Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

14 GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 , Orthodontist of the Year 2019 - London Being small enough to care, but big enough to deliver is a difficult balance to strike, but at Queens Gate Orthodontics, theymake it look easy. This is thanks, in no small part, to the tire- less efforts of Claire Nightingale. In light of being named London’s Orthodontist of the Year in 2019, we take a closer look at her, her practice and what she has to offer. With the vision of creating fabulous smiles, with great customer care and a lot of fun, Claire Nightingale has found the perfect place to establish her practice. Treating people aged 8-81, most of whom are locals from South Kensington, Chelsea and the surrounding area, several people are willing to travel considerable distances to have treatment with Claire. Her compassionate, careful approach to her clients is what has made her boutique and individual practice such a success. Instead of offering general dentistry with orthodontics on the side, she is a dedicated specialist orthodontist. After an unfortunate dental experience early in life, followed by receiving great care from a new dentist when she was 12, Claire was inspired to become an orthodontist. Success at ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Levels and a dental degree came as a result of her drive and intentions. Once qualified, she was unsure as to whether or not she should become an NHS Consultant in Orthodontics or a Specialist Orthodontist, running her own business. In the end, she decided to do both and works as an NHS Orthodontic Consultant at Watford General Hospital when not tending to her own practice. It has taken 34 years to realise her dream in full; working in different practices, NHS when in Harrow and private practice in Harley Street. Now owner of Queens Gate Orthodontics, Claire has created a space that is all her and her patients’ own. Perfectly suited to the clientele who come through the doors, this idiosyncratic practice provides excellent quality of care, thanks to both the continuity of care and the depth of experience and professionalism of Claire and her team. Hands on, and with an almost obsessive attention to detail, all patients are seen not only as individuals, but as friends. This has led to a strong network of supportive relationships with referrers and clients that has built the team at Queens Gate Orthodontics’ reputation to what it is today. Even though the practice is incredibly popular, time and care is taken to ensure that resources aren’t overstretched, and everyone gets the time they need and deserve. Leading a talented team of professionals, Claire ensures that there is constant investment in staff training and professional development. With a reflective atmosphere and daily debriefs, attention always turns to how work can be done better and then acting decisively to implement these changes. Claire has made massive investments in technology over the last few years, in order to keep ahead of the curve. This includes a leased 100mb internet line to ensure that service is of the highest quality in the digital age. Other investments include an iTero Element Scanner and Remote Dental Monitoring. While the former takes multiple photographic scanned images of teeth which can be sent to orthodontic laboratories digitally, further increasing convenience Nov19017 and clarity, the latter allows patients to scan their own teeth in the comfort of their own homes. This allows the practitioner to assess progress without the need to visit the surgery. This is a way in which Claire sees her practice moving forward, with increased ease of care from self-scanning technology meaning that close contact can be maintained without inconveniencing patients. Claire Nightingale has created a beautiful practice right in the heart of South Kensington. Her care and passion for ensuring that everyone who visits her feels comfortable is a credit to her and is an ethos that is reflected through the entire business. Keeping orthodontics modern and friendly has been key to Claire’s success. If the smiles on patients’ faces are anything to go by, it’s a success that seems set to continue for some time yet. Company: Queens Gate Orthodontics Contact: Claire Nightingale Web Address: www. queensgateorthodontics.co.uk

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