Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

6 GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 , Best Implantology Services 2019 – Portugal & Award for Continued Excellence in Full-Service Dentistry 2019 It’s not every business that manages to scoop four wins in one year fromour renowned Health- care and Pharmaceutical Awards. Following their tremendous success earlier in the year, we’re delighted to take another look at Premier Dentalcenter to share more of how they’re continuing to encourage an attitude of excellence in the dental industry. Located in the city center of Maia, Portugal, Premier Dentalcenter offers its clients the best in dental treatments. Catering to all age groups and focusing primarily on Advanced Implantology, Dental Aesthetics, Orthodontics and Facial Aesthetics, Premier Dentalcenter has gone from strength to strength under the care and direction of Dra. Adriana Vitória and Dr. Carlos Vitória. The heart and soul of the business are found in these two practitioners, who operate the business together. They ensure that standards remain at their incredibly high levels. What sets Premier Dentalcenter apart from its competitors is a philosophy applied to the smile. This is made up of four aspects, each to encourage the best result from treatment for a client. Through Experience and Knowledge, patients are offered the right knowledge to make an informed decision that relates to them and their values. Trust and Affection guides the way in which healthy relationships are developed with each patient. Proximity and Commitment shows a dedication to providing high quality care in a comfortable environment, while Dedication and Quality reflects the team that performs these tasks and ensures that there is always an excellent result from every dental treatment. Maintaining standards at Premier Dentalcenter can be a challenge when they are so consistently high, and the guidance offered by these principles is something that engages everyone in the company. When put into practice, it guarantees professional success. The team at Premier Dentalcenter know that to continue providing their high- quality dental services, this must be supported by allowing practitioners to use the right tools for the job. This means that the company is always renovating equipment to ensure that it remains state-of-the- art, while also putting staff through constant training. The clinic has recently been fully computerized, with the latest equipment in dentistry available for practitioners to use. With Maia growing in population size, it’s no surprise that there has been a great deal of commercial and industrial development. This work, in turn, has increased the foreign population. Placed conveniently close to the airport and Porto, the number of new patients has allowed the dentistry sector to boom. With an increase in the number of clinics and professionals practicing in the region, this has led to more competition for Premier Dentalcenter. The team believe that healthy competition can only be to the benefit of patients. Despite the large quantity, and high quality of practitioner, the challenge really comes from tightening regulations that shift the standards ever higher. Nov19353 Looking forward, Premier Dentalcenter believe that dentistry will continue to evolve as a profession, requiring updates in the realms of equipment, technology and technique. As a business, it is dedicated to keeping up to date with these changes, in order to provide patients with the highest quality dental treatments. Potential expansion, with more employees is on the cards in order to keep pace with constant updates worldwide. In short, this dentist’s runs on the philosophy of a smile. Offering a client-focused approach, while keeping on top of a changing market, is never as easy as it seems. For Premier Dentalcenter, the provision of first-class service is a clear priority, and seems sure to guarantee patients a first-class smile. Contact: Carlos Vitória Company: Premier Dentalcenter, Clínica Dentária Web: www.premierdentalcenter.pt Telephone: 00351 229 424 620

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