GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2018

10 GHP / 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards , Access Laser Access Laser grew around its founder and CEO, Dr Yong Zhang, who saw the CO 2 laser industry continuing to focus on high- volume, industrial commodity markets. He left one of the leading suppliers using a different business model, focused on serving the research community, to start his own company. This focus on serving performance driven customers developed lasting connections to researchers and their institutions, giving the firm a perspective of valuing the potential of those it works with and not just the price of their order. This has shaped the firm’s approach to its clients, as Ben highlights in his opening comments. “Here at Access Laser we’ve provided high quality CO 2 lasers at the 10.6 µ m wavelength for use in soft tissue laser dentistry for nearly 15 years. By partnering with respected medical device Leading Providers of Soft Tissue Dental Lasers 2018 Drawing on a vast wealth of experience, Access Laser is a leading manufacturer of precision CO 2 lasers for a variety of industries, ranging fromsemiconductors tomedical.We invitedBenFisher, Applications Engineer to tell usmore about the firmand thework it undertakes. manufacturers who have reputations for delivering quality workstations, we’ve been able to effectively compete against the insurgence of low performance diode soft tissue systems that initially stole market share from higher performance CO 2 soft tissue solutions during the 2000’s. Our level of service, reliability and consistent performance differentiated ourselves from other CO 2 suppliers and allowed us to continue our business relationships even during tough times after the 2008 recession.” “When designing and delivering a laser light source technology is pivotal at nearly every step of the journey. While the product we provide for soft tissue dentistry does not have specific automation, the system which it is integrated into has significant software and firmware aspects. Other products we offer do have automation aspects and integrating the latest technology to adapt to the internet of things and industry 4.0 continues to be a focused effort of our engineering team.” Over the years the firm has adapted to the needs of its market to ensure that it offers clients not only superb service, but also cutting-edge solutions, as Ben explores. “Today, laser dentistry continues to see growth and expansion internationally, however for a true proliferation of this technology a revolutionary source will be needed that provides superior performance while replacing a variety of traditional tools. “One such solution is the Access Laser DL-500 which operates at the 9.3 µ m wavelength, rather than the traditional 10.6 µ m used for soft tissue, this allows for not only hemostatic incisions with less swelling and faster healing times, but it enables pain free hard tissue dentistry with better precision and procedural times to truly enable a preventative, conservative dental paradigm.” As he looks to the future Ben is confident that Access Laser can continue to flourish thanks to its innovative and pioneering solutions. “Ultimately, Access Laser is always pushing the boundaries in what molecular lasers are capable of, and the DL-500 9.3 µ m dental laser is our latest and greatest solution. This laser can easily ablate enamel and dentin to accomplish common restorative procedures without the need for anaesthesia in 95% of cases. Additionally, new procedures such as carbonate removal on the enamel surface can increase a tooth’s native acid resistivity by 85%. This revolutionary, all tissue laser is currently in the prototype phase and being evaluated by medical device manufacturers in North America and Asia. This development and more will allow us to grow even further over the coming years and support a wider array of dentists and their patients.” Contact Details: Company: Access Laser Name: Ben Fisher, Applications Engineer Address: 2211 W Casino Rd, Suite A, Everett WA, 98204 Telephone: +1 (425) 582 – 8674 Web Address: