regulation impacts the clients we work with, and also manage to respond consistently with respect and compassion.” This is no easy feat, but Claire and her team are more than up to the task, leveraging the innate skill and professionalism they have in abundance in order to engage impactfully with even the most challenging cases, understanding signifiers such as body language and the physical symptoms of mental conditions to engage in a way that is both meaningful and participatory. In the wake of the pandemic, a service such as this is refreshing in managing the increases that have been seen in children’s mental health issues, with Claire commenting on how the sector has seen an increase in childhood anxiety on the back of such developments. Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd offers exemplary independent therapy services to children from birth to young adult age, with its particular areas of specialty including treating those with cerebral palsy, autism, brain injuries, attachment disorders, multisensory impairments, and other such acquired or genetic conditions that result in delays with development, learning difficulties, and broader sensory integration needs. This fantastic work is carried out in partnership with a number of local authorities, schools, the NHS, social services, charities, and other such entities. Holding all of this together is Director Claire Ginty, who we have the pleasure of catching up with. Most Trusted Children’s Occupational Therapy Provider 2024 - East of England As Claire looks ahead to the future of the business, she tells us of the many projects that Achieve has for 2024. She explains, “we are continuing to work with Romania and developing the role of OT [occupational therapy], especially in relation to accessing education for the most diverse people. We are also partnering with another charity working within Africa and assisting the development of the wider role of OT.” Claire has also attend the House of Lords to discuss the role of occupational therapy and children with attachment. The current Occupational Therapy Assistant is due to start her Occupational Therapy Apprenticeship in September 2024. In short, those operating in the field of occupational therapy play an incredibly important role when it comes to addressing issues related to trauma, attachment, and a host of other issues, making them an invaluable part of any mental health team. Having worked fantastically in a number of settings across the UK and abroad, Claire Ginty is a textbook example of what an occupational therapist should be, and her work as Director of Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd has benefited the business incredibly from day one. On the back of this, we are proud to name Achieve as the Most Trusted Children’s Occupational Therapy Provider 2024 - East of England. Contact: Claire Ginty Company: Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd Web Address: