GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 11 , Studio Dentistico Dott. Alessandro Piccolo With experienced dentists and a focus on excellence, Studio Dentistico Dott. Alessandro Piccolo has gained a reputation for offering exceptional care and support for a variety of patients. Offer a 360-degree service for patients, the practice works with the certainty to always have the same interlocutor from the beginning till the end of the work. Specifically, the team provide many services of different sectors in order to solve all patients’ problems, such as surgery, orthodontics, periodontology, gnathology and prothesis. Best Dental Practice 2018 – Milan & Excellence Award for Patient Care - Milan Based inMilan and serving a wide variety of patients, Studio Dentistico Dott. Alessandro Piccolo aims to provide excellence for everyone it treats, as we found out when we profiled the firm and explored the secrets behind its success. Modern technologies and cutting- edge solutions help the practice to ensure ongoing success. The team are constantly enhancing their skills to ensure that they offer the very latest in treatments to their patients. From its base in Milan, one of the most important cities in Northern Italy, Studio Dentistico Dott. Alessandro Piccolo offers effective solutions. These do not just involve teeth, but also encompass hearing, aesthetics and orthodontics, so that patients know they can go to the practice whatever they need. Specifically, the firm’s focus is to concentrate on developing rehabilitation of mouth through the help of surgery, implants and set of dentures. As such, the practice’s specialized in the improving of the aesthetic aspect of smiling through very tiny veneers, traditional techniques and additive techniques. For many years Founder Alessandro Piccolo has been dedicating the study of additive techniques of veneers, inventing the patent of VIS, which stands for “Very Important Smile”. Looking to the future, Studio Dentistico Dott. Alessandro Piccolo will continue to offer its valued patients the same exceptional level of care to ensure that they are healthy and happy for many years to come. Nov18175 Contact Details: Company: Studio Dentistico Dott. Alessandro Piccolo Name: Alessandro Piccolo Address: Piazza Wagner 15 Telephone Number: +39 024989075 Web Address: