Mental Health Awards 2024

GHP Mental Health Awards 2024 This focused approach provides the organisation with evidence- based insights and tailored strategies designed to enhance individual and team performance and mental wellbeing. As public awareness of the importance of good mental health and wellbeing continues to grow, there is a clear demand for authentic, impactful solutions. RISE provides an alternative to surface-level approaches with in-depth analysis and practical strategies. The organisation’s commitment to meticulous research, comprehensive assessments, and real-world feedback ensures its solutions meet clients’ individual needs and achieve measurable improvement. Miklós Palencsár says, “RISE is built on practical use and realtime feedback, so it knows that the most important feature for an analytical system of this kind is to be easy for users to communicate, apply, and recognise. For a system with a strong scientific background, this challenge can be overcome with the help of special communication experts. Their job is to make the most in-depth analytical assessments easy to understand, even for a child. We keep this in mind when developing result sheets and publications. Any system is only worth as much as its ability to be understood and utilised.” The team behind RISE Human Development System understands the transformative effects that its work can have on individuals and organisations. RISE encourages its staff to complete their own self evaluations to identify their unique strengths and weaknesses. The organisation is committed to ongoing learning and development, a deep understanding of its methodologies, and a continuous pursuit of excellence. To ensure the highest quality service, the RISE team will continue to engage in professional development and adhere to a thorough accreditation process. After the Tokyo Olympic Games successes – medals and country historic results - as the Paris Olympic Games approaches, RISE will focus on guiding athletes towards greater mental health and efficiency. These athletes have trained their entire lives for this event and RISE is dedicated to helping them unlock their full potential and achieve peak performance. The RISE Human Development System is currently the only one in the world capable of generating personality-based tests and solutions for business, education, sports, and family life analysis. RISE is renowned for its research-oriented approach and experience-driven development which enables the company to provide clients with personalised, evidence- based insights and strategies. By offering individuals, teams, and organisations an in- depth picture of their reactions, behaviours, and decision- making faculties, the system can help these groups achieve optimal productivity, happiness, and mental wellbeing. For its transformative personality analysis system, we have bestowed this year’s Mental Health Award for Best Crisis Management Solutions – Europe on RISE. Contact Details Contact: Miklós Palencsár Company: RISE Analysis International Web Address: