GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2018

8 GHP / 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards , Dental Creations, Ltd Established in 2001, Dental Creations is an innovative, family-run dental manufacturer that works with the leading dental industry consultants and inventors to bring consumers time saving, innovative products that will give them more time at home with their families. Additionally, Dental Creations also has a strong support team for international business, ensuring it supports a range of clients around the world. The firm was the brainchild of Gina Parker, owner and operator of Dental Creations, who has a passion for helping others. Gina decided to invest in the dental industry when she saw the need to help dental professionals save time and money in their offices and labs. Today, Dental Creations has a threefold mission to give back to the community. The company supports missions around the world. They hope to help women who are victims of abuse. They currently work with local ministries to provide a safe and positive work environment for recovering drug and alcohol addicts. Since the beginning, the team at Dental Creations have taken great pride in their high quality, cutting edge products. The first of these, Wonderfill, is the product that launched Dental Creations. It is a premixed tongue and void filler designed to save time and money by creating accurate models quickly and easily. Doris Craig, inventor of Wonderfill, mastered the art of using Wonderfill and Nov18049 Crown & Bridge Product Innovators of the Year - USA Specialising in a range of dental products, Dental Creations, Ltd aims to offer both quality and selection, as we found out when we profiled the firm to learn more. teamed up with Gina Parker to get it patented and on the market for all of the world to use. After Wonderfill was successfully marketed, Wonderpeg was invented. Wonderpeg Instant Firing Support is used to support crowns, jackets and veneers on a firing peg. Wonderpeg will stabilize the restoration with no pre-drying time and zero firing distortion. This product sets Dental Creations apart from the rest of the world because it is specially formulated for use with e.max and Lava crowns. To ensure it remains at the cutting-edge of new market developments, Dental Creations is constantly inventing and searching for problem solving products that allow the dental professional to work smarter, not harder. Z-Shine Diamond Polish and Wonder Z-Ring are just a couple of the latest zirconia products. Z-Shine Diamond Polish allows for a high gloss finish on all restorations in one step that takes 30 seconds or less. Wonder Z-Ring eliminates dull glaze finishes, optimizes depth of shade vitality, and helps ensure the long-term structural integrity of the restoration by providing even heat distribution across the firing tray. Looking to the future, Dental Creations has many exciting new developments on the horizon, including an exciting new product launch which will help the firm to supply even more clients over the years ahead. After all, as hard as Dental Creations works and as much as they listen, the dental industry still has its challenges. Online Sales have really made an impact on how dental products are distributed. Amazon is a major player in all industries, but it is starting to become more active in the dental industry as well. Dental Creations is excited to embark on a new journey with Amazon and looks forward to them becoming a distributor. This will give the company a world-wide presence which will boost its brand recognition and facilitate further growth for this already impressive company. Contact Details: Company: Dental Creations, Ltd Name: Gina Parker Address: 5015 Fort Ave, Waco, TX 76710 Telephone Number: 254-772-4661 Web Address: