Mental Health Awards 2024

4 Freeing people from the shackles of emotional and physical clutter, Ontario’s DO Well acts as a transformative force in the lives of those seeking to declutter both their spaces and their minds. Since its founding more than eight years ago, this pioneer has single-handedly spurred the revolution for an individualised approach to productivity and wellbeing, leveraging the relentless power of holistic decluttering to unburden clients in every sense of the word. With a careful blend of science, empathy, and real-life stories, individuals working with DO Well can clear their spaces while overcoming stress and trauma. Co-Founder and President Valerie Huard is on hand for more. DO Well affords its clients a number of excellent products and services that can be tailored to their diverse needs, helping them to overcome whatever their personal issues may be. From one-to-one coaching sessions through to workshops that make the most of their best-selling Put That Stuff Down series of books, Valerie and fellow Co-Founder/Author Jean-Michel Tetreault guarantee that everything provided is done so to demonstrably empower people as they set out on their mental clarity and wellbeing journeys. This is demonstrated perfectly through the Doers Academy, an online programme guiding people through the decluttering process while putting them in touch with a community of like-minded individuals. Having directly changed more than 1500 lives and influenced in excess of 35,000 more, DO Well is responsible for starting a movement in nurturing space, mind, body, and soul, with its portfolio spanning the likes of career-driven businesspeople through to humble families and everything else in between. Valerie beams, “testimonials from clients often highlight not just the liberation from clutter but a profound transformation in their outlook on life, improved relationships, and newfound resilience and purpose.” At the heart of this is the aforementioned emphasis placed on community spirit, so that people can share their challenges and victories, whether this be in person or online. While their work under the DO Well banner has received numerous accolades and they have written two best-selling books, it is not the acclaim that drives Valerie and Jean-Michel forward. Rather, there is an unstoppable force in both of them to help people live their best lives. This similarly extends to the individuals that comprise DO Well’s team of experts, all of whom have a background in such fields as organisational science, wellness coaching, and community building – in some cases eliminating clinical therapy, or in other cases working in collaboration with clinical therapy and accelerating the good changes. It is Valerie’s occupational therapy background that truly underpins the business’ methods, and as she tells us, “working in the vital sector of improving mental wellbeing through decluttering and organisation, we are deeply committed to ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of effectiveness, innovation, and empathy.” To ensure that this is the case, the multifaceted means employed by the business span avenues such as consulting with industry-leading researchers and scientists, refining old techniques and developing new ones, participating proactively in discussions within the wellness community, and using client feedback to drive further groundbreaking solutions. “Our approach is both scientifically informed and deeply human, reflecting our commitment to providing the very best service in this vital sector.” As the industry continues to evolve around it, DO Well makes sure that it closely follows any developments that impact its work, adapting and creating to manage the changing needs of its client base with maximum impact. Coming off of the pandemic four years ago, there is a newfound emphasis on the importance of mental health in this space, and as a response to this demand, Valerie and her team can now cater to individuals of this criteria flawlessly. Yet another example of how DO Well continues to streamline its services is its integration of elements of vagal nerve theory, something that involves enhancing responses to emotion and stress through the stimulating of positive responses relating to this nerve. Of course, there are a plethora of other factors affecting the lives of its customer base today, and elements prioritised by DO Well akin to this include managing the shift to remote/hybrid patterns of working and addressing concerns regarding the environmental and political events that dominate headlines. For Valerie, “by staying responsive to the changing landscape, we aim to provide our clients with the most effective, empowering, and innovative support possible, ensuring they have the tools and resilience to navigate life’s complexities.” Regardless of the exact methods used by the business, things all boil down to this same common theme. Clutter. Exploring further the ways that clutter impacts our lives, Valerie states, “the presence of clutter can hinder one’s ability to focus, induce anxiety, and even affect sleep quality.” By viewing clutter as an obstacle to securing true wellbeing, carrying out the necessary work regarding this to measurably improve one’s quality of life, and adopting its famed proactive approach to decluttering on all levels, DO Well’s clients can focus on what truly matters in life, namely their personal growth and overall happiness. Instrumental in helping DO Well to achieve this has been the fostering of an internal culture that is built on the principles of empathy, wellness, and undergoing continuous learning. Holistic Wellness & Transformation Pioneer of the Year 2024 - North America & Excellence Award in Stress Management 2024 - North America DO Well