Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

4 GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 , Best Family Dental Practice - Zurich Nomatter where in the world you are, you deserve to have your perfect smile. Since its estab- lishment in Zurich, swiss smile has stood as a proud representative of a brilliant grin. Now a well-respected institution, this small business has grown rapidly to cover more than 25 practic- es in Switzerland. In the light of the practice’s awards success, we take a closer look. Since being established in 2003, swiss smile has grown until it has become able to provide the full range of professional dentistry. Everything from pediatric to partial dentures is covered by this group. Built on the innovative concept of swiss smile, and the extraordinary services that come from that concept, this incredibly business has gone from strength to strength in relatively short order. The team at swiss smile operates on the principles of competent, personal and customized service. While they are your dentist, they understand they have been chosen to demonstrate their considerable competence. With the simple ambitions to renew, improve and preserve dental health using state-of-the-art methods and materials, swiss smile set themselves apart from other providers. This is also achieved through a focus on what patients need, and a treatment adapted to the patient like no other. The result is that patients are never in the dark about their dental needs, as a specialist in the field is able to define precisely and in close cooperation, the best solution for an individual’s dental health. Of course, swiss smile’s award comes in part from the team’s ability to span age groups with their dental care. This is the secret of an excellent family practice. In keeping with the aforementioned principles, personal and customized service is paramount. When serving the special needs of children, individually adapted treatments are used, based on the latest in dentistry research. A child- oriented environment allows young people to feel more comfortable, with dental providers highly trained in the treatment of children attending to their needs. These specialists will look after their children with sensitivity and care, connecting visits to the dentist with fun as opposed to the distain that many children experience. Of course, a key aspect of dental trips is ensuring the build up of good practice, and practitioners will try to give any child visitors an understanding of dental care and an idea of the processes of dental treatments. Aware of the consequences of the financial burdens that treating a family can bring, swiss smile offers fair prices and deferred payment systems in order to ensure that all who need to attend the dentists can. With practices in Switzerland, and partner organisations piling up to take advantage of the connection with this established firm, it’s easy to forget that the business began in the heart of Zurich. Located in the Zurich Main Station in the center of the city, the original branch is still going strong, with a staff of 38 dedicated to good dental hygiene. This multi-lingual business is a great comfort to those who have moved from foreign countries to this international city. German, English and French are spoken almost as standard, ensuring that patients feel cared for and comfortable in the hands of their practitioner. The services provided by swiss smile are of a naturally high standard. Specialists are focused on making sure that a beautiful smile is maintained in the interests of well-being. Thoughtful use of the right dental care and the latest methods of general dentistry allow care to range all the way from prevention right the way through to diagnosis and treatment. For those wanting a brighter smile, the option to have teeth undergo the whitening process is available. Specialists in aesthetic dentistry master the different methods of whitening as to enable the gentle whitening of the tooth shade within a short time. During whitening, the use of active oxygen removes disturbing pigments and whitens the tooth until the desired effect is achieved. What sets swiss smile apart from a regular dentist is the range of specialists in various fields that can be found at their various locations. Those looking to find experts in implantology, able to provide completely painless surgical insertion of the implant screw and attach the necessary denture, are in luck. Those searching for expertise in gum disease are in luck, regardless of if they suffer from gingivitis or loose teeth and those in need of root canal treatment need look no further. When it comes to specialism, however, swiss smile is particularly adept at orthodontics, satisfying the desire for beautiful, straight teeth at any age. Able to correct misaligned teeth into old age, these corrections can be made either through the help of the classic brace, hidden braces on the inside of the tooth or the virtually invisible Invisalign aligner. The latter is a modern form of invisible brace, being an optically discreet and comfortable way of effectively correcting misaligned teeth. While the treatment might seem similar to the conventional procedure, where photos, x-rays and impressions of the teeth are first created, this information is converted into a 3D form so patients are able to see a prediction of how teeth will look after the treatment. In December 2019, swiss smile opened their first Invisalign “Smile Lounge” in their clinic at the main station of Zurich. This incredible range of skill and ability is reached through ongoing education and development, with many staff members undergoing Nov19427

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