Mental Health Awards 2024

23 GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 With an influence that stretches over a myriad of industries across the US – from wholesale and property management to credit unions and media conglomerates – Desired Effects Coaching stands as the manifestation of its founder’s experience in the world of leadership. Having spent many years struggling to determine the perfect connection to leadership presence ratio, Desiree Musselman came to realise that she could only tread this fine line after taking the time to develop herself. And so, she sought out learning to achieve this very objective – a pursuit that would awaken her to the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Following this personal growth, Desiree began to wonder just how many other leaders were struggling with the same challenges she had been facing – and more so how many had yet to reach the same conclusion she had avidly sought out. Understanding the pressing demand emanating from leaders who desperately wished to educate themselves on the depth of the brain’s inner workings, Desiree established what we now know as Desired Effects Coaching. Using neuroscience, positive intelligence, and robust coaching foundations, the collective co-designs default tendencies with clients to help them support both themselves, as well as those around them. Whether this manifests through teaching leaders how to feel comfortable with holding people accountable, to bestowing them with the confidence to have the difficult conversations that must be had in order to establish resolute boundaries, Desired Effects Coaching is committed to versatility. With such a wide array of industry leaders coming to it for advice, the enterprise quickly identified a crucial need to remain dynamic, while still delivering solutions that would work in the long-term. As such, it’s crafted various services that encourage clients to discover their own paths toward showing up as themselves in their roles – services that both defy the norm and match managers’ unique needs. Among these services are various 360-degree surveys that accurately lay out the progress of a client from beginning to end, custom coaching engagements that are flexible enough to work around a leader’s schedule, and a renowned Energy Leadership Index assessment (ELI). In fact, the ELI is one of Desired Effects Coaching’s most invaluable tools – it takes intangible factors, such as emotions and perceptions, and creates workable frameworks that influence the navigation of daily experiences. Additionally, Desired Effects Coaching In 2019, Desiree Musselman opted to leverage her extensive experience in leadership roles to craft a framework that would go on to support new and mid-level managers across many industries. The result was none other than Desired Effects Coaching - an award-winning coaching and training enterprise whose capabilities have seen it teaching clients how to strike a healthy balance of leadership navigation and personal life fulfilment. Driven by the goal of guiding leaders in developing the mindset and skills needed to empower their teams and company cultures in positive ways, Desired Effects Coaching has redefined what it means to be a manager. Leadership Coaching & Training Enterprise of the Year 2024 - USA provides access to Disc, Motivators, and Emotional Intelligence assessments. In essence, the collective develops custom leadership programs that primarily focus on empowering an individual’s emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. In short, Desired Effects Coaching is an enterprise that exists to break the mould. It has long since recognised just how integral emotional intelligence is when it comes to managing a flourishing team, and has devised a multitude of approaches that seek to make this possibility a reality. In doing so, it has played a critical role in the growth of various managers and leaders across the US, with more certain to follow. Desired Effects Coaching represents an astute understanding of what both leaders and employees need, and it’s for this very reason that it’s earned itself a spot among the industry’s greats. Mar24360 Contact: Desiree Musselman Company: Desired Effects Coaching Web Address: