GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2018

GHP / 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 9 , Mint Dental Clinic Best Dental Clinic 2018 - London Based in the heart of London, Mint Dental Clinic (MDC) provides a full range of the latest high- quality dental care available for patients of all ages. To learnmore about the firmand the secrets behind its success we spoke to Practice Principal Dr Raj Patel. Drawing from the clinical teams’ passion for dental excellence, MDC is privileged to support a wide array of patients. Raj explores how his practice works alongside these patients to ensure that they receive the dental care they need to remain healthy and happy. “Here at MDC, our focus is on providing a holistic approach in delivering better oral health. Not only do we wish to create a care plan to treat existing dental problems, we also provide oral health education to reduce risk factors of other preventable issues. This approach reduces the need for more complex restorative work in the future. “Thanks to our high ratings and 5-star reviews, we are able to attract patients who have not received the best care elsewhere or have poor experiences elsewhere. This really comes down to communication and informing the patient of all options including the pros and cons. This allows for an informed decision to be made, with the patient taking an active part. Our approach is so effective that we now attract a range of patients ranging from local residents to office workers, as well as students of local colleges and universities. We even see many tourists in need for emergency treatment whilst on holiday. We aim for high quality treatment outcomes together with an emphasis on prevention of recurring dental issues.” Operating in the fast-paced dentistry market, Mint Dental has to work hard to ensure it innovates and adapts around the latest market developments, as Raj explains. “Within our market there are many trends and changes, and to ensure that clients receive the treatment they need we have clinicians who have a special interest in Oral Surgery, Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. This means we have we can have an in-house multi-disciplinary approach to dental care with the best dentists carrying out the work they enjoy. All of our dentists have either enrolled or completed further education in multiple aspects of Dentistry. Continuing professional development is key to the success of MDC, and as such we encourage this so that our staff always provide the very highest possible standard of service.” “Another key focus for our team is technology, as modern, well-maintained equipment allows us to detect early dental issues and treat patients with simpler, more effective treatment options. Alongside this, patient recall is imperative in excellent oral health maintenance, oral cancer screening and early detection. With people so occupied in their daily lives and work, one tends to forget about their health. To aid patient recall and ensure they enjoy the best service possible, we use a fully automated recall system which send SMS, emails and letters to patients to remind them that they are due for check-up or hygiene appointments. By being proactive we are able to ensure excellence for everyone we treat and remain at the forefront of emerging developments in the dental market.” As he looks to the future, Raj is excited for the upcoming developments and growth which will allow MDC to further establish itself as one of the most patient-centric dental practices in London. “Going forward, we are looking to expand our dental site due to increased demand. As part of this expansion plan, we have recently started offering facial aesthetic treatments and digital dental services. We are also looking into technology to aid us remove the need for dental impression through digital scanning. Over the years ahead we will be implementing a variety of new, cutting-edge solutions to ensure that our patients continue to enjoy the very best treatment on the market.” Nov18251 Contact Details: Company: Mint Dental Clinic Name: Dr. Raj Patel BDS PgCert Address: 3 St. Georges Court, Garden Row, London, SE1 6HD Telephone Number: 0207 928 4474 Web Address: