Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

10 GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 , Best Cosmetic Dental Practice – Midlands & Special Recognition Award in Prevention 2019 Welcoming a diverse array of patients fromall walks of life, NewRoad Dental, provides a compre- hensive range of dental services within a comfortable and caring environment. Having recognised the practice in this year’s Oral Health &Dentistry Awards, we felt it was important to hear more about it, and as suchwe invited Dr Ravi Solanki to tell us more about the secrets behind its success. Drawing on the vast experience of its Founders and their commitment to the dental health of Bromsgrove, New Road Dental, the multi award winning dental and facial aesthetic practice, was built with a vision to provide affordable private healthcare to the community. Brothers Dr Ravi and Dr Pritesh Solanki started working at New Road Dental back in 2002 and 2003 respectively after qualifying from University of Sheffield. They subsequently went on to work in various roles within hospital and community dentistry and completed their Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and took over the running of the practice in 2008, not long after the NHS dental contract changed. Since then the practice has spent time developing its facilities to ensure that every patient it has the pleasure to treat feels comfortable from the second they walk through the door. As part of this focus, the practice’s friendly team are highly trained and provide their patients with a stress-free experience of dentistry and facial aesthetics, and support them from the moment they arrive, putting their minds at ease and answering any questions. “Most of our team have worked at New Road Dental for years and have helped develop the practice. Dr Susanne Mitchell, and dental nurse Sarah Wilson, for example, have been working at the practice for over 30 years and are an integral part of the team. Jo Lewis, who is part of our reception team has been with us over 20 years.” Practice manager and treatment coordinator Sue Williams who has been with New Road Dental for over 10 years said “The practice has won numerous awards over the years. We are incredibly proud of our team and what a fitting tribute to the leadership, vision, dedication and hard work of Pritesh and Ravi Solanki who have worked tirelessly to develop an amazing highly skilled team providing the very highest standard of care.” Leading the practice, Ravi and Pritesh are educational supervisors and have been involved in the training and development of newly qualified dentists. They are both passionate about education and development in themselves, ensuring they are utilising the latest innovative techniques and materials. Ravi discusses how far the practice has come over the years and the range of solutions and treatments it has to offer. “Since my brother and I first arrived at New Road Dental much has changed, and we now provide a range of services from dental hygiene therapy, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics and orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign. “Thanks to this range of treatments, our patient base varies greatly. Most new patients contact us because they have heard about the quality and variety of dentistry we provide and the patient care. As well as looking after the local population within Bromsgrove and surrounding areas, we also maintain patients who move away from the area and still travel back to see us, alongside international clientele.” The practice’s treatment range is constantly being enhanced, with Ravi and his team keen to ensure that they are always offering their patients truly cutting-edge solutions, as he highlights. “Working alongside some of the finest minds in dentistry, we are always enhancing and adapting our solutions offering to suit the needs of our patients. Over the years, we have discovered that many patients who have dreamt of having straight teeth did not want to have the typical ‘train-track’ braces, and as such we have adapted so that they can now benefit from the latest technology we provide”. Although innovation and technology are key to the practice’s ongoing success, another area that Ravi is keen to explore is New Road Dental’s client service, which has remained as supportive as ever over the years. As such, the practice has come to specialise in the treatment of nervous or distressed patients, something which Ravi is also incredibly proud of. “At New Road Dental we provide a comfortable and caring dental clinic where everyone is treated like an individual. Our experienced team combine outstanding patient care with the latest dental techniques to offer you a high- quality care experience. Dec19339 “Many patients are previously nervous of dentistry or have had bad experiences. Often, they come to us after they have neglected their dental care because of these unfortunate experiences. We wanted to provide a service to help patients overcome this barrier. We like to create genuine, long-standing relationships with our clients and often find that we treat multiple generations of the same family”. As he looks to the future, Ravi foresees a greater focus on aesthetics being offered by dental service. His practice is ahead of the curve on this, and is already offering a selection of services, and moving forward he and the entire New Road Dental staff will remain committed to adapting around the ever-evolving needs of their patients, as he proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, we will continue to enhance our service offering to ensure that we remain able to offer our patients the services they need. As a practice, we are primarily focused on prevention and education, both for our patients and team. With investment in education and the latest digital technology New Road Dental has a bright future ahead of it, and we are all very proud to be a part of this dynamic and innovative practice.” Company: New Road Dental Name: Dr Ravi Solanki Address: 68 New Road, Bromsgrove, B60 2LA Telephone: 01527872528 Web Address: www.newroaddentalpractice.com

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