Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2019

8 GHP / Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2019 , Most Innovative Orthodontic Application 2019 As the business of dentistry becomes more technically advanced, the need to develop new ap- plications and ways of working is a priority. Enter, CephNinja. This app is specifically designed around the needs and demands of orthodontists, allowing them to take advantage of the latest in technology to save time andmoney. As it gains an award for innovation, we take a closer look at the company’s intuitive software, and what it couldmean for the industry at large. The story of CephNinja actually begins with parent company Cyncronus, a business that had the vision of developing innovative healthcare apps. The first app from this organization has been CephNinja, and alongside a team of skilled developers, was created by orthodontists, for orthodontists. Intuitively designed, it appeals to dentistry professionals around the world for its ability to simplify potentially complex work. This process of simplification is the key to the way in which CephNinja works. Not just an app for working clinicians, but those undertaking academic studies or research, orthodontists are allowed to perform advanced cephalometric analyses on iPhones and iPads with ease. As an integral part of orthodontic therapy for diagnosis and treatment planning, the development of a mobile, digital solution is a huge step forward. The traditional manual method of cephalometric analysis has always been done through hand-tracing cephalograms, but this has inherent limitations. The process can be incredibly time-consuming and requires the use of specialized equipment. Desktop software has been developed for this work but is costly and cannot be used on the go. Through the use of CephNinja, users have a greater freedom than ever before. There is a choice of eight cephalometric and photographic analysis options that they have the choice of, with the ability to create custom cephalometric analyses which can be named and shared with colleagues and friends. Creating outlines couldn’t be more straightforward and easily adaptable to suit whatever situation is required. Far from complex, CephNinja is incredibly intuitive. Not wanting to limit its work, CephNinja also has the capacity to handle patient management at the same time. This allows for the creation of individual patient folders in which clinical notes can be added through a smart orthodontic keyboard, patient photographs stored, and radiographs easily accessed with a few quick taps. CephNinja essentially offers a complete case history for each patient in a modern and easy to understand fashion. This range of abilities demonstrates how carefully orthodontists have been consulted throughout the development of the app. Keeping in mind what is already available, CephNinja functions as a godsend to those who need these tools at an accessible price point. This has not held back CephNinja, as the hardworking team have already been upgrading the app with advanced new features and tools in order to maximize the potential of every day devices. This innovation Nov19015 stretches into the world of artificial intelligence, with this state-of-the-art technology being used in order to further simplify user experience. Technology, and the software used within it, is advancing at an incredible rate. It’s being used extensively through the oral health and dentistry space, as a matter of daily practice. The team at CephNinja see further use of artificial intelligence and 3D scanning within the industry as a whole as inevitable and aim to keep up with the trends that are becoming steadily more commonplace. CephNinja is a business that was born from innovation and meeting a need. Through its eponymous app, this intuitive system is set to change how orthodontics is done for the foreseeable future. Making life simpler, cheaper and more efficient, CephNinja acts as a true industry innovation and game-changing addition. Company: CephNinja Email: [email protected] Web: www.cephninja.com

http://www.cephninja.com/ http://www.newroaddentalpractice.com/ http://www.premierdentalcenter.pt/ http://www.surreydentist.co.uk/