Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 11 , Best Cosmetic Dental Practice 2019 – Hampshire & Award for Excellence in Implantology 2019 - Southern England Most people wouldn’t expect a village at the source of the River Hamble to be home to one of the most technologically advanced surgeries in the country. Nevertheless, what Clear Dentist- ry offer is at the forefront of the field, guaranteeing patients the best service possible. Join us as we take a closer look at this award-winning rural practice to find out more. Nestled deep in the heart of the picturesque village of Bishop’s Waltham, this small practice has grown significantly over the last few years. Inside the bespoke building are five surgeries, each excellently equipped with cutting-edge equipment. Not just offering standard dentistry, an incredibly wide range of specialist treatments such as implants, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry are now available to patients. With a reputation that has grown beyond the local area, some patients even come from abroad to receive the high-quality care Clear Dentistry provide. Clear Dentistry does what it says on the tin, providing patients with transparency in every aspect from pricing to treatment. The customer experience is at the heart of every decision made for the practice, with an environment that eschews the artificial and clinical and encourages a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. Key to the way that Clear Dentistry operates is the education of patients in order to avoid further damage to teeth. Removing the jargon and rhetoric of dentistry from the table, patients are encouraged to think more deeply about their oral health. The team at Clear Dentistry believe that diagnosing potential problems at an early stage stops bigger problems further down the line. With treatment options ranging from those who want to maintain or improve oral health, to those who need more complex treatments such as implants or surgical work. It is only a recent development for the practice to offer facial aesthetics with a qualified doctor carrying out these services. This form of preventative dentistry is encouraged by the provision of the latest in technology, such as hand-held x-ray devices, OPG machines and intraoral cameras to not only show patients problem areas, but to aid their understanding in as straight-forward a manner as possible. To some, this approach might seem like an overuse of gadgetry, but everything allows clinicians to carry out work to the highest standards. Clinipads ensure that paperwork is handled quickly, an intra oral scanner allows for accurate images of a patient’s mouth that can be sent to the lab at the click of a button and a 3D printer is on hand to create models and surgical guides in-house. Thanks to innovations like this, treatment for a patient can be prepared with minimal disruption. In a move belying its location, Clear Dentistry is well-equipped enough to offer virtually all the services a patient will need under one roof. This is thanks not only to the incredibly talented clinical team, but the focus on making sure the necessary investment in equipment and training is completed. It’s a credit to the team that people will travel further afield for the excellent service that is on offer. Looking forward, Clear Dentistry intend to spread their message of good oral hygiene even further. Now the infrastructure is in place to Dec19080 do all manner of work, a marketing campaign to increase the patient base is next on the cards. Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by social media, Clear Dentistry have plans for exciting developments in the future. A transparent approach to proceedings is paramount to Clear Dentistry’s continued success. It is an approach that sets customers at ease and pushes the staff to provide the best service possible. Ultimately, Clear Dentistry is far from the traditional image of a small country practice. It’s a vision of the future brought to the heart of an English country village. Company: Clear Dentistry Contact: Tim Heron

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