Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2020

4 GHP / 2020 Oral Health &Dentistry Awards , Since being taken over by DrMaggie Andi in the last few years, it has been quite the journey for the teamat London’s Mill Hill Dental Practice. Alongside a near-complete refurbishment, new launches, holistic nutritional offerings, and a wealth of world-class dental services, the clinic has also won the title of Best Cosmetic Family Dental Practice – North London in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2020. Join us as we find out more about these world-class service offerings, and exactly what Mill Hill Dental Practice can do for its clients today. Best Cosmetic Family Dental Practice - North London Under the sage guidance and leadership of Dr Maggie Andi, the exceptional team of caring and gentle dentists, surgeons, and hygienists at Mill Hill Dental Practice London is able to offer outstanding levels of dental service that includes some of the most recognisable treatments in the industry today. Able to offer Invisalign braces, oral rehabilitation, silk teeth polish, complex root canals, sedation services, implants, facial aesthetics, and much more, there is plenty on offer for every client. Taking care of your oral hygiene is very important, and Mill Hill Dental Practice aims to help every patient take good care of their mouth. Since its inception, Mill Hill Dental Care has strived to be a holistic dental practice, always taking a wholesome and all-encompassing approach to delivering care for every patient. The practice focuses on more than just the physical, and also focuses on incorporating advice regarding a patient’s mental, social, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing, as well as detox and limited exposure to toxic materials. Cosmetic dentistry has been an area of the dental industry that has come to the forefront in recent years, and the services provided by Dr Maggie Andi and her entire team at Mill Hill Dental Practice will have patients feeling happy with Nov20560 their beautiful smile. Whether a patient wants cosmetic veneers, teeth whitening, or a simple consultation to find out if there is any work that can be done to improve a smile, Mill Hill Dental Practice can cater to their every need. Each and every patient can arrange their own bespoke plan with the fantastically caring and gentle team of cosmetic dentists that work at the clinic. Dr Maggie Andi herself has provided beautiful and minimally- invasive veneers to a number of high profile patients for more than fifteen years. Whilst this is primarily a more popular option for those whose life is spent in the public eye, Mill Hill Dental Practice does believe that the confidence bestowed by a beautiful is a gift that everyone should aspire to have. A happy and confident smile is about more than looking beautiful on a cosmetic level; it can open doors to enhancements on a social level, as well as potentially presenting opportunities for relationships and career progression. The value of a confident and happy smile is hard to measure, but Mill Hill Dental Practice knows that it is important. Whilst cosmetic veneers is a great way to achieve that sense of happiness and confidence, the clinic does also offer teeth whitening through its boutique home whitening systems that have bespoke whitening trays and whitening gels. There can be no denying the fact that a beautiful and confident smile does more for a person than it may first appear, but that has always been the underpinning belief at Mill Hill Dental Practice, and for Dr Maggie Andi. As the clinic recovers from the impact of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom and in London, the future looks set to be brighter and whiter than ever before with more success in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Company: Mill Hill Dental Practice London Contact: Maggie Andi Website: https://millhilldentist.co.uk/