Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 7 , Nov20624 Cosmetic dentistry is an element of the industry that has become more andmore integrated into normal dentistry as time has gone on. At NewRoadDental, the teamoffers a comprehensive range of dental services, both traditional andmodern, within a comfortable and caring environment. Everyone should take enormous care of their oral hygiene, and this dental practice helps patients fromall walks of life take care of their mouth and teeth. Join us as we find out more about the firmand what it has to offer its clients. Cosmetic Dental Practice of the Year - Midlands Since its inception, New Road Dental has ensured that each and every patient that comes into the clinic is met with a comfortable and caring environment. Staff are able to administer the most high quality oral healthcare that every patient deserves. The highly qualified team provides routine dental care, cosmetic treatments, dental implants, and orthodontic treatments, along with a number of other treatments from clinic’s modern facility in Bromsgrove. In treating its patients as individuals whose oral hygiene is so important and whose smile is totally unique, New Road Dental is completely dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain a smile that they can be proud of. The work of cosmetic dentistry can take a myriad of forms, but there is far more than having a nice smile to the work that goes on. Results can generate confidence and happiness in areas of our lives where perhaps we have felt self-conscious before. For those shy in front of a camera, the right smile can bring out the perfect picture. It can also open doors in careers, relationships, and so much more. At New Road Dental, the team is continually delivering life-changing and amazing transformations with its smile makeover treatments. Through an initial consultation, prospective patients are finding themselves talk about parts of themselves or their smiles with mumbles or a lack of confidence. The work of New Road Dental can perhaps best be seen in the Smile Makeover offering that the clinic has. Smile Makeovers use a variety of highly-effective procedures to address a patient’s particular area of concern, leaving them with the smile that they have always dreamed of having. Working collaboratively with the patients and with their colleagues, the team of high calibre dentists and cosmeticians capitalise on their wealth of knowledge and experience to offer patients a combination of bespoke treatments in a plan that helps them achieve their desired results. There are few requirements for a patient to be considered for a Smile Makeover treatment if they would like one. If a prospective patient feels as though their smile is holding them back, or perhaps they would just like to feel more confident, then New Road Dental would love to help them get over those hurdles. Due to the fact that Smile Makeovers from New Road Dental make use of a combination of techniques and technologies to create truly outstanding results, each service is also tailored. The Smile Makeover that a prospective patient wants for their own smile can be tailored to their individual needs and requirements, and therefore it is likely that any patient could benefit from this treatment. No matter what the concerns are, or where the patient thinks that the problem areas are, Smile Makeovers from New Road Dental are on hand to help create lasting change that delivers confidence and happiness in abundance. Ultimately, everybody deserves to be happy with their own smile. Everybody deserves the gift of smiling without feeling self-conscious, or afraid of how it might look. New Road Dental, as well as delivering exceptional routine dental care services, also helps to ensure that every patient leaves with the smile that they want, and leaves with a sense of confidence and happiness that may well have been missing beforehand. Having secured this success, there is surely more to come from New Road Dental, especially as it charts its recovery in post-pandemic 2021 and beyond. Company: New Road Dental Contact: Ravi Solanki Website: https://newroaddentalpractice.com/