Mental Health Awards 2024

8 Mental Health Awards, RISE is designed to help individuals achieve personal excellence and support organisations on their path to business transformation. In the early development stage, the RISE team leveraged its expertise in psychological theory and history to bring together the best aspects of the most important and relevant scientists’ theories. Its founders were originally business developers, working as private mentors to owners of international organisations, presidents of sports federations, university rectors, and top-performing athletes. This eventually led to a focus on mentoring individuals and teams, companies, sports clubs, and national teams. RISE has become renowned for its ability to define an individual’s personality and provide a reliable picture of their reactions, behaviours, and decision-making faculties. The system is comprised of assessments adapted to different target groups, the evaluation of these results, and the corresponding consultation. RISE has adopted a researchoriented approach to psychological tests that offers in-depth assessments to individuals and teams. The RISE Human Development System is used to generate personalised assessments, feedback, and development programs for individuals and teams who wish to enhance their performance and wellbeing. For the first 17 years of its existence, the system was only available to private mentoring partners. This foundation means that RISE was developed from experience and feedback from business, sports, education, and private industries. This background differentiates the system from competitors that rely on traditional, theoretical psychology. RISE now caters to a diverse clientele including business executives, sports professionals, educational leaders, and families. By utilising the RISE system, hundreds of businesses have achieved success and thousands of employees have been able to work in a more effective and productive manner. Additionally, athletes have unlocked their full potential, children have been set up for future success, and countless individuals now better understand their own behaviour and thought processes and have become more content and successful as a result. The constant pressure to focus on results has led to the introduction of new areas of knowledge into the system such as generational research, historical research, sociology, social media profiling, algorithm-based profiling, and lie detection modules. These additions allow the system to provide a more in-depth analysis of individuals, teams, and organisations. Miklós Palencsár, CEO and Founder of RISE Analysis International, says, “Our teams focus regarding mental health centres on understanding and improving the mental well-being and performance of individuals and teams. Drawing from extensive experience in applying RISE’s methodologies across various fields, we recognise that optimal performance is closely linked to mental health. Our approach integrates generational research, mental experience data analysis, and practical experience to offer deep insights into Best Crisis Management Solutions 2024 – Europe personality and behaviour. We aim to support individuals in achieving a successful, stress-free life while enhancing their capability to handle high-stakes situations effectively.” To achieve consistently high-quality results, RISE employs a strict accreditation process, engages in continuous research and development, and integrates experience data analytics. Best Crisis Management Solutions 2024 - Europe