Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 13 , Leading Innovators in Dental Ceramics Production Technology 2019 As withmany of the sectors in the medical industry, technology plays a key role in the ad- vancement of dentistry. Leading the way in dental ceramics production technology is German firmDEKEMA Dental-Keramiköfen GmbH, with its family of highly intuitive and state-of-the- art products. We profiled the firm to find out more about its innovative AUSTROMATs, as well as their trix system, and why it has won in GHP’s Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019. Since the firm’s beginnings back in the mid-twentieth century, DEKEMA has proven to be an industry-leading developer and designer of new technology that enhances the dental ceramic- making process in ways never before seen. Dental laboratories and clinics all over the world have come to rely on the firm’s family of AUSTROMAT products when crafting ceramics used in dental services. The earliest products boasted rugged design and reliable functioning, which has stood the test of time for more than forty years. Today, DEKEMA’s services and products embody the ultimate in design and technique, offering dental clinics only the best. Not content to simply create one product that remains exemplary over a forty-year period, the team at DEKEMA have constantly sought out the latest innovations and worked to integrate new technology into the family of AUSTROMATs. It is this continuous search for new optimizations that has enabled these ceramic furnaces to become a staple of many dental laboratories around the world. The AUSTROMAT itself boasts a highly-intuitive user interface, outstanding firing and pressing results, and superior reliability as evidenced by the earliest designs still being used widely today. However, technological advancements have enabled the design to become even more intuitive. DEKEMA’s latest offering integrates a complete digital dental workflow for a production process of dental restorations made of press ceramics that is almost fully- automated; the trix™ system. A truly innovative addition to the ceramic furnace process, DEKEMA’s trix™ system is made up of three separate stages. Firstly, the computer-aided design and manufacturing stage allows a user to select and match press objects that will fit into up to three space holders. Once the design phase is complete, the data is then seamlessly transferred to the next stage; printing. There, the trix™ print constructs a 3D object of the designed items in an elegant black aluminium housing. After burnout of the wax printing, the ceramic is pressed inside the AUSTROMAT 654i™ press-i- dent™. The furnace can press, fire, glaze, crystallize, and infiltrate. It creates a stunning finish and top-quality dental product. Equipped with digitally intelligent hardware and software of the highest quality, all of the DEKEMA devices are easy to use, and can be operated remotely from a smartphone or personal computer. As a fully independent manufacturer, DEKEMA also provides cloud technology functionality across all devices to instantly provide necessary data wherever it is needed in the world. Crucial to the continued success of DEKEMA is the ability to rapidly adapt through times of change. Accurately judging where any industry is heading is seldom easy, but dental ceramic restoration is perhaps one of the most niche and hard to predict. For the team however, they remains focused on ensuring that Dec19047 devices are integrated with cloud technology, easy-to-operate functionality, and 3D printing via the trix™ system. The expert combination of these elements is a sure sign that the business is on the right path. Ultimately for this innovative German firm, the secrets to its success lie simply in listening to clients, trying to understand their aims, and supplying clear answers through new technology. Evaluating client data can give invaluable insight into their needs, and DEKEMA’s answers to the needs of the dental ceramics community have been nothing short of exceptional since the firm’s humble beginnings over four decades ago. “From the start, we’ve always strived to be a forerunner and innovator in our niche,” says Dr Stephan Miller, owner and CEO. “Key to our first-mover advantage is always having ‘an ear on the ground’ for us to constantly develop high-quality solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, the dental labs, and clinics around the world.” Company: DEKEMA Dental-Keramiköfen GmbH Contact: Dr Stephan Miller Website: www.dekema.com/en/

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