Mental Health Awards 2024

GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 through which he shares his findings with an even wider audience. And yet, though these exceptional feats play a large role in Dr Tan’s success, where he has truly thrived is in how he contributes his research toward understanding the relationship between emotion and cancer. Put simply, Dr Tan is one of few to fully explore the direct and indirect impacts cancer can have on our physical and mental health, earning him a place among both the selfless Malaysian Natural Healing Association and the Malaysian Anti-Cancer Society, Penang Chapter. Additionally, he is the author of the book “Revealing the Secret Behind the Death” (Chinese Version) and “What’s Beyond This Life” (English Version), a collection of case studies along his LBL journey. (Up till the year 2022, there are only seven certified LBL Therapists in Asia and only two in Malaysia, one of whom is Dr Tan). To complete his lengthy list of astounding accomplishments, Dr Tan has not only been appointed by a Malaysian university to oversee master’s students studying neurology, but he’s also one of the HRD Corp Accredited Trainers, an International Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified People Manage, and a Certified Construction Manager. This, in turn, has elevated Dr Tan from a man passionate about his craft to one of the record holders for ‘Successful People in Malaysia’ for 2022. Truly, Dr Tan has showcased an insatiable drive to continuously hone and perfect his knowledge and teachings, all for the sake of ensuring that those suffering never have to do so alone. Having gotten treatment of the mind down to a science, he has developed a unique union between spiritual and physical healing that transcends everything we have come to know about challenging mental health disorders. Despite having a vast array of accolades to his name, Dr Tan has proven time and time again that his efforts have been undertaken for the sake of one cause – to deliver hypnotherapy services that tackle the root of mental health struggles. And, judging by the influence that he has had over the years, both in terms of his clients and the wider academic community, it’s clear that he is fulfilling this cause each and every day. It’s for this very reason that Dr Tan has been recognised by an overwhelming majority of outlets since first beginning his endeavour a decade ago, and why he sees himself once again garnering another award to add to his repertoire of recognition. Dr Tan is an inarguably selfless man, whose never-ending pursuit of knowledge has placed him in the position he finds himself in today. Able to assist those who need it the most, with Dr KS Training & Hypnotherapy acting as a conduit for his exceptional capabilities, Dr Tan is a man who knows no match within his field. As such, we’re exceptionally pleased to present him with the title of Most Innovative Mental Health Hypnotherapist 2024 (South East Asia). Contact: Tan Kok Siang Company: Dr KS Training and Hypnotherapy Sdn. Bhd. Web Address: