Mental Health Awards 2024

22 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 or those seeking an alternative to traditional psychology services, Concierge aims to be fully flexible around clients’ busy schedules. Its VIP counselling and psychotherapy services are tailored to a distinguished clientele whose lifestyles, work, and family commitments require a specific solution. Specialising in discreet services, Concierge does not report to clients’ insurance companies meaning that clients can maintain confidentiality at all times. In its convenient Atlanta location, Concierge boasts a boutique office for clients who wish to avoid crowded waiting rooms and ensure privacy. Concierge clients can choose from a visit to its luxury office space or opt for a video or phone session. Its main office is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but the practice offers Telehealth services across 41 states. The practice prides itself on offering accessible counselling options for everyone. In its video sessions, Concierge utilises a HIPAA compliant video platform which guarantees clients authentic interactions. The team also offers phone therapy sessions for clients who might not otherwise be able to access the service. Throughout the pandemic, this became a valuable option for those who were unable to get into the office and ensured that sessions could continue uninterrupted. Offering treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions, Concierge’s services include its signature Concierge Psychology resource, flexible scheduling, holistic treatment, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Psychodynamic Therapy, Trauma-focused treatment, and much more. Concierge also supports clients seeking Psychological Evaluations to determine their mental health status and identify any potential illnesses. The practice offers ADHD testing for individuals struggling to achieve their goals in their work, education, or home life. Clients will receive a comprehensive report that can be passed onto schools and other institutions with explicit consent from the client. Founded by Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, a licensed Atlanta Psychologist, therapist and life coach, the practice is dedicated to helping clients thrive across all aspects of their lives. Dr. Osei is trained in Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy and holds a Certificate of Intensive Training in Mar24403 F Established in 2012, Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry offers boutique therapy and life coaching services from its Atlanta office or from the comfort of clients’ homes. Its confidential service is fully customisable to support clients beginning their therapeutic journey to become the best version of themselves. Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry strives to provide exceptional treatment, delivered in the best manner possible for every individual. Motivational Interviewing, which she leverages to develop a personalised treatment for each client. “It is my goal to help you become the best you that you can be. I strive to provide every client with extraordinary customer service in a relaxing environment so that you can focus on what YOU need.” Dr. Osei has worked in a range of healthcare settings including adolescent treatment centres, correctional facilities, substance-abuse treatment, and community mental health facilities. Her varied roles have involved delivering individual and group therapy, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, family therapy, and couples counselling. Dr Osei’s extensive experience in mental health has enabled her to become one of the most renowned providers of concierge and VIP psychology in Florida, Georgia, and California. In addition to its therapeutic services, Concierge also offers Business Consulting to help business owners and managers unlock their staff’s full potential. The innovative service can help businesses establish meaningful connections with their clientele and improve employee output. Drawing from her training and experience, Dr. Osei can assist clients by identifying their target audience and developing strategies to enhance their customers’ experiences. Through Concierge’s services, management can ensure their staff are empowered and contributing to business success. With a variety of services available, Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry is well positioned to provide clients with an accessible and personalised treatment. Whether seeking an in-person appointment or a Telehealth option, clients can be assured they will receive the same high-quality standard of care, tailored to suit the individual. Specialising in a confidential and customisable service, Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry has received our award for Psychotherapy & Life Coach Practice of the Year – USA. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the practice on its mission to become the premier psychotherapy provider. Psychotherapy & Life Coach Practice of the Year 2024 - USA Contact: Rebecca Osei Company: Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry Web Address: