GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2018

18 GHP / 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards This Is It Dental Best Private Dental Practice 2018 – London & Award for Excellence in Digital Dentistry - London Nov18589 For the assistance of best-in-class dentists, clients turn to This is it Dental clinic at 99 Harley Street. Based in Marylebone, London, the practice’s expert dental practice offers services throughout the city for UK and International patients. Together, they offer a comprehensive and top quality dental care service for our patients bolstered by a strong ethos of care. For more than 2 years, This Is It Dental have endeavoured to identify the underlying causes This Is It Dental is a discrete private practice based on one of the most famous medical streets in the world, Harley street. We profile the practice to find out more about the secrets behind its success. of poor dental health before providing effective solutions that ensure teeth remain beautiful, healthy, and functioning. As a private Harley street dental practice and a member of the British Dental Association, the practice’s Harley Street dental team carry out a full range of dental treatments from dental implants, cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening to dental fillings and provide a variety of associated products. Harley Street dentist Dr Rena Uberoi is the registered manager for these services at this location, and draws on a vast wealth of experience to provide patients with the support they need to enjoy great oral health no matter what their specific circumstances. She received her dental qualifications from Guy’s Dental Hospital in 1993. Rena has more than 20 years of experience in the field of general dentistry, as well as having a special interest in the field of functional aesthetics. Rena Uberoi received extensive training from The Aesthetic Advantage course in New York, the Stockport IPSO Dental Group for occlusion, and most recently, with Dawson Academy UK. This facility incorporates the principles of “ complete dentistry.” Rena Uberoi passionately believes in providing personalised care that meets the needs of each individual, and this is something which she insists her practice be renowned for. As such, at This Is It Dental Rena and her team practice the concept of complete dentistry, which involves a very detailed analysis of how and why the patient has experienced the dental problems that they face and approach their care in a systematic manner to ensure the health of the soft tissues, teeth, gums, joints and muscles of the chewing system. As a result, they have developed a reputation as being ‘thinking ‘dentists and on being a practice that likes to find solutions to complex problems and just simply like to be challenged. Within the This is IT Dental Clinic, Rena and her expert team provide a wide range of general dental services for the whole family. New patients will receive a consultation and initial examination. This appointment generally lasts for 45 minutes. During this consultation, they receive a dental examination, a periodontal (gum) health screening, dental radiographs (as required), and screening for tooth decay and oral cancer. Alongside this, their bite will also be analysed, and their smile will be evaluated. Following this, their new dentist will provide recommendations and will welcome their input and opinion. This collaborative approach allows patients to feel included in the entire process, and lets them understand the treatments they will be undergoing. As well as standard procedures, ,