Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2020

10 GHP / 2020 Oral Health &Dentistry Awards , Nov20805 Based in Stone, Staffordshire, Abbey House Dental is a private dental clinic. Following its well- deserved success in the Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Amit Jilka to find out more. Best Dental Implants Practice - Staffordshire As a modern dental practice, Abbey House Dental strive to deliver the highest level of dental care to its patients while ensuring them of comfort. To begin, Amit provides a brief overview of the practice and offers more insight into its patients. “Abbey House Dental provides a full range of dental care across two buildings that are opposite each other. As a large multidisciplinary team of clinicians and nurses, we can call upon GDP’s, dental therapists, Implantologists, clinical dental technicians, periodontists, endodontists, maxillofacial consultants, treatment coordinators, and a number of dental nurses trained in advanced areas of dentistry. In a relaxed atmosphere, our team are equipped with the latest equipment and training to deliver our dental treatments. Regarding our clientele, many of our patients come to us through the NHS privately or through referrals and our Mismile network.” In its attempts to distance itself from the crowd, the practice remain committed to innovation and the training of its staff. “Amongst our practice you can find CT scanners, intraoral scanners, a intraoral camera and digital x-ray technology” Amit highlights. “The advanced equipment at our disposal allows us to uncover any problems in a quick and effective manner. Each clinician at our practice is constantly developing and expanding their skillset through advanced courses ranging from IV sedation to implant surgery. As a practice which actively encourages training and mentorship, we have recently expanded our therapy team and trained a number of nurses in Fluoride application and oral health education to help with prevention. Many of our GDP’s have trained or are training in composite bonding, invisalign, implants and advanced restorative courses to meet the expectations of our cosmetic dental treatment patients. For the more complex cases, restorative specialist registrars help bridge any potential gaps. Additionally, as part of our commitment to customer service we encourage reviews and actively take onboard the feedback we are given. With our patients expectations changing over the years, this is especially important if we are to maintain our position in the sector.” The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit the dental sector particularly hard with face-to-face appointments being few and far between. Moreover, as Amit goes on to explain, in order to remain open the practice has had to adapt to the pandemic in several ways. “The pandemic has significantly changed our work with us now providing more virtual and telephone consultations. In addition, we have also changed our cross-infection process and managed to maintain social distancing at all times.” Bringing the interview to a close, Amit discusses the main benefits of the practice’s location before outlining some of its plans moving forward. “Staffordshire is a beautiful area to work in and has easy links to the motorways and the railway. In 2021, we have a number of exciting plans ahead which we will be announcing in greater detail over the next few months. But just to give you a flavour, we hope to further expand our team and equipment in order to deliver a great service for staff and patients alike.” Company: Abbey House Dental Contact: Amit Jilka Web: www.abbeyhousedental.com