Mental Health Awards 2024

6 Mar24552 For a decade, Dr Tan Kok Siang has been invested in the world of hypnotherapy. Combined with an avid fascination for the ways in which emotions interact with other components of the human body and psyche alike, Dr Tan opted to incorporate his findings into a cohesive structure. This structure is none other than Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy – a company centred around training, consultation, coaching, brain test analysis, therapy, research and development, and neuro device distribution. Equipped with a goal to change the world of mental health hypnotherapy, Dr Tan brings a passion to the trade that we’re eager to explore below. ince the year of 2014, Dr Tan has been gracing the world with his impeccable understanding of hypnotherapy, energy healing, relaxation, stress management, power of change, positive affirmation, and self-talk. Having already played an integral role in guiding over 7000 individuals back onto the correct path, he marks a staggering shift in the world of healing that simply can’t be ignored. As a representation of his expertise, Dr Tan went on to establish Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy in 2018, hoping that he could share all he knew of the art of altering lives for the better. Whether he’s working with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, or dream disorders, or is guiding them through soul realignment, pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and spiritual path seeking, Dr Tan brings a level of compassion to the craft that simply can’t be matched. In essence, Dr Tan has upheld a tight focus on solving mental and emotional conundrums within a variety of clients, and has done so through some of the industry’s most innovative hypnotherapy approaches yet. However, just what makes these approaches so unique? The answer lies in the seriousness that Dr Tan attributes to the conditions he treats, and the connections he’s formed to address this severity. One such connection is one established with the Korean Brain Institute. In working alongside this entity in particular, Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy has gained access to advanced neuroscience technology that’s capable of studying both neurons and brain activities at varying emotional stages. In doing so, it’s able to ensure the balance of both the mind and neuron energy frequencies – a process no other hypnotherapy collective has managed to bring to the wider sphere. Of course, Dr Tan doesn’t exclusively rely on this technology, and merely uses it as a means to enhance the application of hypnotherapy and energy healing. Together, these methods allow for greater levels of mental energy balancing, emotional calmness, deep sleep, and stress release for the physical body. However, to truly understand Dr KS Training and Hypnotherapy, we must take the time to recognise what makes Dr Tan such an exemplary individual. Possessing a PhD that has led to a vast experience in Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy, as well as a recognised Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Hypnotherapy and Psychology, Dr Tan has long since demonstrated an admirable fascination for how the brain works. As such, he developed what is now recognised as his signature training program – Power of 10. This program – otherwise known as the Powerful Instant Stress and Emotion Release Method - essentially educates clients on how to resolve their hidden physical and mental challenges in both a careful and precise manner. In addition to these achievements, Dr Tan has also found himself acting as a US Certified Life Between Lives Facilitator for the world-renowned Michael Newton Institute, Most Innovative Mental Health Hypnotherapist 2024 (South East Asia): Dr Tan Kok Siang S